Tuesday, April 19, 2016

12 Monkeys - Part 3: The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming in Film and TV

Here's another example from a TV production of the explicit pairing of time travel with sodomite mind control programming. Again, this is a big deal because it has to do with the nature of our present situation, where our reality is the result of intentional tampering with time.

While I was making this video I was trying to have it ready for release on the night of the official premiere of Season 2 of 12 Monkeys on the SyFy channel. I failed. However, it was apparently finished right on time because, just as I thought I had it ready, I checked my email and Aaron had just sent me a link to something that had to be included, fitting perfectly right at the end! In typical fashion, the Lord “sealed the deal.” Mind boggling! He is so good to us! We serve a God, my brothers and sisters in Christ, who loves us in a way that is incomprehensible!

At the end of Part 2, we played a commercial for 12 Monkeys. The number 12 is a primary time number. There are 13 episodes in the first season and 13 planned for the second - the number of the mastery of time! The producers know their stuff. The symbolism of the monkeys? Monkey butts. Part 3 breaks it down, and much more insight is offered, including into the foundational imagery of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations in the round-up.

The usual caveat applies here because of the crude nature of the subject matter. While common decency makes us want to turn away from this kind of thing, there is a need for those of us whom the Lord is drawing to see past the foulness to what is hidden beyond.

The popular SyFy channel show called, 12 Monkeys, is all about sending people into the past to change history. The goal in every episode is to stop the release of a deadly virus, one that kills off most of the world's population. This is one of a small number of shows I've been led to follow since it began. Sometimes, more is packed into a 30 second commercial than entire episodes of a show. I don't think that's really the case here, but this one is sure loaded! What can be concluded, and I think you'll agree, is that this is overwhelming evidence of the practice of theurgy and mind control programming. Expertly done. This is how the world is controlled. It's the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon. This is how our reality has become a corrupted timeline that requires a reset.

Due to blocking polices relating to content rights claims, the video is not expected to be available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

Here's a full 1080i HD version: The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming in Film and TV - Part 3: 12 Monkeys - How the Experts Do It

If that one won't play well for you it's probably because my website doesn't have the bandwidth for streaming all the concurrent connections. As an option, you can download it (right-click on the video link and choose 'save link as') then play that downloaded file, or just try again later.

Here's a low-res (640 x 480) version if you prefer.)


  1. http://www.infowars.com/yellowstone-eruption-in-2016-shocking-new-video-shows-what-is-really-going-on-at-yellowstone/

    1. http://theopenscroll.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/my-vision-of-yellowstone-caldera.html

    2. WOW! Very interesting. I had read Aaron's account of the vision about the Yellowstone Caldera eruption before but didn't realize that it has a connection to the sign of the landing Falconjet that I wrote about in this blog.

      That event occurred on the morning of December 2nd, 2014. Shortly after I was led to consider the day 500 days before this day and to watch for a sign 500 days after. 500 days before was July 20th, 2013, the same day as Aaron's vision. (Note: this was the 44th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon)

      500 days after December 2, 2014 was April 15th, 2016. I did receive a sign by way of my PVR recording an episode of 'The Librarians' on April 14th which I first noticed the next day. (It would be complicated to explain, I may make a video and post a link)

      The video of Yellowstone in the INFOwars article covers the same time frame. It starts on the 14th and finishes after midnight on the 15th.

      So doing the math obviously, April 15, 2016 was 1000 days after Aaron's vision (nice round number) or taken another way, since the Yellowstone video began on April 14th, that would be 999 days from Arron's vision which is an upside down 666.


    3. Mark, thanks for commenting with these observations.

  2. http://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/rich-americans-seek-black-market-7794153

    Sign of a clamoring for the beast and his mark. (Rev 13)

  3. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/sun-god-apollo-presides-over-final-flame-rehearsal-133133332--oly.html

    Sun god Apollo presides over final flame rehearsal

    The Olympic ritual season for 2016 is being launched.

  4. I had to look up that year of the monkey design. Plenty of folks on social media had subtle and explicit ways of not telling how much they knew about the bigger picture. Also, no surprises here but it turns out the designer is in San Francisco.

    1. San Francisco got a bump in the same context (Sodom) in a scene in, Inside Out, one I hope to cover in the very near future!