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Decoding: Prilosec Branding

This branding seems to be everywhere in the promotion of a very popular heartburn remedy. The drug omeprazole is often prescribed by doctors in higher strength, but this is the name brand over-the-counter med (OTC). There's pharmakeia here on several levels.

Even at a glance, the brand is an eye, a purple eye. Some versions give it eyelashes that enhance the effect. If you know anything about sodomite gateway imagery, this branding is a pretty obvious example. The purple (sodomite colored) eye is the anus, and since this med is for the digestive tract, the Occult branding imagery suits the product.

The ad copy uses a common street word for the problem it remedies, heartburn. Because the stylized heart is such a ubiquitous occult symbol of the butt, we can take, heartburn, as adding another layer of butt symbolism alongside the other. Butt burn may be the result of indigestion, certainly, but in keeping with the esoteric meaning it has to be seen as a reference to rough sodomy, the kind involved in the ritual abuse of a mind-control programmed slave. This activity is what leads to the attainment of Luciferian illumination, and this is what's pictured by the rays of light streaming from the eye.

The little symbol appearing at the end of HEARTBURN is an asterisk, aster, a star, and stars are angels in metaphor. Asterisk. Think ASSterisk, because those who have the obsession with the Horus Eye do have that in mind.

What really stood out to me the other day when I decided to use this for a pop quiz is the embedding of the name of the sun god as an identifier. It's the eye of Sol. Slightly obfuscated, but there it is. Just flip the central letters los to sol. It reminds me a little of some of the LySOL branding. In the ad, another name of the sun god is embedded in, ZERO: RE. It's obfuscated according to the same pattern as the name inside the eye right next to it. Inverted and surrounded by extraneous letters. That instance of RE is enhanced with the R being adjacent to another E, in, EACH - and also the A in EACH, adding an instance with that alternate spelling, RA. Since they're obviously spinning off instances of the sun god, the AR in HEARTBURN is worth noting as another RA. And, there's the adjacent RE crossing between MORNING and HEARTBURN. Morning. When the sun rises - seen in connection with RE.

An argument could be made that the other letters in ZERO surrounding ER/RE aren't extraneous at all. Read in the same direction as the name of the sun god we have O and Z, OZ. As the land down under, making reference to the nether region of the anatomy or the underworld realm is fitting on both counts.

Have we gotten carried away with the naming bit? Certainly not yet! The ad copy begins with ONE over ZERO. That's the essence of binary code, of course, but this is written out in letters and not represented in numeral digits. There's a letter conversion, IO, which in Greek spells the name of the sun, Helio. The sun god, Helios. IO, right next to the eye of sol.

Another adjacent letter combo isn't a name but it is a signal instance. The E of ONE and the E of ZERO. These rotate to a pair of 3s - Code 33. If we take the letter values, EE is 55, code for Horus in the esoteric Code 47.

Some versions of the branding add a reddish swoosh, and this really enhances the Occult symbolism! This suggests the characteristic slit of a reptilian eye.

Because Prilosec OTC is a pharmaceutical drug, it's in a class that is inherently represented by the symbol Rx. The swoosh crosses through the letter r. Crossing the r makes it a r cross or Rx symbol, right? Why would they make that so subtle when they could just come out with a big plain Rx symbol and no one would think twice about it? Because it's more potent this way on the Occult level, and that's what the designers went for.

The Rx symbol can be identified as the eye of Horus. Horus is a sun god identity like Sol and Ra and Helios. The Prilosec eye is that of the reptilian sun god, by any and every name, and the anal eye, the sodomite gateway to enlightenment.

The name of Horus is actually encoded into the ad copy. HOURS ~ HORUS. A simple anagram.

If you have learned to recognize the “i” of Horus class of symbols you should see two instances here. The Horus Eye is being signaled where there's a graphical stylizing of the letter i, especially relating to the dot. In the swoosh-free version, the i in Prilosec is a squared dot. Dots are round, so they squared the circle. That's sodomite imagery. To the untrained, there's no dot in the swoosh version. However, that swoosh not only dots the i, it dots the adjacent stem letter too, turning it into another i on the esoteric level. How do we know? Because the Horus Eye is also the third eye, and by generating these two they create another potent Occult layer of symbolism where the big purple one eye becomes the third eye.

The Horus Eye scheme is about producing Horus, causing this antichrist identity to manifest in the earth. One way this is done is through the magical workings involving the symbolic union of Osiris and Isis, and this is present in the imagery. The reddish swoosh traces an arc that suggests a circle in a plane that crosses the tilted circle suggested by the ellipse of the eye shape. The crossed circle or XO suggests the union of Osiris and Isis directly. Symbolism is present that strengthens the presence of both Isis and Osiris, and it's their union that produces Horus in the earth.

The goddess is in the yonic oval shape that suggests the vulva and ovum. The swoosh is reddish, the red color of the goddess. From antiquity, the swoosh has been derived from Nike's wing as her symbol. That's the familiar branding of the sporting goods manufacturer by that name, today.

Here's an image for Nike's MOJO. Their trademark swoosh is on the golf ball in the capstone eye.

Nike is simply one of thousands of identities of the goddess, like Isis.

In the range of Prilosec's branding, sometimes the eye shape is simply oval but, in most of the packaging where the shape is present, the ends extend out of view so we can't see their form. This clever design feature leaves open whether it's rounded like the ellipse or if it's actually like the vesica piscis, where two circles intersect. It allows for both. Either way, it supports the goddess, but by cutting off the ends this is able to become the vesica piscis and therefore the magical phallus of Osiris used by Isis to produce Horus.

Those who promote the production of Horus in the universal mystery religion know very well how important the phallus of Osiris is in this scheme, because for Isis to produce a son by him, she had to make a substitute. According to legend, Set killed Osiris and chopped him into pieces (usually, 14) and threw him in the Nile. Isis, his sister and wife, retrieved all the pieces and reconstituted him magically. Except one thing. His penis was lost, eaten by a fish. So, she made a substitute. Then, with her husband whole again, she magically impregnated herself and Horus was brought forth from their union. The fish represents the one that ate the phallus of Osiris and by extension the fish represents that phallus itself.

It should be known that this is the fish called the ICHTHUS, associated with the Christ as worshiped by many so-called Christians. This symbol is actually the phallus of Osiris. That's not my Jesus. Yeah, the second commandment is there for a reason, to keep us from such as that. If you think you're fine because the cross is your symbol, there is no good symbol. The cross signifies the union of the heavenly sons of god with the daughters of men. Have you read Genesis 6 lately? The Dove? Aphrodite...

Another symbol created by the swoosh is celestial. It suggests one body orbiting around another, a satellite like a planet around a sun or a moon around a planet. It also suggests the ringed planet Saturn, which is associated with Satan and the god of time. In the context of the ad, time is given emphasis in the copy. One pill each MORNING. 24 HOURS. On the typical packaging, the blurb reads, Treats FREQUENT Heartburn. Frequency is a time thing.

Here's a couple more observations. Over-the-counter: OTC - resembles OTO. The O.T.O. is the Ordo Templi Orientis associated with the wicked and very influential Magus Aleister Crowley. Their influence is huge in the graphics design and media production industries.

The celebrity endorsement is by Larry the Cable Guy. It's the stage name of a comedian who plays up the redneck country hick routine. Back in 2007 he produced an album called, Morning Constitutions. The cover art illustrates the subject pretty effectively. The album titles include #7, Stool Troubles and #12 Poop Lasagna. His being linked in peoples minds with bowel movements makes him a good fit as a spokesman for GI tract medicine.

Aaron and I both see him as the spokesman and what comes to mind is Deliverance (1972). The movie is known for a shocking scene where a redneck country hick butt rapes Ned Beatty's character. Have you seen the branding of that movie? Here's the poster.

Hey - WOW! One eye as a portal linked to sodomy. (Water as time. Hmmmm. Trending.) The Prilosec brand resonates with this! Having a redneck country hick personality as a spokesperson links Prilosec with Deliverance, especially with the one eye branding in common.

Pharmakeia marketing that works. It's all about the Horus Eye.

In closing, thanks to everyone who contributed their insights or is supporting this effort with prayers or funding. We so appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as we do!

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