Thursday, April 21, 2016

Harriet Tubman on Future Money - ...and Now for Something Completely Different

Okay. Not different at all.

So, 5 days ago we published a video exposing the Hot Tub Time Machine as a code in Part 2 of a special series. Today, another scrambled version is announced, and the Feds are behind it.

Harriet Tubman is the next face of the $20 bill; $5 and $10 bills will also change

Harriet Tubman. On money in the future. On the $20, scheduled for 2020. Hindsight is 20:20, it is said. That is an expression about being able to reflect back on the past. But let's stop circling around.

This graphic illustrates the situation. “Harriet Tubman” is easily seen as an exact anagram of “Harrie buTt man”which is almost exactly Hairy Butt Man, or exactly if you're just going by pronunciation. Is this somebody's idea of a joke? I think not. Time is money, it is said, and the Federal Reserve knows about such things. Money is time, inverted, and this is a symbol we've become very familiar with over the last few years. This announcement presents the equivalent of the Hot Tub Time Machine.

Trending: The combined symbolism of sodomite mind control and time travel. Again, we're not making this stuff up.

BTW - Have you seen Bimbo's Initiation? Would bankers linked to the Federal Reserve know anything of what's going on there?

BTW - Thanks Anne!


  1. This stuff makes me sick.
    Anyway it looks like Hot Tub Time Machine is another instance of "Ho", or 22 representing the abyss angels. I see this one everywhere. 22 is 1/3 of 66, where 1/3 is the fraction of fallen angels (about 33.33%) and 66 is the abyss. Most obviously seen by Santa/Satan's catchphrase "ho ho ho". Get it in capital letters and you've also got an IO where H is I. When you break Harrie TTub Man apart like you did, it also gives another layer of sodomite signaling I think. Essau's most notable feature in the Bible is his excess of hair. He's harry. He's also called Edom, or "red". Red Butt Man, rough sodomy. Ho Butt Time Machine, fallen angel tech.

    1. Greetings can you please explain your rendering of HO representing 22 and the abyss Angels?

    2. H=8, O=15, times 3 you get 69. Invert the 9 for a 66, take 1/3 for 22. Kind of loose, but I stand by it because I've seen several instances where 22 represented fallen angels, and its easier to fly a 22 under the radar than a 33. For instance the series Lost featured 3 main areas, Australia (the down under), the island (the abyss, there was a character named Abaddon that brought people to and from the watery island), and Los Angeles (city of angels). The flight that brought the main characters to the island (1/3 of the areas involved) was flight 815. HO, 8 15. Satan brought down 1/3 of the angels with him, 33.33% is as near as it comes to 1/3 of 100%. 33+33=66, which represents where they went, take one third to represent how many of them went there to get a new unique signaling number, 22.

      Its much easier to make ho ho ho a 666 where H is I and O is 6 (15=1+5), I=9 O=6, 9+5=15, 1+5=6, for 6 6 6. Any way you slice it Santa is evil, who happens to be a fat and hairy red man that goes down exhaust pipes. One might call him a hairy butt man.

    3. Sorry, 9+6=15 on that last part, not 9+5. Also it just dawned on me that my 22 theory would be a sort of fractal pattern, and I've noticed how these jokers also enjoy a good fractal. Like 1/3 of 100 is 33.33, 33+33 is 66, 1/3 of 66 is 22, 2+2 is 4, 1/3 of 4 is 1.33, 1+33 is 34, 1/3 of 34 is 11.33... etc.


  3. Donald Trump uses the number 88022 for texting and was also curious about the number 22. The Number 88 is signaling Heil Hitler. The 0 in 88022 is probably signaling the eye of Horus since it's centered.

    The number 22 is related to the Major Arcana or the Trumps of the Tarot. JFK was assassinated on the 22nd of November. Could this be a hint of what's to come?

  4. I found some more information on the number 22 and I think it's what's being signaled by Donald Trump. The number 88022 that Trump promotes means, Heil Hitler the Spiritual Master Builder.

    From the blog above. "Number 22 is one of power and accomplishment. It's colors are cream and coral and its symbol is the Cross. The square or cube is the symbol of 22. It is the number that sees the larger picture and one who can work with the details necessary to complete that picture. The vision of the completed project and the energy to see it through is not everyone’s vision, but it is the responsibility of the 22 to bring it through to fruition. Number 22 is the Spiritual Master Builder and Teacher and has chosen to come back to the earth plane to help the human race. To do this, they need to take this energy and help to build a better, firmer foundation for the human race in the Aquarian Age. Master Number 22 will help to establish the foundation for a new consciousness on the planet."

    In other Trump news I found out Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are actually related. They share the same Illuminati royal bloodline tracing back to King Edward III of England.

  5. I noticed that at the end of the movie,when the soda is spilt on the time machine for the guys to get back to the present,the number on the time machine says 666

  6. Also, seek the Lord while he may be found. Call upon him while he is near. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you will be saved