Sunday, July 07, 2013

Part 11 - Code 33 - Exxon, Branding Rockefeller's Dominion

The Code 33 class of double X symbols is potent. Its power is wielded by the world's largest corporate enterprise and perhaps the most widely recognized Illuminati family. Exxon, the oil giant, has had this double X variant since 1972. The company derives from others, most particularly Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller's company. Exxon and Mobil merged into ExxonMobil in 1999. They are the largest refiner in the world and the world's largest company by revenue, so they have something working for them. Their stylized double X branding hasn't hurt, it must be said.

This version has sacrificed something when compared to other double X versions. The pattern of the square and compass has been lost, and the simple pyramid, and also what pertains to the Hermetic Maxim, etc. For any Illuminati firm to feature XX and sacrifice all that, we have to know there has been something of value gained in the trade, and we can be assured the enduring branding of Rockefeller's flagship commercial venture is deficient in nothing. Here's my take on it.

Let's start with the fundamentals. Exxon simply reads, “X On.” The X is the mark of the sun god, and On (or Heliopolis, as it is otherwise known) was the name of the Egyptian center for his worship. X was formerly worshiped in On, but Exxon now flies the flag for his Illumined worshipers around the globe as his expanded domain. Another encoded “X On” brand was exposed in the post, Decoding Xulon Press, the ICHTHUS-Vesica Piscis and the Ohio Getaway. Why hide it? It's how the predator/prey game is played. If the prey catches on to the game play, it's game over. A competitor is Sun Company Oil, or Sunoco as it is now known, and while that's obvious, most folks still don't see the worship of the sun god that sun branding truly represents.

The sun god branding is a perfect fit for their business model because there is an anointing with spirit symbolized by oil, and Exxon represents a black oil anointing, a counterfeit anointing with unholy spirit that is associated with Eye of Horus Illumination.

The strong and enduring logo supports this foundational meaning through Horus Eye imagery, which you see illustrated in this collection of images. The Rx we associate with pharmakeia is an ancient shorthand form of the Eye of Horus that resembles the familiar wedjat. A couple forms of EY(E) ON are concealed, as in the all seeing eye on you. The double X resembles a tipped H for Horus.

Jay-Z's Roc-a-fella Records label presents the Rx Horus Eye of Rockefeller's Exxon. Someone is obviously paying attention and connecting the dots. That beaker with the bubbles looks like mad scientist pharmakeia to me, projecting through the anal-eye of Horus. “Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” That's what the magician Aleister Crowley wrote with reference to anal and vaginal intercourse. Exxon, double X Horus Eye Code 33!

“Exxon” as “X On” describes the esoteric solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid, making reference to the production of Horus through the sex magick union of Osiris and Isis. This version of the “Exxon” a square should be very familiar by now. In the negative space between the E and X appears a right triangle. Redundancy.

Exxon also describes the blueprint's roof plan of the pyramids and the famed obelisks of On. The actual form of “X On” presented in the design of the famous wordmark is that of one “X On” a second X, connected. If X represents a pyramid, “Exxon” another X suggests two pyramids, one on the other. We see this on the Great Seal! The “X On” top or superior X is called the Eye of Horus. The capstone is the sun god beast head of the body of worshipers, the antichrist beast ruling his kingdom.

I see the mystical pyramid as one reason why Freemasonry's representation of the 47th Problem of Euclid is rotated to set the Horus hypotenuse at the bottom. This removes the vertical male and horizontal female alignments, but what is gained in the trade is that the pyramid can be traced around it according to the pattern of that truncated base with an implied capstone Eye of Horus. As you may know, that central 345 triangle also links to the pyramid form by way of triangle (3) sides that are 4 in number, and these assemble to compose the 5 sided and cornered figure. The Exxon “X On” identifies the intersection of the crossed lines that marks the fifth corner or apex or pinnacle, Horus.

Beyond the sun, pyramid and Egyptian sex magick there is still more sex magick evident as the stylized and connected double X presents a superimposition of both X and Y layers. As representing the male and female sex chromosomes, this ambiguous merging must be recognized as a sex magick symbol.

There's plenty more magickal symbolism encoded into this powerhouse Illuminati wordmark. This collection of images offers a comparison of those I recognize.

The Cross of Lorraine was the symbol of Joan of Arc. It's associated with the Crusaders, the knights of “the quest.” French Jesuit missionaries to the New World carried the Cross of Lorraine (c. 1750-1810.) This symbol was said to have helped them convert the indigenous peoples because the symbol was already familiar. Think about that. If you suspect that means they actually worship the same sun god, I think you're on to something. The Cross of Lorraine is also known as the double cross, a term that means, betrayal.

The Exxon wordmark is the Unicursal Hexagram, with erasure of the superfluous parts. Ditto, the Seal or Sigil of Saturn.

These symbols are used in the performance of certain kinds of ceremonial magick for demonic binding and invocation and spell casting and the opening of portals.

The tree of life is also represented in the double X tracing of Exxon's wordmark. Such a thing used as a symbol in rebellion against the second commandment represents the counterfeit to the one the Bible describes in Genesis. Always.

The form is familiar to those who use this magick in conjunction with magick squares of the 3x3 dimension. The version I illustrated above is the starting point for transformations that produce beast and mark of the beast numbers. On this page, the sequence is labeled, “Order 3 Magic Squares - - 5 kinds.” The numbers produced in the sequence of transformations are, 15 (1+5=6), 5 (Horus), 216 (6*6*6) and 6 (man). Another 3x3 grid that may be traced by the Exxon wordmark is labeled on that same page, the “Alphamagic Number Square.” The transformation produces 666.

As you can see in this descriptive imagery, the familiar Masonic square and compass is another variant of the arcane Sigil of Saturn.

This, all this, may be considered as within the broad range of Code 33 through the double X variant. Of the form of the XX appears the tree of life, the Sigil of Saturn and the unicursal hexagram, which adds even a third between them - XXX.

There's still one more double X brand I want to feature before moving to the next class of Code 33 letter pair symbols. Next post, Lord willing!


  1. Bob,

    I left this comment on part 9 and 10, but it may have been even more appropriate here. I believe the XX has another layer of signaling calling attention to the ancient Egyptian gods Atum and Ra and/or Atum-Ra.



    Ra= (18+1)=19=1+9=10=X

    I do believe this signaling ties into the pervasive Egyptian Sex Magick layer that seems to be everywhere.