Friday, July 12, 2013

Gun Geo Marker App ~ 666

New App Allows its Users to Tattle on Gun Owners

A new Smart Phone app describing itself as “tattle ware” allows users to upload information regarding locations where they have “gun related concerns,” allowing people to anonymously report their neighbors and others if issue is taken with their ownership of firearms.

It's the work of The Walkingtools Laboratory at UCSD and UNIFESP. The exclamation marks are the key to the hidden 666 in the Gun Geo Marker App branding.

The mark is also known as a bang. Guns go bang bang bang. Each bang transforms to a 6 because it resembles an inverted letter “i.” I is the 9th letter of the alphabet. Flip it back over and the 9 becomes a 6.

Bang bang bang = 666

The logo has the color orange featured, and the dots are square. An orange is round, so to represent an orange or any round object as square is to “square the circle.” These are sodomite signaling elements.

The red gun sight and gun that suggests the “no guns” symbol is actually a symbol of ritual sodomy and witchcraft. The red circle ringed with the four tick marks is the magick circle (squared circle) with the four cardinal directions marked off. A gun is a phallus. The red circle with the cross is the sign of the sun god, and the signal anus of ritual sodomy.

Put all that together. Horus worship, the beast and his mark, the opening of the Horus Eye, weapons used by Monarch programmed Delta assassin alters, and a map where they might be aquired by such.

The current app rating suggests that some folks are not quite so gullible yet. Average rating: 1.1 out of 5 stars. No 0 star rating is offered, so the scale actually starts at 1 and has 4 levels. So, 0.1 might be closer to what is intended by those who rated it. The 43 folks who gave it a 5 star rating are probably using it to mark them as a “resource,” unless they really are that gullible.

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