Thursday, July 25, 2013

Part 9 - Signs of Horus Worship - The Name Game: iOS, FiOS, Vaio, Digital Stud-IO

The recognition of the IO in studio as the Helios identity exposes a class of IO and IOS symbols. I'll pick up where I left off in the previous post.

The branding of two of the studios represented in this collection has been given attention on this blog already, Pixar (Part 9 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Pixar Animation Studios) and Disney, which has owned Pixar since 2006.

Pixar's logo features a lamp “I,” an illuminating “i” of Horus. The stylized R is another Horus Eye, and right under it appears the word symbol exalting him - Stud-IOS.

The Walt Disney Studios brand imagery presents quite a collection. Beginning at the left, Mickey Mouse is Code 33 by name and cartoon design, “The” is Code 33 (20+8+3=33). Walt Disney's stylized signature conceals 666, and finally, there's the word symbol, “Stud-IOS.”

“The Studio” (The Lowrey's Studio programme) features The=33 and Stud-IO. Their colorful wordmark wields symbol magick in the combining of the blue and red into purple. It's a sodomite alchemical combination of the heavenly sons of god (blue) with the earthly daughters of men (red - Adam).

While Disney's competitor Fleischer Studios isn't much for logos, they certainly leveraged the Stud-IOS word symbol to good effect. If you visit their site today you'll be welcomed with a playing of their signature cartoon, center stage, Bimbo's Initiation. I make reference to that classic pretty regularly because it's a stark exhibit of the ritual opening of the Horus Eye as one unwilling member is initiated into a society of Horus worshipers.

Sometimes a studio is just a studio, and sometimes it's a front for some other activity where the regular coming and going provides cover. Many kinds of businesses may be used as fronts for illicit activity, of course, but the I introduced an example of a front when blogging about a classic Illuminati mind control programming film,” in Part 99 - The Sodomite Gateway - Organized Crime's Don Stars in 'Singin' in the Rain'. One of the symbolic sets for the umbrella dancing was the Richard Carlane Music Studio.

Sometimes the Greek spelling of the sun god's name is hidden in plain sight.

Apple's iPhone operating system is branded with letters pronounced, eye oh ess, read, iOS. The letters spell out the name of the sun god Helios, IOS.

There's nothing out of character there. Apple Inc. has been giving the sun god honor through their iconic logo from the beginning. Yup, we're making reference to the widely recognized symbol of the garden of Eden. Search this blog for more insight.

The long enduring 10th edition of their Mac computer operating system is OS X, pronounced “oh ess ten.” It was introduced in 2002 and is still current, so Apple's getting a lot of mileage out of this. Why? It features a big X, the mark of the sun god. They could also have represented it as the number 10 - IO - same difference from the perspective of who is identified, but the X carries more Occult symbol power.

Verizon seems to have regarded their clever scheme exalting Horus so highly they labeled their bundled fiber-optic services FiOS. The brand calls out the letter i as an “i” of Horus by differentiating it from the other letters. The letter F is the 6th letter, the number of man. This combining of man and IOS-Helios forms a beast symbol. Ver(seeing)eyes-on 6+Helios

Plenty of Horus worship is being done in the medical profession. The branch of oncology presents some rather obvious opportunities for exalting the sun god. One of their “treatments” involves radiology, and you can see how this relates to the sun with its radiant emissions. The name of the branch is very suggestive. ON-cology: ON aka Heliopolis. ANKH-ology, where the ankh is an Egyptian symbol of life, most particularly spiritual regeneration or afterlife. When it comes to state organizations, two of them are named to create the perfect acronym, IOS!

Both of these present squared circles. One is In-Diana (ISIS) with the hyphen properly drawn for us. Clever red plus sign for another sodomy signal, right? The other logo leverages the orange sodomy color. They isolate the “Io” from “wa” in “Iowa” so we're sure not to miss the point of the exercise. Helios!

When it comes to “studio” as an Occult word symbol, the power is enhanced when paired with “digital.” To illustrate this we have Sony's Vaio brand.

The VAIO logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the 'VA' representing an analog wave and the 'IO' representing a digital binary code.” (Wikipedia)

Digital binary code is all about ones and zeros. Vaio is not pronounced as V A One Zero, but as a word ending in i and o. Sony is clueing us in to how “digital” transforms to IO, or Helios. VA-IO is kin to Stud-IO because the VA is the classic up and down triangle pairing. It's the sex magick symbol of the heavenly sons of god union earthly daughters of men. The dot appears as the male member. When Sony combines the analog and digital symbolism in the Vaio wordmark, they make a hybrid. Give that some thought. This is a sign of Horus worship!

I perceive a 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple signal here because, right to left, we see a 3 union 4 (The A and V connect as one, sharing a leg. ) producing 5 (The 3 and 4 are connected, then add 1 for the superfluous dot.), Horus.

Digital Studio's logo effectively demonstrates their understanding of Stud-IO and the transformation of “Digital” to one zero and IO. The vivid exhibit of “As Above, So Below” says plenty in this instance. So does the trademark Illuminati “Watcher” Owl. About dotting the eye with squares; dots are round but these are square. By squaring the circles, which also calls them out as “i” of Horus, the ritual sodomy represented is shown to be the source and beginning of Teaching and of Learning. Digital Studio is a mystery school for Luciferian initiates on the left hand path, it seems.

Digital Cloud Studio. The I of Stud-IO aligned under the o of Cloud presents a crossing instance of the same. Clouds, as per Jude 1 and Acts 1. Cloud's conceal Code 33 and butts.

Dolphin Digital Studios presents what some will try hard to identify as a dolphin tail, but that's quite a stretch. Think - metaphor. Think, Stud-IOS, the sodomizer. Think Dolphin Hieroglyphica.

The Fisher Price Digital Art Studio branding is price-less! A royal sodomite purple background hosts a rainbow starburst. That Horus Eye is flanked by Digital~IO and Stud-IO. See the glow of divine illumination? Arts and Crafts ~ magickal arts of the magickal craft. AC = AntiChrist! The G in “digital” is in the common typeface for the G of the Masonic Square and Compass.

“Exclusive: The CW is planning to rebrand its digital studio CWD as “CW Seed,” evolving it into a digital destination for loyal CW fans. The network will announce CW Seed at its upfront presentation in New York today. [May 16, 2013] CW Seed will exist as a sub-site on, and will still produce original programming, but the channel is adding more interactivity to the service, opening up for feedback from viewers and adding more social engagement. “I think this is kind of a unique thing for a broadcast network to do, to have an incubator to really look at and get feedback from the fans, what they are liking and what they are not liking, and really taking digital to a different level,” CW executive VP of marketing and digital programs Rick Haskins tells Lost Remote.” (The CW introducing ‘CW Seed’ digital and social hub )

You can see what has been done with it here: CW Seed. Yikes. It certainly has retained the (evil) spirit of a “digital studio.” SERPENT SEED! CW and the double E in SEED are Code 33.

There are many signs of Horus worship embedded in our culture, with even the names of their god being spelled out openly, yet, who even notices? The cover spells are very effective. Then, there's all the concealed symbols of his exaltation.

The sun god rules this age, at least in his vast assigned domain, and this is the testimony of the symbols we see. The world is bound by this evil and it will increase, yet, the sovereign God has established limits and appointed an end to his operations. This hope is ours and it's a bright and certain promise! Real love manifests in His presence!


  1. It's funny. I'm sure I've seen the Sony VAIO symbol dozens of time over the years, but when I see it in this post, (probably because of the watery backdrop) it looks like a person swimming, doing the front crawl left to right.

    The O would be the Head, The I is an arm stretching out of the water about to reach for the next stroke, the A is the rear end and the V are the kicking legs.

    I guess the inference is that the dot represents the anal portal since it is located on the rear end of the swimmer.


    1. Excellent observations. Thanks Mark!

  2. In the final rainbow burst in the purple digital studio banner the "arts & crafts" can be seen as a clever obfuscation of star crafts, or the forbidden crafts of the fallen angels that brought these crafts into our realm as "arts=star" and star being another representation of angel. Quite appropriate this is portrayed in the midst of the anal rainbow portal that grants them access and influence.


    1. ARTS=STAR

      Excellent observation! Thanks buddy!