Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part 13 - Code 33 - Mix and Match Pairings

A substantial work of the spirit of antichrist in the world manifests through the range of meanings and forms of representation of the number 33. The influence it wields over you is dissipated as you become aware of this working, seeing the world as it really is through the eyes opened by the Lord Y'shua haMashiach. I pray that you are increasing in your ability to recognize it and interpret it in context, through the leading and power of the savior and Lord Y'shua. Ultimately, this work of revealing our Enemy's ways and means is a work of faith, hope and love.

I've presented some basic forms with examples of 33 appearing openly and with simple obfuscation. Some of the instances of the embedded 33 appear through combinations of forms, as mixed or hybrid. At this point in this series I want to more formally call attention to how some of these combinations appear.

Recent posts presented double C and double X versions that represent the simple English gematria systems in use, the forward and reverse number substitutions. Mixing it up, the CX or XC represent a simple hybrid subclass. Another mixed form pairs a C or X with the number 3 itself: 3C, C3, 3X or X3. That significantly expands the options available, and these are all being leveraged in the Occult symbol language. The letters that rotate to resemble a 3 (E, M, m, W and w) may also combine with either a 3, a C or an X. Or, one of these may combine with some stylistic element that resembles a 3. A recent example was the 20th and 21st Century Fox branding, where one X appeared openly and the other of the signal 33 was formed by the crossing of the searchlight beams.

The possibilities are not endless, but there are many ways these are being leveraged as symbols. These Occult forms wield a powerful supernaturalism. Of all these Code 33 variants I've just described, none of them require math in the transformation. Then, there's those that do. Right. The range of diversity is huge. That's why I'm taking the time in this season to review these classes in a more organized fashion.

Here's some examples, first of the simple CX and XC variety.

The logo for CX.com superimposes one on the other to make a squared circle. There's a graphic illustration of sodomy, too, which becomes more obvious if you rotate it a quarter turn. There is a union of the Osiris-3 and Isis-4 being expressed. The special Valentine's Day version that adds a heart makes it even more apparent. Code 33! Red + Blue = Purple. That's an expression of sodomy and of the union of the earthly daughters of men with the heavenly sons of god. They offer a Cloud Syncing Platform, and if you've been following this blog and the Lord has been opening such things to you no more really needs to be said about how that fits the brand imagery.

The simple geometric black and white logo represents the CX noise reduction system, which is a technology used for the analog audio tracks of laserdiscs. You probably would never see this if I didn't show it here, so this obscure imagery is a real over-achiever branding. It's got the dualism of the opposing black and white expressing the CX 33 feature. It's got the fundamental squared circle. It's got the pyramid, top view. This is a “C-ing” Eye of Horus, and an instance of Harmerty!

CXPartners actually leverages CC while it presents the X as the combination of the pair. This makes sense for the brand as a Customer eXperience Consultancy, and it really amplifies the power of the symbol. A clever pair of opposing 3s appear in the outline at top and bottom. We understand these 33 (cx)partners to be those paired and bonded through ritual sodomy, and illuminated, as illustrated by the appearance of eyes. A rotational dynamic is lent by the off-balance formation. The slideshow on their website illustrates the Baphomet / 3.4.5 Horus hand signal to ensure we get what they're about. Code 33!

The equivalent to CX is XC, and those who are familiar with running and track sports will find the cross country imagery familiar. There's no archery involved, so why the arrow? Apollo is associated with the arrow as the archer. The arrow is a phallus symbol. CC and XC are both signaling: Code 33!

The next class of hybrids I mentioned pairs a C or X with the number 3 itself: 3C, C3, 3X or X3. There are many, many examples of the C3 and 3C, very much like the dominant CC class. The examples I chose for the collection below focus mainly on children, church and charity, so hey, there's three Cs.

The two brands at the top of the collection are obviously focused on the GI tract. The butterfly formed from a mirrored pair of 3s speaks loudly of Monarch programming of vulnerable children. The colors connect with the pedophile symbol of the GLogo and the shape with the CLogo, which, by the way, are both Code 33. The colors of the text suggest there is sodomite ChildLove activity beyond just the GirlLove preference.

I'll leave their decoding to you. Let's move on to the related class. The 3X Studio does the Horus Eye Rx style crossing the leg of the X, sun god, 3rd eye, rotational dynamic, ICHTHUS vesica piscis. The Prevost VIP Coach brand adds to the Code 33 a plain 3.4.5 solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid! HORUS - the X sun god, their VIP!

The next hybrid class of pairings abounds with rich examples, featuring letters that rotate to resemble a 3 (E, M, m, W and w) and combine with either a 3, a C or an X.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is rockin' the E3 with a big-time Code 33 that magnifies 3rd eye sodomy with some rotational dynamic. The E squares the circle. Note the presence of the trademark. T+M=20+13=33. If you have been attentive to the Sodomite Gateway Series you should know that the SRA programming with sodomy has become very closely linked with electronic simulation/stimulation. One child's torture/trauma is another man/woman's entertainment. The Yellow is dominant over the Red, which is to say the angel is dominant over man. That's a version that works for them, for now, but judgment is only just beginning.

E3 Spark Plugs is becoming a popular performance brand, with lots of promotion in motorsports. The Code 33 brand represents another promotion of 3rd eye sodomy. Again, the E squares the circle. The registered trademark symbol invokes Harmerty.

Their "DiamondFire Technology" references the chosen ones as diamonds. The spark in those "spark plugs" is angel fire, the Luciferian Horus Eye illumination within. Another slogan for the E3 brand is that they are “Born to Burn.” Chosen ones refer to themselves as BWBs, Babalon Working Babies. They are for sacrifice, like fireworks. Note, they increase fuel efficiency up to 13%, a beast code reference.

These Code 33 versions using E have the added strength of the hint of E for Eye. With E as the 5th letter, the esoteric solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid connects this number as the hypotenuse of the 3.4.5 triangle to identify Horus. The letter E is the Horus Eye. 3E ~ 3rd Eye and Horus Eye.

An example leveraging the W as a rotated 3 is the branding of the “Worlds Largest Web Development Site,” W3 Schools. The tipped version you see here suggests the start of a rotation that produces a pretty obvious 3 out of the w. The way the individual elements are formed makes it look like they are kind of connected, made of the same Monas, one. They two are one, both 3s. The 3 of the 3.4.5 triangle is Osiris, and this is colored in an Osiris green. It is the resurrection color, and 3 is the resurrection number. The scheme looks like the w is a reclined 3, Osiris, being resurrected in the tipping to be set upright. W3 Schools ~ arcane mystery schools.

While E versions emphasize the 3rd Eye of Horus, the W versions supplement the cryptic 33 layer with a 666 signal. Because a W or V equates to the Hebrew vav, the 6th letter of that alphabet, a 3W or W3 suggests vav vav vav or 666. Another layer strengthens that beast and mark of the beast signal with a technical descriptive. The letter W has the value of 23, the chromosome number. Humans have 2x23, and what is eagerly anticipated by those with Horus Eye illumination is a 3x23 post-human beast version, achieved with the splicing in of a third strand of serpent DNA!

The W3 Schools logo on the website's home page features washed out backlighting to emphasize the sodomite illumination of the Code 33. It also features a reflection, signaling the Hermetic Maxim. Some on the left hand path will immediately recognize the reflection and the green color as an allusion to the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, a brief but classic esoteric work that I've become familiar with. I interpret it as an evident working of Hermes as a facilitator of Horus.

Just like how it is with the E and W, the M has been leveraged in combination with a 3 as a powerful symbol. The 3M brand evolution is a vivid witness to that.

I've presented this exhibit of a few past versions already on this blog. Over the years, what started out as a dark Occult looking brand went through several iterations to reduce into a simple, red version, where the stark 3 and M touch. That's suggestive of the 33 sodomy and the bonding function of the Illuminated brotherhood. Their business is known for such bonding as producers of adhesives, so the logo works on that level too.

The red signifies the blood involved, spilled during rough sodomy and shared as the engaging members become blood bonded, and through the transfer of genetics through the semen. The red might perhaps be linked to Rothschild, the red shield, a branch of the Illuminati serpent tree. Their Scotch (and “magic”) tape brand suggests Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

What a Code 33 M version adds is a potent symbol of Illuminati programming. The M that rotates to form a 3 has the value of 13 by English gematria. The standard Illuminati structure for a slave has 13x13x13 principle A-coded alters, which is 133.

The power of the M3 symbol is evident from this collection, with BMW's iconic M3 sedan as a primary example. The Duracell Ultra M3 and Gillette M3 Power may be riding on the back of the BMW brand's successful image, but the reality is that with or without BMW, the 3M and M3 is a power symbol! With M as a 13 and 3 as the resurrection number, it is a bold declaration of beast resurrection. Revelation 13:1.

I'll conclude this post with an exhibit of some less familiar M3 brands.

Studio M3 could hardly make the M a more obvious match to the 3. With the orange sodomy color, black gives us a Halloween / Samhain setting. The Horus Eye framing of the oval identifies it as the 3rd eye. The squared circle, well, it's another M3 power over-achiever!

The M3 Money Club is a credit union's program for teaching children the basics of saving and spending money. This smacks of Illuminati pedophile programming. PortAlliance Federal Credit Union ~ Port-al Alliance? By associating the M3 with the Money Club in this logo we note that “Money Club” is an MC, another Code 33 hybrid of a class I hope to address in the next post, Lord willing!


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