Monday, July 01, 2013

Part 5 - Signs of Horus Worship - Hip-hop, Hitmen and Yeezus

Here's a sign of Horus worship fresh from the rap and alternative hip-hop scene. El-P and Killer Mike in a collaborative effort released an album titled, “Run the Jewels,” on June 26, available for free download. The art presents us with a math equation, so we'll do the math. We have a pair of dissociated zombie hands and a gold chain as clues. It's the 47th Problem of Euclid. The 345 signaling hand gun, phallus. The gold chain loop as the receiver orifice. Horus sodomy - Egyptian sex magick opening the Horus Eye. The Jewels being Run are reproductive.

EL-P ~ 5+12+16=33
Killer Mike ~ KM ~ Knight of Malta, hit man?

And, on that subject, a movie I watched last week was titled, Hitman (2007). “An international assassin known only as Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) carries out high-profile hits for a mysterious organization known only as "The Agency" in this adaptation of the popular Eidos Interactive video-game series. Agent 47 is an elite, genetically engineered assassin who takes great pride in his work. In this screenshot, his gun and his hand remind me of the top of the 345 California Center tweezer building. I watched a version that was apparently edited down for The CW channel but there was still plenty of violence on display.

There are lots of dots to connect here and while plenty is put right out in the open there is still some decoding to be done. With no name, the hitman was simply known as 47. With reference to the 47th Problem of Euclid, it conceals and reveals how this hitman has discovered the esoteric solution expressed through the 345 triangle to manifest the result of the Osiris+Isis=Horus equation. This movie is evidence of Horus worship and an exhibit of what a very important side of that looks like. The hitman is identified to us as an Illuminati programmed Delta assassin and, as genetically groomed, he's what they call a chosen one. This movie is another example of Monarch programming symbolism that is wrapped up in Beast and mark of the Beast symbolism.

Agent 47 sports a barcode on the back of his shaved head to testify of the link between these agents (who are considered less human than products to be used) and the coming mark of the beast. In the collection of images below we see the familiar use of the mirror to picture an agent programmed by the Illuminati as a mirror twinned Delta assassin. He sports a blood red tie to signify the bloody tie that binds, which we know to be the requisite ritual sodomy. The man and woman together in the promo image pictures the typical Beta sex kitten and Delta assassin alter pairing in these agents.

In Beast symbolism, the man and woman represent Osiris and Isis. The gun is the phallus of Osiris. Together, they cast a shadow in which the form of the letter M is produced. M=13, revealing the rebel lord beast aka Horus. I think it's fair to say this M is also for Monas and Mason. Note, their backsides are presented to us, and they look left. This esoteric scene is a brilliant presentation of the 47th Problem of Euclid. It is the projection of sides a and b that produce c, which is to say of Osiris and Isis above to produce Horus below, in the world. The projection of the light upon the earth is that shadow. If you read the studies at the links I provided earlier in this series what I just wrote should be plenty meaningful. Note how she has an X displayed on her back. Sun god - transformation.

The stylized title lends more support to that symbolic meaning. The letter T is formed with a pair of guns. Guns are phallic, male, delivering seed bullets. If you ignore the stylized T it reads, hi-man, suggesting “hymen” in another reference to sexual anatomy. As with the Red Bull branding, the T-guns also picture the female reproductive system. This is Osiris+Isis producing Horus. One picture is that the red tie that is always worn by the hitman is a bloody phallus that breaks the virgin's hymen. With Agent 47 as Horus, the beast, this pictures him as THE hitman, seeding the earth that is filled with virgins, figuratively, of both male and female genders. It's the beast and mark of the beast reproductive scheme.

The T-guns also reference Taurus, the bull constellation that contains the Pleiades and Alcyone, which are very central in the worship of the sun god as expressed in “sacred” symbol and geography.

The female lead, Nika, sports a tattoo of a dragon on her cheek near her left eye. This is a rich signal! It may be considered as equivalent to the Agent 47 barcode, Nika's version of the mark of the beast that is the dragon's mark of ownership. In Russian, which fits the national context of the plot, the meaning of the name Nika is: “Belongs to God.” She plays the role of a kept woman who is literally a sex slave, owned by a politician. The tattoo resembles 3, and placed by her eye it speaks of Nika's opened 3rd eye. As placed on her cheek, it makes reference to sodomy because a pair of cheeks is pictured in the 3 graphic. Ritual sodomy opens the serpent dragon Kundalini eye, illuminating, and this is what's leveraged in Illuminati programming to make a slave. It opens the Horus Eye, bringing forth Horus, which can be seen on another layering of symbolism as the 345 sex magick. She is Isis-4 with the dragon 3 mark on her face picturing the union with Osiris (3) that brings forth Horus. Nika, as a given name of Greek origin means, “Victory.” If you've been following this blog for a while you know this is the theme of victory over death often represented by the symbolic palm tree, the phoenix. Osiris+Isis=Horus.

Two screenshots from a sequence appear in the collection below, at left. This is the scene after it is suggested that they may have consummated their relationship. The edited version I watched wasn't definitive about the matter, but it seems likely that Nika, who is in bed, is waking up as the great whore who rode the crimson Beast (Agent 47 with the red tie). The side of her face with the tattoo only appears in full shadow. The 3 on her cheek and eye are hidden. Notice how the peculiar arrangement behind her presents an object as a mirrored 3, a coiled serpent, in symbol, perhaps, to match to her tattoo. A very subtle shadow is cast upon the curtain, upon the veil, a 3. She is backlit in this Code 33 set, presenting a snapshot of her having just been initiated by her handler.

The scene cuts to show Agent 47, who is apparently on the other side of the curtain because we see a 3 as the decorative arrangement might be cast in shadow. The shadow is wrong, which is perhaps a continuity error, but more probably is simply there by intent. Three is a resurrection number, and the 345 signal of Osiris.

The other movie posters present more supporting imagery of the worship of Horus and how it manifests in our world. The arms crossed on chest speak of Osiris in a coffin and the skull and crossbones. Forming the X of the sun god, Horus with the radiant backlighting of ritual sodomy illumination. The X and the V formed by the guns both speak of the sun god because in Roman numerals V=5=Horus. He's pictured with the sign of the cross as the counterfeit messiah dying on a cross. The phallic guns repeat the imagery of the stylized Hitman logo, forming the V of the feminine sexual genitalia. The bowed head penetrates the plane of the V-aginal birth canal opening to suggest the birthing of Horus.

Do you perceive the Masonic square and compass suggested by gun-square and angle of the shoulders-compass?

At the end of the movie, Nika is gifted by Agent 47 who is acting as her unseen guardian. This image is the folder that we assume includes the deed to the vineyard of her dreams. I see an obfuscated 43 of Isis union Osiris, and the suggestion of the 3rd eye Anja chakra symbol. Osiris is gone, it seems to say, but the fruit of the vineyard will be brought forth through their Illuminated union, Horus.

This 2007 film was an adaptation of the popular Eidos Interactive video-game series. The Greek word eidos means: “something seen, form.” In anthropology, it is the distinctive expression of the cognitive or intellectual character of a culture or a social group. How appropriate.

A popular sign of Horus worship is the subject of the Vigilant Citizen's latest post, Kanye West’s “Yeezus”: Surrounded with Occult Symbolism. It's not very subtle, in keeping with his flamboyant history of embracing Illuminati symbols. He's on Jay-Z's Rock-a-fella Records label. The Yeezy and Yeezus makes a mockery of Jesus and promotes the antichrist substitute Horus.

Here's a link to the VC's associated video. Kanye West New Illuminati, Satanic, Anti-Christ Album Cover

The collaboration of Nike and Kanye West with the Air Yeezy brand made quite a stir, building hype for the song with sneakers that have been highly coveted.

Following a series of high-profile teases of the shoe (including rapper Jay Z exclaiming "Shoutout to my Yeezys, Yeezy 2's" during a March 2012 SXSW performance), Nike announced the sneaker on May 30, 2012. Amid wide anticipation, the shoe was released with 500 of each color way on June 9, 2012. While sold for a retail price of $250, the shoe gained notoriety for its wildly inflated resale value (with one online auction selling the shoe for a reported $90,000) the shoes have settled and a general resell value of $2,750.00. The Air Yeezy II featured two premier color ways Solar Red, and Pure Platinum.” (Wikipedia)

About the single that was just released a couple weeks ago, “Despite the quirky marketing, Yeezus, which was released on June 18, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 moving 370,000 copies in its first week on shelves.” (XXL Magazine)

The image you see here presents a few features worth noting here. I've included the VC's caption which is informative. The falcon head god is Horus. One eye appears inside the triangle, and with the triangle that squares the circle the symbolism of the opening of the eye of Horus through ritual sodomy is multiplied through redundancy.

The VC also notes how the release date encodes 666. He also presents an image of an envelope with a wax seal bearing the image of the Air Yeezy 2 logo. This vividly pictures the mark of the beast, where the recipients are like the envelope, sealed with the red wax as blood and DNA of the sodomizer sun god, Horus.

The eye in a triangle image is most familiar as it appears on the dollar bill, glowing and hovering above the base of the pyramid.

Also on Jay-Z's Rock-a-fella Records label, the rapper Memphis Bleek declares his worship of Horus and illuminated condition.

The album titled 534 is a reference to the esoteric solution of the 47th Problem of Euclid. The image here is that album cover with a couple images to link what should by now be familiar. The three disk medallions suggest the third eye (the middle one is in a suggested triangle) and as symbolic images of the anus, the initiating ritual sodomy. Hanging below the squares representing Osiris(3) and Isis (4) they mark the points that represent the magick 345 triangle, which is evident when comparing it to the form on the Masonic pin.

His hand signaling is subtle, but he's got the 345 or 534 sign on both hands. The big X made in the center says, HORUS!


  1. Bob, 47 in simple English gematria is Beast.

  2. Thanks Phil, BTW, do you have an account that does not say "Cathy?" To be more concise, beast = 47, like many other words, and that's a very good observation. The number 47 is the number of degrees between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which I find a very compelling fact because that defines an aspect of the relationship of the sun to the earth, suggesting a metaphor about the sun god's manifestation.

  3. There is "Falcon Studios/ Falcon Entertainment", gay pornography company.

  4. How does the X equal to Horus?