Thursday, July 04, 2013

Part 9 - Code 33 - XX, the Square & Compass and Dos Equis

I left off in Part 8 with a focus on the über-popular CC. Continuing the exploration of how Code 33 is signaled by means of alphabetic substitution, which is the English gematria code system used by the Illuminated predators, the partner of CC is XX, as C=3 when A=1 and X=3 when Z=1. The XX is popular too, but less so than the CC. Neither of these letter pairs require any further transformation because no math is required. While both signal 33, the collateral symbolism is very different - yet - not very different because they both exalt Horus. The pairing CC makes reference to Horus as the hypotenuse of the reference triangle used by esoterics with reference to the Pythagorean Theorem and the proof that is the 47th Problem of Euclid. The XX makes a comparable reference to the pyramid, connecting again through the representation of the Masonic square and compass.

To many people, XX may be recognized as symbol of the double cross, an act of betrayal. (Meanings of the Letter X, Esoteric and Otherwise) A related but more obscure reference is made to the Double Cross System, a British MI5 counterespionage operation in WWII overseen by the Twenty Committee (20=XX). Yes, in Roman numerals, X=10 so XX=20. The XX in genetics refers to the female gender in contrast to the XY of the male. In a very simple way, verbalizing the XX may be considered as a form of sex magick. Say XX a few times and you'll hear EK-SEX, and XXX sounds like EK-SEX-SEX. This symbolic letter pair is even more esoteric than that.

The form of XX appears at the intersections of the Masonic square and compass. What this means is that every instance of XX may signal the masonic square and compass, symbolically importing everything that ubiquitous symbol represents. It's simple, and brilliant. Not only is every XX transforming to 33 but add to that everything that is the Masonic emblem. And, the XX presents a truncated pyramid, a pair, actually, one a reflection of the other. Powerful! The graphic XX image also conceals an M (Mason / Monas / 13 - rebel lord beast) in the lower half and a W (23 - sex chromosome) or mirrored M in the top half. “As Above, So Below.” Hermes facilitating Horus. Evil genius.

A popular example of XX branding is the Mexican beer called Dos Equis, which translates to “Two X.” Some would insist it simply means “double strength,” or recipe #2, but no one could deny that the Dos Equis brand openly honors the sun god. The golden rays of the sun and the image of an indiginous sun worshiping priest wearing a headdress is prominently featured. The Occult layers match that theme to make this a very potent logo.

It's pretty easy to see the obfuscated square and compass of Freemasonry formed by the dos equis. The feathered serpent's priest's head with solar headdress in the central space declares that he is Horus Eye illuminated, which compares with the Masonic Past Master Golden Bullion Emblem you see in this picture of a patch.

That center space forms the Masonic oblong square, which is pretty fairly representing the correct 4:3 proportion of the union of Osiris and Isis.

At the left edge of this impressive logo we discover a 3 is formed outside of the X, with the help of the corner of the square. A mirrored 3 appears opposite. Clever. 33 ~ XX! Supporting that, the double E in “BEER” adds another layer, as a rotated or mirrored 33.

Two of the elements of the XX form the truncated pyramid, and above it, just as we might expect, we see the glowing golden capstone that contains the letter E. This is actually a big deal. In the popular alternate version of the logo, the word “Cerveza” appears (which translates to “beer”), and the V is in the capstone. E=5 and V=5 (counting forward), and 5 is Horus, the hypotenuse of the 345! E is for “Eye of Horus.” V is also the Roman numeral for 5.

There's more layering of pyramid imagery because, like I demonstrated in Part 6 - Signs of Horus Worship, from the overhead view a pyramid appears as an X in a square. There are two sets here. There are two square bases. There are dos equis, two Xs, set on top of the bases. Some assembly required, but there they are!

The bases are rotated, and one is on top of the other which really suggests the style of pyramid you see here, the famous Pyramid of Kulkulkan in Chichen Itza. The wide staircases in the center of each face form a wide plus sign that is rotated with respect to the X formed by the edges of the faces.

Are you familiar with Carl Munck, of The Code? He has presented vast evidence documenting how pyramids and other kinds of monuments are part of a vast global and interplenetary network, with the nodal monuments themselves producing descriptive data about location through their attributes. Although it was a mystery to him for a long time, it has been made known that he received this knowledge through what are popularly known as UFO abduction events, as he testified to Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations.

In California, Cinco de Mayo is a day when lots of cerveza is consumed, and that includes plenty of Dos Equis. Pharmakeia. This celebration of Mexican heritage and pride is known more formally as “The Day of the Battle of Puebla,” but Cinco de Mayo is the only name I ever heard it called. It translates to the fifth of May. 5-5. That's a 5 squared, which is the hypotenuse Horus! Horus Day! Coincidence? I believe it was a set-up, arranged.

Here's a Dos Equis Cinco de Mayo promo that is a major Code 33!

Huge sunburst ~ sun god, focused on the “I,” signaling the “i” of Horus. There's a pair of XXs on the glasses for a pair of 33s. Celebrate & Cinco line up to produce a pair of Cs, 33. “CinCo” provides another supporting set.

With “the” nestled between them, I going to acknowledge yet another signal layer: t+h+e = 20+8+5 = 33. And, on that basis I'm going consider the little word that balances it as yet another! o+f=33 counting forward from the end. (O=12 and F=21)

Aaron noted how the name of the sun god Ra is called out by positioning the RA of “celebRAte” over its mirror, the AR of “art.”

The pattern in the background represents tiles, Masonry. Their calling card, just in case we happen to miss the square and compass.

“Celebrate the lost art of Cinco,” of FIVE - HORUS!

Can you identify the Dos Equis beer brand's Most Interesting Man in the World? Mr. Charisma, ever in control. Horus.

Compilation of the Dos Equis Beer Commercials - The Most Interesting Man in the World

“Stay Thirsty, my friends.” We're not really talking about beer. The friends of Horus are famously thirsty for blood. Have you seen Mel Gibson's Apocalypto (2006)? The ritual sacrifice is pretty graphic. A lot of blood was spilled on the dos equis style pyramids. Ameru demands it. Code 33.


  1. Hi Bob! Great post, as always! May the Lord continue to pour knowledge on you as he has in the past.

    Have you seen Man of Steel and how they try to play Superman off as Jesus? Pretty crazy...

    I have questions that I've been meaning to ask you. Part of this I asked before, but I can't find which post it was in, and I don't know if you replied! Please write me at if you find the time for it.

    I may go on a rant here, but there's no one I can talk to about this! So concerning the differences between the Body and the Bride: it is my current understanding that the Bride are the faithful Jews of Israel, which will get restored to their place with God at the end of this eon, and that the Body is the ecclessia, the uncircumsition saints. The Bride rules in the earthly Kingdom as a priest nation for a thousand years, whereas the Body has a celestial destiny, ministering to the spirit beings as living witness to God's love and grace, which they don't currently understand (they only know and fear His power).

    The Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ both go through their own tribulations in the end times. Ernst A. Knoch believed that the Body get's translated elsewhere, and you have written about three separate harvests. I still have a lot of trouble retaining a definitive schedule for it from your writings and from the scriptures.

    Do all saints go through tribulation? If not, why do some get harvested first? Isn't it a greater honor to suffer and even die for Christ? Why do I feel like God is preparing my heart for persecution and death? Am I supposed to want that? To be honest, even though it scares the crap out of me, I feel like I do want that to just hurry up and happen already! It's like, this world is getting so dark and horrible (things like ritual sodomy are pretty light to me now that I can fathom the depth of the depravity of human sin), that I wish daily for it to be flushed away ASAP, even if it meant that tomorrow I'd be tortured and killed! I can't wait for the restoration and consummation of all things, and I get these pangs in my heart thinking about how much people have to suffer before God releases them into the glorious liberty of being a son of God. There is nothing that I desire more than to see all of these terrible sinners finally transformed and restored so I can be with them as brothers. All the while I still struggle with ridiculous sins that make me feel so ashamed of myself, and yet I repeat them again soon after the shame has subsided.

    I can feel the end times closing its grip around my neck. I dreamed a few nights back that I went to visit my parents, and they took me to see this tamed talking dragon/bird creature that they were fascinated with. It flew off and they followed it talking about how amazing it was, and then spaceships started appearing around it as it flew. I kept telling them that they weren't really aliens, just demons masquerading as them, and even though they could believe that, they just wouldn't believe me when I told them that their christ who sends people to eternal hell is actually the antichrist operating since the days of Paul, and that all of christendom is satanic.

    So, should I expect to be whisked away to a place of safety, or to be persecuted, tortured and killed? Is it possible I am meant to go through the worst of it? I feel like the latter is the case with me.

    Thanks for your time, and sorry about the rant! God bless you, brother!

  2. Jorge,

    These studies, as the Lord provides, may help you find some answers.

    Also, all 3 parts of - and especially the last one about our final exam.

    The simple word about tribulation and persecution is what the Lord gave.

    Matthew 16:25 “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”

    I hope to address the subjects of your concerns more in upcoming posts, but the Lord is preparing and provisioning individuals and teams for diverse activities according to plans He has hidden until the right times. Many ends are appointed across the range, and what may be your end will be discovered as the plan unfolds, and you've probably been getting some installments in advance for preparation. Expect to be severely tested, and better sooner than later, and if you do well you will qualify well for what follows. I'll send an email note.

  3. Hey Bob,

    I believe the XX has another layer of signaling calling attention to the ancient Egyptian gods Atum and Ra and/or Atum-Ra.


    Ra= (18+1)=19=1+9=10=X

    I do believe this signaling ties into the pervasive Egyptian Sex Magick layer.


  4. As I look at the Masonic Square and Compass symbol, the Square becomes the woman's legs spread with her feet pointing up into the air, and the Compass has a circle at the top that becomes the mans head, with his arms grabbing the woman's legs, and where the "G" is, or the "G" Spot, or the God Spot, apparently reveals the sex magic, does that make sense?

    1. Amia Clairsentient replies that, "The whole symbol is the womans genitalia, triangle like the yoni the little circle on top is cliTORUS and g is the goddess spot or g spot"

    2. The chicago bulls logo kinda looks like that if you turn it upside down

  5. Amia Clairsentient shares a comment that, "Xx is feminine. They suppress alot of the science on the feminine xx chromosome cause they dont want the significance of the women in mainstream, theh later repaced the solar and other dieties with male ones. The cosmic womb universe uterus U-torus is self perpetuating and never ending just like us women are we can still self conceive if our ovum is shocked in a divine state of bliss and other ways... The cosmic womb, ether, black hole Sun and black dielectric light of goddess is the true source but they dont want us knowing..."

  6. Anonymous5:49 AM

    I honestly think my father was a freemason. He named me Maxx and said it was so I would "stand out more" he only consumed media, books, film etc that was Masonic in nature and only bought us masonic video games "GTA" "Sonic the hedgehog" etc. His AA sponser had a cancer then suddenly it was cured and my dad got cancer and died.sacrifice by chance?