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Part 14 - Code 33 - Hybrids: C With a Spun 3

The Occult mixing and matching of paired elements that transform to 33 without any math involved is widely represented. VERY widely represented! In this series where we're still focused on letters that rotate to resemble a 3 (E, W, w, M, m), let's give attention to a class where one of those is paired with a C, which substitutes for a 3 as the value in Occult English gematria.

The hybrid CE combo finds a prime example in entertainment and technology mogul Peter Chernin's brand, Chernin Entertainment. Versions like these two appear at the beginning of his movies and trailers.

With the C and E appearing as shadows cast upon masonry, the ubiquitous calling card of Freemasonry, we hardly notice how the lighting puts the object casting the shadows as over the crack of a butt. C for butt Crack. C and E are “tattooed” on the cheeks. I perceive the alchemical Monas illustrated as the one object casting the two different shadows, as a magickal talisman.

Swings and trapeze and shadows cast on cinder block walls, these are reported to be common sights to those who are subjected to SRA, and for the handlers and programmers. Again, one child's torture/trauma is another man/woman's entertainment. Code 33!

Many kinds of ceremonies are directed by someone called the Master of Ceremonies, who is commonly referred to as the MC or emcee. Code 33!

I noticed how the elements composing the hybrid classes are sometimes presented with a line separating them. This is a key to the code that tells us, these two things are equivalent. C=M=3. The line separates but also serves to link them. In the case of the MCPartners version, the nature of the partnership is being expressed. With the M3CapitalPartners, the pairing of the C & P presents a supplemental 33, but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.

There are some potent logos in this collection of MC brands!

Montreat College presents the rising sun Horus Eye anus and Royal Arch with a keystone positioned over the letter T. Tau cross of the sun god, anal Triangle, Taurus, in which are the Pleiades, the seven sisters, represented by the seven stones in the arch of heaven. Olive color, referencing the character of mard described by the Marquis de Sade. The letter pairs as pillars are ON (Heliopolis) and RE, Horus Eye.

Madison Cares is associated with the Habitat for Humanity. Their Code 33 version is magickal, with a triangle of solomon and magick circle featured like in the I, Pet Goat II video. The sun cross and sodomite squared circle appear as on the pyramid, elevated on a pillar as an obelisk.

MercyCorps is an MC that links the two by sticking the words together as one. Their foul sodomite symbol was featured in this post, Part 85 - The Sodomite Gateway - Heart-Love.

MasterCard - Sexing up the financial sector. The sodomite bond is presented as the words are stuck together. It's hard to miss the bond represented by the vesica piscis. A precise vesica piscis exhibits 3.4.5 features geometrically, matching to the pyramid and the 47th problem of Euclid. Two become one in ritual sodomy. The 33 is signaled by the MC transformation plus there is a butt outline of the 3 on top and one opposing it on the bottom. MasterCard ~ MasterSlave. Isn't that how it works? “Aster” means star. Red merged with Yellow is man-angel sex magick and with the banding it is symbolic of Daniel 2's mixture of iron and clay. In the union is “er,” Eye of Horus. If you were to see a pair of suns and the infinity symbol, that would be as intended, I'm assured.

The logo for MC Bank is obviously a truncated pyramid. Count the elements. There are six on the left, six in the middle and 6 on the right. 666. Based upon their identifying symbol, the bank appears to be where they collect all the sacrificial Code 33 energy in a magickal vault.

McCormick. Spicy. The ribbon label circles the square. The M and C are connected to illustrate the sodomite tie that binds two into one. Each element of the stylized M is the Hebrew character vav, the 6th letter. 666. The presence of the registered trademark signals Harmerty. What that dim left eye matches to must be the seeing eye, the Horus Eye and 3rd eye. Graphically, that's a challenge to visualize, but by the transformation of symbols the Eye of Horus appears with redundancy!

MC is like 3M and M3 but is simply one level more obfuscated, and as 13 cubed it continues to reference the Illuminati programming standard 13x13x13 grid structure of principle A-coded alters.

While BMW has the strength of the M3, Mercedes features their solid C-Class, which has been in production for over 20 years. Yes, that's the Mercedes C-Class. MC and CC.

Here's a collection of CM brands, headlined by a pair of “engaging” symbols. Yikes! Get a room! Code 33!

Creative Mediation's CM version offers an offensive view of the backside with a third eye in the forehead and three loops adding a 666.

CM Sports Nutrition presents Ameru as the one being honored with a one eye “C”ing eye, while bonding the two signal elements together. In their joining, an A is formed for Ameru, Apollo. The drop shadow indicates the Hermetic Maxim. Heremes aka Mercury, flying god of sporting events.

Combined Mind illustrates the “i” of Horus with their CM Code 33. The words are stuck together and we see a c-ing eye third eye sodomite sun anus formed in the union or combination of the mind's eye. There is a union of the 3 and 4 from both directions, at the 5th element. Horus produced through Osiris+Isis Sex Magick!

PeakCM is again, stuck together. PEAK = 16+5+1+11 = 33 as CM transforms to 33. That's not a mountain peak, is it? Are Masons involved in construction projects?

The chrispmedia brand has the words stuck together. See the heart shape? We best shhhh about what's meant by the “it” in digital. For a clue that put it directly under the joining of “chrisp” and “media.” The chocolate color, yeah, that's not really chocolate.

Consider the new Discover card for insight into what kind of “it” they're carefully “not telling” us about. ?It has a heart.

ChrispMedia. Shhhhhhhh. It Happens. They make *it happen. Like Chrispy Chreme.

Other CM brands that come to mind are CineMax and Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, who was the most popular comic book superhero of the 40s, based on sales.

Here's a collection of CW brands for an eyefull of this class of Code 33 symbols. By the way Country Western music has nothing to do with this. Well, OK. There's that.

The CW. THE: 20+8+5=33

The CW Price is too costly. Don't get tagged.

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