Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Series Links: Signs of Horus Worship

Signs of Horus worship and Egyptian sex magick abound in our culture, in the East and West, but most of us don't recognize them because the worshipers are often secretive about the matter. For many, the keeping of the secret about the nature of their activity and devotion is an essential part of their worship, because if we really knew what was going on their controlling influence would be lost. For freedom's sake, in the Lord Y'shua, this broad exposure of the signs is for you and I to enjoy and employ as this age old conflict between the sun god and the true God is rapidly being brought to a dramatic conclusion.

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  1. Looking for a synopsis on the new age magic sequel Now you see me 2. Do you have insights on this movie as it regards hypnosis, freemasonry and horus worship

    1. Haven't seen it. I'll add it to the queue.