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Part 24 - Signs of Horus Worship - Pi-RA-tes and Bucs!

When it comes to naval tradition, it's the pirates who have the reputation for being the terrors of the high seas. These colorful scoundrels that are so celebrated in pop culture today are not usually identified with a religion, beyond being a very superstitious lot, but they should be. Dead men tell no tales, but the history of piracy and symbols like the Jolly Roger reveal the matter.

The infamous Jolly Roger and those who flew it is linked to the Knights Templar. Web search pirates knights templar and search it out for yourself. The following picture of a class of Skull and Bones at Yale is one of that kind that is worth the proverbial thousand words. Their claim to the symbol is apparently legit.

I've decoded the skull and bones symbol to identify it as an image the beast of Revelation 13:1, the one John saw rising out of the sea - out of Davy Jones' locker, some might say. The crossed bones or swords present the sign of the sun god. You'll find some very interesting documentation in the following posts.
In these title graphics for two of the films in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the extended leg of the R in “PIRATES” is crossed to signal the Rx or Eye of Horus. Crossing that R with the leg of the A calls out the pair as Ra, the sun god, aka Horus. The same layered signal repeats in the word “STRANGER.” The word “ON” directly names that Egyptian city that was renowned for worshiping the sun god. The title presents Code 33 in the PC acronym (p=11 and c=3 so pc = 11*3=33). Even the little words add layers to the symbolism, which are presented differently from the other title script. (the: 20+8+5=33) (of: 12+21 [RAS])

When the sun god beast is presented in Occult symbolism it's often in tandem with mind-control programming. That's the case with “The Curse of the Black Pearl” film. Search this blog for “black pearl” and you'll discover how this object is central to what's called “go over the rainbow” programming. That's Monarch and Illuminati programming language. Their god Lucifer is behind the sun god, and their SRA DID slave army creation scheme is a major way Horus worship is expressed in practical terms.

The following collection of pirate branding features more examples of the same Rx Horus Eye and Ra signaling. Found on Where do pirates work in the off season? Pharrrrmacies! Seems fitting, somehow. ;)

Yes, it's a trend, and it's more than just a random crossed sword thing. Celebrities that hide one eye to signal the Horus Eye are mimicking the popular image of the pirate, with a patch over one eye. Think about Popeye the sailor man. Pop-Eye. Horus worship is a naval tradition and those who promote Horus worship know this.

Evidence of the naval tradition of Horus worshipers is sometimes found in unexpected places. The clothing and accessories retailer, Old Navy, seems innocent enough in their simple branding. That is, until you grasp the meaning of their acronym and make the connection to the old naval tradition. ON. Think about it. Heliopolis. Squared circle.

The sun god on the high seas business predates the Knights Templar. Web search theopenscroll noah navy to find more about how words like “navy” and “navigation” are linked to the name “Noah.” There's also a link to the giant blue Na'vi of planet Pandora featured in James Cameron's film, Avatar. See here for more about that, which is VERY pertinent: The Avatar Stratagem.

The terrible plundering and abusive sun god worshipers ruling the high seas is an anti-Noah kind of expression. Web search theopenscroll counter-flood and visit the pages from The Open Scroll site and blog to see how what's planned for the near future is intended to avenge the literal purging of the sun god progeny from the face of the earth. A very real kind of role reversal is coming! Their flagship counter-ark will be flying the Jolly Roger, in a figure. Large bones like those crossed on that flag conceal marrow inside, and marrow makes blood, right? This grand conflict can be seen as a blood feud between two family trees. The skull and crossbones is a regeneration sign, signaling sun god regeneration! Osiris or Horus will be regenerated to have his season of vengeance.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. ~ Matthew 24:37

Last April, the Mail Online posted this headline: Her Majesty's saltiest sea dog: Royal Navy sailor completes 33 years of service with an incredible THIRTEEN years at sea. If you're wary about media ritual and you find the symbols I've been blogging about very familiar you might wonder if this could have been put up for an April Fools Day joke, but no, it's legit. Ritual.

More evidence of the naval tradition of Horus worshipers may be found lurking rather innocently in the candy aisle. I believe the name of the colorful Jolly Rancher brand makes allusion to the Jolly Roger. Opposite the RA in “RANCHER” is ER, a mirrored companion in the bracketing, RE, a variant spelling of RA. Jolly RA-ncher, honoring the sun god.

They advertise the slogan Untamed Fruit Flavor, and those lawless sea dogs who flew the Jolly Roger were as untamed as can be.

Like I explain in the image, the acronym of the slogan transforms to 666 because U is the 6th letter from the end of the alphabet and F is the 6th from the front. UFF ~ 666. To strengthen that symbol the design adds some flourish to tag each of those code letters with a numeral 6. This is an exalting and advancing of the agenda of the beast with his mark! The brand's purple oval with sun colored outline of the name is a Horus Eye symbol.

Here's a video of a popular commercial playing on cable TV. Jolly Rancher Untamed Fruit Flavor The flying colored objects are a mind control programming device that I believe is related to Illuminati “go over the rainbow” programming.

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, you may want to consider moving on.

Here in Pittsburgh we've got Pirates, the Major League baseball franchise. Their branding begins to take us down the trail of a naval tradition that is an inherent element of Horus worship, perverse sex magick.

This picture of an iPhone case features the pirate skull and the iconic P logo as the other featured part of his anatomy. The P is for Pittsburgh and Pirates and Phallic and Package. Phallus worship. The book of Ezekiel (23:20) and the book of Enoch (86:4) describe such a scale as to be dragging in the dirt, as pictured here. I've seen versions of the iconic P logo during a recent game on TV where the glans penis is highlighted by coloring it differently. Even with that, folks still don't see what they're looking at because it's cloaked with a spell. See how RA (and RAT) is suggested to us as the sun god whose mark is made by the crossed bats. The hidden eye and the knot in the bandana are two signs of ritual sodomy. Here, the iPhone case presents a couple forms of the squared circle sodomite classic. It should be noted how the inner cut-out part of the stylized P logo is a squared circle and reclined Royal Arch.

We've got rappers who love the Pirates and do some fan promotions with music and clothing lines based on the related word, “buccaneer”: Buctown. PA is densely populated with Freemasons and Buctown's branding bears witness to that. As I document this I'm going to establish the connection between some of the pirate images and Freemasonry.

The eye patch on the skull hides an eye to signal the Eye of Horus, a symbol sometimes called the all seeing eye that is perhaps the most widely recognized Illuminati and Masonic image. The skull and crossbones is featured on the tracing boards of more than one Masonic degree, usually marking a coffin. That coffin of Hiram Abiff is a symbol of the resurrection of Osiris into Horus, which is in other words, the coming of the sun god beast.

This is what's being celebrated by Buctown's Masonic branding, which becomes rather obvious in the decoding of the elements. The pretext for the diamond shape is the ball diamond, baseball's infield as bounded by the baselines. See that as the “infield” of the Masonic square and compass. There's usually a letter G inside that diamond, the 7th letter, and there are 7 letters inside Buctown's diamond. Dot. Dot. Connect.

We might also connect their diamond to the coffin itself. Let's take a lesson from this pair of tracing boards of the Third Degree, the highest of the foundational blue degrees. By way of these instructional diagrams they connect the square and compass with the coffin and Osiris resurrection. A coffin can be a simple rectangular box but these are stylized as the diamond, truncated. Observe how the square and compass are separated. In the version on the left the compass is on the top of the coffin. Observe how the angled form of the top of the coffin is that of the compass. In that same version, the square is on the bottom, and we compare it to the angled form of the lower part of the coffin. The coffin and the area bound by the square and compass are one in symbol. In the version on the right side you'll notice how the square is on top and the compass is on the bottom, which says to us that's not what's important.

So, it looks like Buctown's ball diamond is the Masonic square and compass with the “7 letter” inside and the object marked with the skull and crossbones. The banner declaring the area code is a familiar style that conceals a mirrored pair of 3s at the extremities. This obfuscated 33 is a common Masonic identifier. The area code is presented in such a way as to present more cryptic signs of Horus worship with links to Illuminated Freemasonry!

It's obvious this area code is important because the site responsible for Buctown has the domain of The brand's imagery seen there features checkerboards on the bottom, and the imagery of the Masonic temple floor comes readily to mind. If you rotate this to read it you'll see the steps of Freemasonry and a truncated pyramid. The top in default alignment presents a squared circle abstraction of the Royal Arch, and one might see this as the usual anatomical symbol.

Whether the dividing of the area code appears as 4 and 12 or four and twelve, it's consistent, and it's code alright! There is in this brand the coded reference to the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid and 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple. Yes, this is about Horus worship!

The 4 sided diamond has 7 letters superimposed on it as a primary feature to call out the number 47. Boiled down, this translates to the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis, which should be very familiar by this point in the series.

Reading across the bottom at the banner we have the mirrored 3 implied at the left end. Inside it we read, “FOUR.” This banner segment has 5 sides and 5 angles. It's 3-Osiris union 4-Isis producing 5-Horus. On the other side we read TWELVE, which is the sum of 3+4+5.

That number 412 is the area code of Pittsburgh, PA, sure, and it's used here as a different kind of “area code.” The 47th problem of Euclid features the AREA of geometrical figures in proving the Pythagorean theorem. Think about it. Area code. It's really very clever.

Buctown's Occult brand is even more rich than that. The letter T is the middle letter of “Buctown” but it's obviously set off to the left. Do you see how they have separated the word into BUCT and OWN? This is far from the first time I've seen the word own being emphasized in Occult symbols. The way owning happens is through ritual sodomy because the sodomizer owns the victim, enslaving and stealing their power. If that doesn't make sense, check out the Sodomite Gateway Series on this blog. The buccaneer is a sodomizing pirate. When you are buc'ed or BUCT you are sodomized and OWNed. A “buck” is a male deer, antelope or rabbit, or a fop, a dandy (with feminine qualities) and slang for a stud, and this really applies in the very same way. BUCT-OWN!

If you've never considered the sodomite tradition of the seafaring salty dogs, this book title alone should be informative.Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean - By B. R. Burg

Like baseball's franchise in Pittsburgh, the NFL has football teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders that brand with the pirate identity. The Oakland RA-iders honor the sun god according to the same tradition with their Horus Eye patch and “skull” with crossed swords forming the X mark. The version on the right is telling, which is a comedic interpretation offered by those who see what they're looking at in the home of the English Sea Rovers, These 'British' Versions Of NFL Logos Are Genius. The Buggery Bandits. Buggery = Sodomy.

The following excerpt from suggests to those of us outside that culture why it's probably more common knowledge to the public.

In his great book about Churchill quotations and misquotes, Churchill by Himself: The Definitive Collection of Quotations, Langworth says that Montague-Browne personally told him that he had asked Churchill about the quote. According to Montague-Browne, Churchill responded: “I never said it. I wish I had.” Langworth notes that “rum, sodomy and the lash” is similar to “rum, bum and bacca” — a catchphrase from an old saying about the, er, pastimes of British sailors, dating back to the 1800s: “Ashore it’s wine, women and song; aboard it’s rum, bum and concertina.” (Bum = a man’s rear end; bacca = tobacco.)” -- (The origins of “Rum, sodomy and the lash” – Churchill’s alleged quip about British naval tradition…)

And, that brings us to this post's final example of the naval tradition of Horus worship, found in the realm of motorsports. Rum Bum Racing. Unless you're mindful of the old saying about the pastimes of British sailors the reference made by the team name is lost. Ashore it’s wine, women and song; aboard it’s rum, bum and concertina.” From this picture in the middle you can see that the team has a bevy of girls supporting the team's, eh, morale. They are ashore, after all, and these events are for racing their landlubber vehicles.

The “bum” is British slang for the butt, and in the old saying it's a metaphor for sodomy. Over here in America, we tend to think “Rum Bum” is just making reference to the sort of folk who tend to be overly fond of alcoholic drink and casually lying about, the more fun version of a drunken vagrant. I might be content to think that too, but for the attending imagery.

The number 13, that's not always a sign, but it often is, and here, I have to think it is. It's signaling the rebel lord beast, the sun god whose rays are so prominent in the Rum Bum racing imagery. Setting the 13 inside the sun-anus is not an arbitrary thing but rather a powerful identifying symbol. That three (or 4? faced) creepy and ominous figure who appears to be scanning the worlds with super sun vision; that's the one who sponsors the rum & bum thing, of course.


  1. Ahh Jolly RA-ncher, now I get it. I used to eat these all the time and never could figure out why they were called ranchers. Now I know.

    Here is a pic from the Seattle Seahawks' facebook page that looks just like the Oakland Raiders logo with the shield, one eye, and is that a Masonic Tracing Board?

    I also found this one very interesting:

    Kind of reminiscent of this poster for the 2013 Super Bowl. I am thinking that "this year we guarantee a thrilling fourth quarter" has a double meaning.,+MB,+Super+Bowl+2013.jpg

    1. "double meaning"

      The United States has been in constitutional crisis since 2009 and each year since the constitutionally mandated budget was passed.

      September 30 is the final day of traditional end of the Federal Fiscal Year Quarter. At the end of Each fiscal quarter is the beginning of each Pope Gregory 4th quarter Oct-Dec along with Decembers celebration on the 25 which commemorates the first 4 days of sightings of Horus returning after he has been hidden away in the far reaches of the winter solstice. - Is this also a counterfeit of 3 things and then a 4th to? - 4th quarter, 4th day marker of return...

    2. A few more interesting pics from Seahawks facebook.

  2. Mr.Schlenker, I am seeing some other possibilities as well.

    In the Pirates i phone case, the baseball bat turns the P into the lengthened R of Horus.

    Pirates may divide into pi and ra, perhaps going up against a reversed tes, or Set. Pi is 3.1415 or 345, producing Horus. Depending on the tradition, Ra can be seen as Horus or the father of Osiris. Could the word pirates invoke the battle between Egyptian gods, and/or the birth of the Sun Gods?

    412 Records logo may also symbolize the combining of 4 and 12 to make the pagan Jupiter symbol. The 412 logo contains 3 sets of 3 distinct black and 3 white checker spaces. Or 3 sets of 6, becoming 666.

    Records are also round. Putting the word records in a box may square the circle.

  3. Jolly Roger tie in and a whole lot more.

    This article is about the i-mage-a-nation. I thought I was going to be interested in the article until I saw the picture. I guess this article is really about engraving the i-mage in my mind - yuck - I didn't realize how pervasive and perverse all this is.

    Something we seldom may think about is that English was a language created by the oligarchs educated chosen. It is becoming very apparent to that the English alphabet and language were very mindfully crafted.