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Part 28 - Signs of Horus Worship - Nachash, Beguiling

Picking up where I left off, the merchant of athletic shoes, New Balance, brands themselves with a winged Nachash. Their logo is also a winged B (bee, makes honey but stings), for beast. A letter B featured in a layered symbolic context may be taken as an obfuscated number 13 with the 1 and 3 stuck together, the number with a composite meaning of the rebel lord beast. Because N=13 in RAS, the uniting of the N and B emphasizes the shared symbol, 13. BEAST! The winged Nachash! The N and B overlap so that what remains of the N appears as a pyramid, with the capstone appearing at the base, as the negative space. It's the sun god BEAST!

Because they make running shoes, the winged foot of Hermes / Mercury is modeled by every wearer. This is suggested to us in the collection of brand images below where the copy reads, “GOOD FORM RUNNING.” The winged rainbow colored shield of the NBN promo supplements the brand's winged logo to validate the symbol, including even a 5 point star, Horus. By applying the rainbow theme to the word “INDOOR,” they are referencing the sodomite “rainbow bridge” that is the anatomical “out door” from the flip side perspective.

The lightning bolt splitting the mirrored letters R of “POWERRUN” calls attention to Zeus, in whose honor the games are held. The attention given the R says “Horus Eye.” The positioning of the NB logo over the letters ER calls attention to that pair, and following the direction suggested by their reversed R we read, Re, the sun god. That bolt splitting the mirrored pair speaks to me of mind control programming and the creation of mirrored alters. New Balance makes a model 999 shoe, as pictured. 999~666! The slogan is, “A more intelligent approach to building shoes.” The winged serpent Nachash opens the Horus Eye and grants illumination, enlightenment and gnosis. I take it that's the secret behind their more intelligent approach.

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. is known as NBAS. The company was founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. The name has changed but it's still the same NBAS. What is it about this letter string? NBAS in English gematria has the values 36 and 72 (RAS). I find this to be of interest because of how the lightning on the POWERRUN imagery mirrors the two letters R when splitting and reassembling. R=18, so RR, and there is no space between them, suggesting the single number 36. RR is then equivalent to NBAS in value, and I see that as being very significant! The RAS of NBAS is double the forward, as 36+36 = 72. If this seems familiar, I covered an example of this in some depth here, Mind-Control Programming - A-JAX 'INSANE', toward the end of the post. It's very relevant because it deals with the 36 cell magic square of the sun that is used to bind and control demons and the 72 goetic or gateway demons claimed to guard the portals. These numbers mean plenty to those who worship the winged Nachash.

New Balance ~ NB ~ Nachash, Beguiling.

The Northwest Airlines logo suits their business identity as an abstraction of the compass pointing out the direction of northwest, but there's far more to this Occult symbol than that! The Northwest Airlines livery decorates the giant bird's “tail feathers” with the N to identify it as Nachash. The N cuts the circle to square it and make a symbol of ritual sodomy, which is how the Nachash / Horus is worshiped. The triangle in the circle is an alchemical symbol of ritual sodomy illumination associated with the Philosopher's Stone. We see that marking the bird's tail, appropriately enough. The circle element is a simple sun symbol, which is often seen in motion across the sky in a ritual performance of sex magick.

The circle is also a symbol of the female, as is the triangle that points downward. In this context, the N is the male penetrating the circle to picture fertilization and the giving of birth. This speaks to me of the Nachash and the woman in the Garden of Eden, conceiving and then bearing Cain. He's been bragging about it ever since.

It also speaks to me of Osiris and Isis and the bringing forth of Horus. The production of Horus is magnified by reason of the referencing of the quadrant where 345 degrees is found, the northwest. That's a big enough deal to demand mention here but reserve a more detailed presentation for another time, Lord willing. The Northwest Airlines symbol is a magickal Horus Eye.

The triangle element is the equilateral form used to signal the beast and his mark through the transformation of the measure of internal angles as 60+60+60 to 666.

When you rotate this logo clockwise the N become a Z, for “Zeus,” which reveals this as a sun pyramid symbol where the triangle is the capstone. This is the layer of Occult symbolism where the offset unbalancing the form makes sense, as you can see from this illustration where I've traced around the elements as suggested.

The Z is also for Zion, which has been so emphatically signaled by the Zeus worshiping Olympic logos in recent years! Zion is being called to our attention here through the imagery of the sides of the North.

[A Song, a Psalm, by sons of Korah.] Great [is] Jehovah, and praised greatly, In the city of our God -- His holy hill. 2 Beautiful [for] elevation, A joy of all the land, [is] Mount Zion, The sides of the north, the city of a great king. 3 God in her high places is known for a tower. ~ Psalm 48:1-3 (YLT)

Zion has been represented by some as a pyramid, and others as a cube. The expression, “sides of the North,” makes little sense in our “physical” time-space until a higher dimensionality is acknowledged. I believe this is what the Nachash logo of the Northwest Airlines is representing. Keep in mind how there is a genuine that is matched and countered by the Adversary. There is an esoteric layer of alchemical geometry where the triangle represents 3-space and the surrounding circle represents time. The N is mostly inside but also outside the circle, invoked, breaching, covering, and if what I wrote in Part 27 about the Nachash is fresh in your mind you'll see how this is a validating insight. Inherent in the compass implied by the Northwest Airlines logo is the reference standard for direction, North. The pinnacle of the capstone on top of the pyramid is as North, which defines the sides of the north, which trace down to the base. There is a perspective that sees all 4 as the sides of the North.

Here's a very relevant passage from Isaiah.

13 And thou saidst in thy heart: the heavens I go up, Above stars of God I raise my throne, And I sit in the mount of meeting in the sides of the north. 14 I go up above the heights of a thick cloud, I am like to the Most High. 15 Only -- unto Sheol thou art brought down, Unto the sides of the pit. ~ Isaiah 14:13-15 (YLT)

A figure being referred to as an amplituhedron is a gem-like hyperstructure described in this recent and very pertinent article, A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics. There's plenty I could import from that, but I'll leave it to you to follow through according as the Lord may lead.

With any reference in branding to a object called a compass there is a potential allusion to the instrument of the same name used to draw arcs and circles. The connection this makes to Illuminated Freemasonry deserves mention here. Especially since Northwest Airlines features a single letter inside a compass!

The alchemical standard Atalanta Fugiens also deserves mention. Note, the framing square as a cross is lying on the ground. Note also how this is being drawn by the master teacher on a wall of masonry (Masonry) that is partially occulted.

With all that said, let's return to the UNOH brand introduced in the Part 27. The university, like the airline just featured, is named for the quadrant of the 345 degrees that implies the sex magick production of Horus. The wings of the Nachash are the compass needle that points to the northwest.

Think about it. Connect the dots.

I found this image promoting the UNOH Racers volleyball team, with a taping of the hand signaling the classic 3.4.5 Horus hand.

Coincidence just doesn't seem like a very satisfying explanation for it.

More to follow, Lord willing!

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