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Mind-Control Programming - A-JAX 'INSANE'

I just checked out the VC's latest post, A-JAX and Ladies’ Code: Two Blatant Examples of Mind Control Culture in K-Pop. He does a great job introducing folks to the blatant and even flagrant mind-control symbols in pop entertainment, music, movies and fashion. It's worth expanding on what he wrote about the A-JAX video.

This is important because it betrays a mechanism that is behind what we see in our daily lives that most simply don't recognize because those involved are all working undercover. This exposes the presence and nature of the machinery that will dismantle this present order to make way for the next, in which the long anticipated antichrist beast will be revealed. That operation is called the Black Awakening and the agents of that chaos are BWBs, Babalon Working Babies, to use the terms used by the agents themselves as they occasionally spill the beans.

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, this is not recommended for you.

Here's a link to the official video, which isn't the easiest thing to find. A-JAX official music video: "Insane" If the video goes away, it won't be the first time. Search for another. If you find one, let me know in a comment, if you would.

I recommend reading the VC's review because I'll be building off it. If you're not familiar with what I've written about Alice in Wonderland you might find it helpful to search this blog to find and read that too. I will start out with some programming basics.

Trauma-based mind-control programming has many descriptive terms in use, like Monarch programming, MK-ULTRA. Victims are often referred to as slaves, multiples or Illuminati chosen ones or as suffering from a conditional that was formerly known as MPD but now as DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Those who create these mind controlled slaves are programmers, and handlers, with handlers being responsible for most of the lower level hands on work. Some are Illuminati but all are involved in SRA or Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the point is always to create a mind-controlled slave army.

There is a room featured in the video with doors and framed panels and windows. The video makes it plain enough how this room is a representation of the “insane” patient's mind, providing us with several connection sequences. The room is the 3D programmed grid and the panes and panels represent an SRA multiple's alter personalities. The Illuminati standard grid has the dimensions of 13x13x13. The many mirrors in another room present another picture of the same thing to illustrate how alter identities are created as mirror images because they are twinned in pairs. The checkerboard patterns link to the floors of Masonic temples.

One of the rituals used to create a slave involves sodomy, which basically hijacks their soul. There is the initiation that establishes something of a counterfeit “born again” experience, and then the sodomy is repeated regularly for further programming. Signs of this dynamic appear in the video in elements like the polka-dot suit, because a dot is an anus. “Poke-a-dot.” The flashing bright frames demonstrate for the viewer the illumination as perceived during ritual sodomy by the one being programmed. The brown mess on the floor of the chandelier room is excrement, a reference to their dirty business that includes sodomy among other traumatizing ritual practices with bodily emissions.

I don't know if the VC has ever given this subject any attention, but when he mentioned how the key seen in one sequence of the video has “two rears,” that choice of words suggests he may recognize it for what it is. The ritual sodomy is sometimes called “the Key of David” and it has to do with the rear end, of course. The “key” metaphor is appropriate both anatomically and figuratively for how it works and what is accomplished. That key with two rears is a witness to the two partners being locked together through ritual sodomy and a statement that they can not be unlocked.

If you watch a video of A-JAX performing “Insane” on stage, they always open with the boys in the band putting their hands on one guy. The choreographing of hands-on-him says they are his handlers. The one with a hand on the slave's mouth and the other over his own is the programmer. The hand-over-mouth sign means they cannot talk about it, that this is kept as a dark secret. The slave is breathing hard, which speaks to how he is being traumatized to such a degree and brought into such a deep trance state for programming that his breathing and heart rate has to be monitored. The vertical bars on the outfit pictured in this one (upper image) suggests a monitor display of the trauma event, and the fingers of hands that never leave him. This deep trance state entered into during some programming is so intense that the slave may die. The lower image is a screenshot lifted from this video of a stage performance.

Back to the official music video: Some scenes of the hypnotizing Dr. feature a green tint to make allusion to the infamous Dr. Green, Josef Mengele, master programmer. The Dr hits the patient with a hammer: Ritual abuse. The patient's knee jerks in response: Marionette programming. The flirty and provocative nurses wear those distinctive red cross symbols of bloody ritual sodomy. These wear high heel shoes, which lift the butt in presenting another familiar symbol of ritual sodomy. As nurses assist doctors, the victim is being nursed along with ritual sodomy and trained in sexual prowess with Beta programming. The Siamese cats in the multiple's programmed grid are another symbol for that Beta programming, which is also called sex kitten programming. That's not just for girls.

The oft pictured digital wall mounted clock, the swinging pocket watch, a metronome, an hourglass (Wizard of Oz); these timekeepers feature heavily in the video because they are very central to trauma-based mind-control programming; identifying, regulating, anchoring, establishing control. The cuckoo clock has a very special role.

The word “cuckoo” is a euphemism for “insane,” so this is a very important symbol in the video. The SRA multiple is the cuckoo, crazy, which is why the “patient's” head appears opposite the cuckoo clock to present the image of two sides of an equation. So, exactly like that little bird who dwells inside the clock, a personality is only able to come out at the programmed time, to perform the programmed action. They are a complete slave to the program. When the cuckoo seems to fly out like a bug, escaping the control mechanism that enslaves and traps him inside, the “patient” in the “real world” captures it in his hands and examines it. It is the cuckoo bird, motionless, as dead. That's his own personality, who he really is, right? Quenched. Owned. Multiples are programmed to believe there is no life for them outside their programmed construct. They are removed from time, frozen in stasis at the time of their hijacking. This also speaks to me of how the slaves are programmed to completely identify with animals, believing they actually are the animals, like birds or whatever.

What a crushing evil, to hijack someone! How sad!

When the “patient” then discovers what he recognizes as a real key and uses it to let himself out, that pictures how his programming session is over. He's now allowed to go out into the world. He's an undetectable mind controlled slave and yet one more stealth agent readied to engage an unsuspecting world in any and every way the programming dictates.

Last but not the least important to address is the magickal / spiritual aspect. The Vigilant Citizen called attention to the evidence of black magic highlighted by the pentagram symbols on a black outfit. He also connected the mounted horned head on the walls with this magic, identifying it as Baphomet. There's more to all this that should be brought out to expose the symbolism of witchcraft and identify the demon gods involved.

The metaphor of wind-as-spirit is the key to understanding the sequence with the old fan blowing air on the patient's face. We see him in the parallel scene moving as struggling strangely against the wind in a confusing black and white patterned room, dressed in yellow. That's an exhibit of the dissociated state while he's being programmed and demons are being installed. The antique fan blowing air on his face is the ancient ritual “machinery” of the invocation of the demonic Legion that facilitates the program installation. Yellow is the color of star light, fallen angel light, and yellow is the color of air and spirit elements used for the magick circle.

The mounted antelope head featured in the video is Baphomet but perhaps is better identified as Cernunnos, the name by which the horned demon god is so commonly invoked in magickal ceremony. The representation of the horned god as a mounted head presents the head as separated from the body, a symbol of the dissociated mind. The slave is brought to this critical state of dissociation through severe trauma, and the sex magick of this ritual sodomy works with the assist from Cernunnos. This transformational state is also pictured in the video as the patient climbs through a mirror. Like in the programmer's classic literary tool, Alice Through the Looking Glass, the magickal opening of the interdimensional portal is demonstrated by that simple device, where the demons enter through the portal into the slave and the slave experiences the creation and population of these demonic alter identities. This is how SRA programming works. It is magick. You understand about scrying, right?

In the featuring of a cuckoo clock there is an implicit signal in how c=3 and a double c is 33. Notice how the cuckoo clock resembles the familiar pyramid with capstone. This pyramid Code 33 clock is the temple or house of the sun god, his domain. The slave is his! The sun god is also identified in the room of many mirrors, appearing as the prominent golden rayed sun-anus framed mirror. His symbol is introduced very early in the video as a slowly spinning fan in the wall of the patient's room, a prop that represents the wind blowing sun-anus spirit vortex of ritual sodomy. The surveilance camera winks at us as the all seeing eye, the Eye of Horus, and a sign of the Watchers or fallen angels and their agents.

The pyramid with capstone appears several times in the boy band's logo. Breaking that down further, The X of A-JAX is highly stylized. It's the sun god's mark, plus the opposing triangles are emphasized to call out the ubiquitous signaling of the union of the heavenly sons of god with the earthly daughters of men.

Update: The word VaJayJay is slang for vagina. You can see from in the way they stylized the letter J that it can be used as a V. The slang word is cleverly designed into their boy band's logo imagery.

In this video of a stage performance, the set features the letters of A-JAX inside square frames. Both letters A appear as truncated pyramids. A for Apollo, Amaru. The J is set inside a frame tipped 45 degrees. Transforming the J as the 10th letter we may derive IO, Helios. The X inside a box is a pyramid, top view. In this promo that pictures the 7 members of the group sitting in a row, members 3 and 4 are together, which speaks of the 47th problem of Euclid and the familiar esoteric code of the basic Pythagorean triple. The 5th member has 5 point stars as the Horus identity, produced by the union of 3-Osiris and 4-Isis.

I note how A-JAX is hyphenated, which generates another 3.4.5 set. JAX is 3 letters. The hyphen connects another letter to make 4. 3 union 4. Including the hyphen there are 5 characters forming one name. Horus.

Jacks are toys that present the form of a letter X, and these are often played with by spinning them like a top. Think about it. A-JAX. An X, IO, Helios aka Horus. Jacks are sometimes leverage as symbols as I observed in the TV series Defiance, seen in this image on a bookshelf in the Mayor's office.

Huh? Yes, that is a framed butterfly on her wall. Monarch programming!

I find the Occult gematria of A-JAX very interesting, which suggests the name of this Illuminati puppet band is actually a magick word. Forward, it produces 36 (1+10+1+24) and in RAS, 72 (26+17+26+3). These are both very significant numbers as I've noted in recent posts. Those who practice dark arts identify 36 with the 6x6 magic square of the sun.

In applied magic, the “magic square of the sun” itself was associated in antiquity with binding or loosing the sun god Apollo/Osiris and was the most famous of all magical utilities because the sum of any row, column, or diagonal is equal to the number 111, while the total of all the numbers in the square from 1 to 36 equals 666.” (more here)

The number 72 produced in RAS is exactly double the 36 produced in the standard gematria, which produces a 36 times 3 feature because there is one unit of 36 and two more in the 72. Such a triplet being produced as an inherent feature is a really big deal, especially when the meanings of 36 and 72 and 3 are considered together! The number 72 is linked to the Shemhamphorash as the number of syllables in a name Kabbalah claims to represent God and may be used to access and control his power. It is the number linked to the gateway controlling demons called the goetic in The Lesser Key of Solomon. These are manipulated by sorcerers in certain binding and releasing rituals.

These magickal features I've identified aren't just there in some casual or accidental way. The music video and stage performances of Insane can't be brushed off as some mere wanna-be mimicry of the big name global pop stars. The same Illuminati mind-control is evident, and the same kinds of effectual spells of delusion are being cast.

Finally, now that the presence of that ancient magick has been adequately documented I'd like to write a little more about the Siamese cats featured in the official video. It looked like a single cat, cloned or twinned many times. The cats picture sex kitten program alters and also demons, as the most widely recognized witch's familiar.

Pierre A. Riffard proposed this definition and quotations: A familiar spirit (alter ego, doppelgänger, personal demon, personal totem, spirit companion) is the double, the alter-ego, of an individual. It does not look like the individual concerned. Even though it may have an independent life of its own, it remains closely linked to the individual. The familiar spirit can be an animal (animal companion). ”(Wikipedia - Familiar Spirit)

The Siamese breed of cat is identified with royalty and the ruling elite.

One of the oldest and most recognizable cat breeds in the world, the Siamese traces its royal roots back to the 14th Century in Thailand when it was known as Siam. This elegant breed belonged to members of the Siam royal family who would bestow them to visiting dignitaries. This breed began showing up in Europe and the United States by the late 1800s. The first known Siamese to reach American shores was a gift to First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes from the American consul in Bangkok in 1884. Siamese also enjoyed time in the White House during the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter presidencies. ” (source)

Royalty ~ Illuminati elite bloodlines, the lineage requirement that differentiates the elite chosen ones from common multiples.

In the language of their native land, the Siamese cat is called Wichian Mat, which means, “moon diamond.” I believe diamonds are associated with the chosen ones, who may be considered the bride of antichrist. The Bride of Christ I've written about here as The Moon Bride in biblical symbol. I think this clearly identifies the cats in the official video with chosen ones, programmed by the Illuminati.

I believe this really extends back further than Siam and their royalty, going back to ancient Egypt and the worship of a cat god. “ immensely popular and important deity representing fertility, motherhood, protection, and the benevolent aspects of the sun - along with Sekhmet, she [Bubastis] was known as the Eye of Ra.” (Wikipedia) The Eye of Ra. The benevolent aspects of the sun. The cats in the video along with many other features give honor to the sun god and the Eye of Ra, the magickal Horus Eye.

I think the A-JAX bit is only INSANE in the sense of the expression “crazy like a fox.” There's a method to their madness - and, an evil that will energize all those like them in turning over this age to their god's rule in not many more months, who will manifest in the flesh as in olden times.

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