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Part 19 - Code 33 - CK or 3*11

After a consideration of how 3 and 11 signal 33 as factors, the next level of obfuscation involves the substitution of letters with the values of 3 and 11. This is a pretty big class with lots of examples. Here's some notable CK versions.

First up: Calvin Klein. I chose this particular logo variant because it illustrates more levels of Code 33. The cC adds a layer. The word “in” is position at the correct anatomical location for demonstrating a side view of the Vitruvian Man action, sodomy. Calv-IN-Klein. Inside the K are a pair of opposing glans penis, Apollo's arrowheads.

This catalog promo from 2004 features a couple demonstrating the position sodomites call the butterfly.

C & K presents a similar image, identifying the sun god's butt with orange rays. They rotate this, which suggests the form to us as a child, with the C as their head, Horus Eye illuminated. The C is a 3 and that's the third eye. They C, you see. Code 33! Note, these CandK folks are pre-schooling professionals, since 1907. Pre-school age, actually 3-4 years old is prime for programming chosen ones and multiples farmed for psi powered alters. Just how many Illumined slaves do you suppose have been programmed with ritual sodomy since then? SRA mind-control programming goes way back long before MK-ULTRA and Mengele.

While we should expect that kind of thing from the fashion industry, and really from those organizations parents trust their children to, we folks tend to let our guard down around the comfortable safety of the diner.

The pair on the left side of this collection of Country Kitchen logos each conceal an X up top, presenting the sun god's mark instead of the obvious sun graphics of the pair on the right. The version at upper left presents an X-in-a-box pyramid of the Mayan style, with a 3.4.5 feature in the count of elements (which includes the yellow X). That peak at the top is for squaring the circle, which also suggests a pyramid capstone on the oval eye of Horus.

The version at lower left features a weather vane with a rooster over the X, the fowl associated with Hermes. Validating that, the Hermetic Maxim is emphasized with another image of the rooster below, as above. The rooster is a herald of the dawn of Horus as crowing to announce the coming rise of the sun. I should add here that this is actually modeled on the biblical symbolism of the rooster crowing to announce a resurrection. (See The Bridegroom and Bride - Two Years and Counting)

At upper right, the sunny flower conceals a subtle CC, a great light rising out of the green butt. At lower right is the form of the squared circle, and sunrise. The leg of the K reaches out to mark the male bindi in the circle and create the classic target style sun symbol. The C and K touch, bonding them together, and at their intersection an X is formed, the sun god's mark.

The Candy Kitchen is another opportunity for some sneaky Code 33 signaling. The K appears to be sodomizing the C, with the yellow star (angel) covering the action. That's Horus, called out as it dots the “i” of Horus. “The”=20+8+5=33. The candy cane look underscores it with that subliminal CC allusion.

Below that, Candy Kitchen features a sun god graphic. The sign shape pairing adds to that big circle a square, to repeat the signal made as the straight lined candy wrapper squares the circle of the sun, just in case we missed all the squaring done by every ray. It looks to me like a 3 is concealed in each wrapper of the other candy. They are arranged to suggest the male package, near to the sun anus. Chocolate Covered. Right. A CC class of Code 33. Chocolate, a metaphor for excrement. Strawberry, slang for an abused anus.

The Circle K branding is a simple CK graphic. The leg of the K kicks out to square the circle. Red and white ~ Illuminated Adam-kind ~ Code 33!

Sometimes, the CK appears in a more subtle fashion as with Jack in the Box, which has been leveraging their Occult imagery to great effect. On the left you see their earlier branding. The peculiar way they merged the X into the O of “BOX” is one squaring of the circle. The presence of the registered trademark directs us to perceive that image as a wedjat, the seeing eye of Harmerty. Another squaring of the circle symbol is the rounded corner box. The CK of Jack isn't highlighted but you can see it as another circle being squared in a way suggestive of sodomy, with the joining of the letters producing another X, the sun god's mark.

If you follow their lead and keep tipping the off-balance box to the left, you'll have a pair of them on top, XX, or 33, flanking “the” (20+8+5=33). If you accept that the OX is a wedjat eye, assume that the CK-formed X is another eye, and the the E is the third Eye between them! When double Xs line up the Masonic square and compass is implied.

In the current branding, pictured on the right, the ck is given rather conspicuous attention by wrapping it around the corner. Why? Code 33! A phallic package is also suggested (like with The Candy Kitchen logo above). You can learn more about the decoding of this brand here and here.

The Jack of this brand has a round head. Jack in the Box is the round head in the square box. Remove the eyes and smile from that circle and you have the target style sun god symbol - the sodomizer Horus! A jack that is the child's toy presents an X, and a jack-X in the box is a pyramid!

The CK is the secret identity of Superman, Clark Kent. He's always described as being “mild mannered,” and mm~33. Search this blog for what I've already written about some of the Occult themes I've been led to discover. I expect more will be written about this in the series focused on signs of Horus worship, but it certainly deserves attention here in the context of Code 33. If this comic book cover isn't a picture of SRA, what is it? Superman Ritual Abuse! Superman - The Man of Steel: Daniel 2 - Steel-iron + Man-clay. Small wonder that the ET man in tights is so beloved by the LGBT fraternity. Another community of fans includes ministers: Ministry Resource Site. Mystery Babylon is as Mystery Babylon does.

We leave the entertainment media behind for the real world do-gooders at Camp Kindle, but the Code 33 theme of ritual abuse remains. Their CK logo features a sun anus vortex. Three waves ~ Third Eye.

Here's an advance on Code 33 word sums: CAMP = 3+1+13+16 = 33

The image of the archer appears on their current home page. If you're familiar with the sodomite gateway series this scene should be pretty familiar. Fragile traumatized youth are rounded up by an organization whose branding is a celebration of all things Code 33. I'm a huge fan of genuine charity but I'm not a fan of the schemes of predators. Let's ignore the young archer's absurd technique as the pose had to have been staged for the picture (and ignore the arrow missing a feather [Hey - those folks must really squeeze every dime out of the funds received.]) and focus on the symbolism.

Apollo is the archer. The boy's one eye validates that Horus identity. He wears an orange t-shirt, a symbol of ritual sodomy. Sodomy is already in mind here, as the means of how HIV and AIDS are primarily transmitted. See how the j in “project”on the adult's t-shirt pokes the Kindle K in the butt. They seem to be making allusion to the drugstore window scene of Singin' in the Rain, when Don Lockwood poked the Mahout girl's butt with the handle of his umbrella. “J” is the letter numbered 10, a transformed IO for Helios. In Roman numerals, J as 10 is an X. Sun god sodomy. Just what they are project-ing there is clarified by the context. The torch is a classic of arcane symbolism representing the light of the sun, stolen from the heavens and brought to earth to illuminate man. The emphasized red letter I with heart flame calls out an “i” of Horus, which makes the heart-butt at the top just oh-so apropos.

Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” (Aleister Crowley, expressing his sexual preference.)

Some Welcome. What kind of Hope is being Ignited to set fire to that kindling?

Finally, the last CK example is the Comfort Keepers brand, which features the heart inside an anal triangle. Find a pair of 3s in the outline of the sidewalk to support the CK code. The helping Horus hand looks like a serpent dragon head. Plus sign windows form the X in a box of Mayan pyramids. Rotate this a quarter turn and the windows frame the inside of a blue H, for Horus. The open door is the sodomite gateway, and white light spills out through the 33 to break the outline of the oval eye, squaring the circle. The sidewalk signals this is the third eye. Take your pick which eye you want to match to the Harmerty signaling registered trademark. The Hermetic Maxim transformation reveals 666 in the reflection. It all just looks so, well, nice, until you see through the delusion.

Thank you Lord, for exposing the snares of the enemy! Soon enough, the corruption of this age will pass away, and the Lord will reveal Himself openly, Who is truly good!

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