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Part 15 - Code 33 - Mickey Mouse Ears

I have more insight about why Micky Mouse ears are a popular sign of Monarch programming. This post isn't the next-in-sequence you may have expected in the methodical approach to this series because I already featured examples where the 33 was hidden. Lord willing, I'll return to that, while mixing in posts of other topics that sit in my queue, but the iconic ears of Disney's famous mouse imply a 3 on the head that represents the crown chakra that comes with the illumination of the opened 3rd eye. With a similar feature designed into the cartoon face - the pairing signals Code 33!

As illustrated in this set of images, the ears represent the negative space of a 3. This implies a 3 on his head. You can see it as an “m” for “Mickey” or “Mason” or “Monas” but it is certainly a 3. The Mouse is drawn so that his ears present the implied 3 when seen from any angle, which is completely unnatural. They appear like the ears are magickally repositioning relative to the observer.

The black of his ears extends to form what is assumed to be a hairline, outlining his face. The design suggests a 3 where two arcs join at a point. In a key feature held in common with the ears, Mickey's hairline is designed to clearly imply a 3 from any viewing angle, with three overlapping versions framing his face. In the main example used in this set you see the 33 plainly in his 3/4 profile. Now we know why. Code 33!

In a full frontal view, Mickey's face is framed by a pair of opposing 3s while the ears and 3 on the forehead provide another pair. This perspective generates a horizontal pairing and a vertical pairing to imply a cross, the sign of the sun god. This also demonstrates the Hermetic Maxim. There is powerful symbol magick in this cartoon character.

The double M of Mickey Mouse provides redundancy as the letter M is a rotated 3. This signal numbering defines Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It is their identity.

Disney World features a Club 33, and now you can connect it to the far more famous Mickey Mouse Club. Some would ask why Roy and Walt Disney and company did these things and hid them in plain sight, and the answer is in the understanding of what I've labeled Code 33.

There are some connected themes of Code 33 that are most readily identified and these are exhibited in Mickey Mouse: Freemasonry, Ritual sodomy illumination, SRA mind-control programming, Egyptian sex magick and invocations of Horus as the coming beast.

Roy Disney was known to be a practicing Freemason. Walt Disney was not, as an adult, but he was known to have been a member of the Order of De Molay, the Freemason's order for boys. In this panel from an old comic you can see Mickey Mouse officiating at a meeting of the “Barnyard Chapter” of the Order of De Molay. While Mickey and the Barnyard Chapter are fictional, Walt's history with the Order is not. Mickey is kind of an extension of Walt in this sense, an avatar, a symbol, an alter.

Walt once said, "There is a lot of the Mouse in me." (biographical article written by Elting E. Morison, p. 131) In fact, Ub Iwerks told Walt that Mickey Mouse "looks exactly like you--same nose, same face, same whiskers, same gestures and expressions. All he needs now is your voice." Walt often did serve as Mickey’s voice.” (The Disney Bloodline - Bloodlines of the Illuminati - by Fritz Springmeier)

Mickey's white-gloved hands provide another connecting point with Freemasonry, whose ceremonial costuming has long featured them. This signature garment is leveraged by familiar animated characters. These comic and cartoon gloves have more to convey than just a simple link to Freemasonry, as you'll soon see!

It has been well established on this blog how the 33 represents a pair of butts, aligned as engaging in sodomy. The bow as a tied knot represents the binding function of ritual sodomy, which is a very important feature. The bow drawn on Minnie Mouse's head is set within the pair of 3s formed by her ears and hairline, which magnifies the potency of the symbol. It's a sign that she has been ritually bonded to Mickey.

Ritual sodomy is not just for bonding, it's for illumination. Mickey's hairline presents a 3 on the forehead as a sign of the opened 3rd eye, the Anja chakra. The 3 implied around his iconic ears is a sign of his illuminated Crown chakra. The condition is brought about through ritual sodomy, which is implicit in the obfuscated 33 and which is further suggested by the anatomical features involved in the signaling. The three overlapping forms framing his face resemble the top of hearts, butts. The arcs suggest butt cheeks, and what are two of them outlining but the cheeks of his face. One cheek represents another. What is implied in the middle of Mickey's forehead is a bindi that is the anus. In 3/4 profile, the black dot of a nose presents the anus of the “sideburn” butt with a cheek. In that context, he's a real “brown nose,” it may be said.

There is something to be made of Mickey Mouse's cameo appearance in a cartoon short from 1931 titled “Bimbo's Initiation.” We see him here in this screenshot, laughing, having just padlocked a manhole cover that traps Bimbo below. That makes him an accomplice in a scheme to initiate Bimbo into a secret fraternal order. Even though there's no explanation in the animated short about what's being depicted, the victimization of the initiate provides the action of the storyline. We see Bimbo being coerced into joining his captors through ritual abuse, and the involvement of sodomy is impossible to deny if you're going to make any sense out of the role played by Betty Boop. I featured that cartoon short in this post: Part 18 - The Sodomite Gateway - Bimbo's Initiation and Betty Boop.

What I think can be made of Micky Mouse's role requires a little more background. Mickey Mouse was created at Walt Disney Studios in 1928. Bimbo's Initiation was made by a competing studio run by Max and Dave Fleischer. The early Mickey Mouse was an antihero, an amoral protagonist with no heroic virtues or qualities, so Fleisher's evil Mickey probably isn't quite the stab in the competitor's eye it might seem to be. I don't know how the Fleischer brothers and Disney brothers got along, but it seems obvious that Hollywood then was a lot like Hollywood is now. Relationships are not as they appear on the surface. The whole secret society thing is big, and those private relationships are more important than what is presented to the public. Show business is their business, right?

So, here's what I make of Mickey's cameo. He's up topside. All the other members of the order are below. They are hidden but the Mouse's operation is in plain view. He's an accomplice in the recruiting effort who is distanced from those who do the initiating. Disney is represented by his avatar. I see the expression of competing studios working a form of partnership. Fleisher took the dark and edgy side of the street and Disney took the other. To control the flow of a river you need to own both banks, and this is how the Illuminati manipulates people and manages their possessions.

OK, then. Back to the appearance of Mickey Mouse.

The white gloves are another medium for presenting butts in a graphic way. The bare bottom appears in the creases of the lower palm of the hand. You can see it in Mickey's hands and in the m&m candy characters too. The white color represents purity and the gloves are a symbolic whitewashing mechanism that hides their dirty deeds. It's a supernatural cloaking device, which is why we don't notice the hand signal butts. The white also represents divine light, so presenting the graphic butt in divine white is a rich and elegant secret symbol.

Mickey Mouse hats and costumes are popular. People like to identify with the Mouse, at least those who are programmed in one way or another. The simple costume modeled here presents some key imagery. The three marks on a glove are emphasized creases. The three creases often appear with less emphasis, but this example provides a great illustration of what's being symbolized.

Three marks present a form of the 3. That's a butt. What's often seen on the palm side of the white glove is a butt, right? So, one side matches to the other as a key! There's 3 on one hand and 3 on the other. Thirty-Three! The hand held up with the 3 marks is in vertical alignment with the 3 implied around the Mouse ears on her head. Code 33! The marks can be interpreted as instances of the Hebrew letter vav, the 6th letter. Vav, vav, vav transforms to 666! Beast and mark of the beast!

Mickey Mouse has only three fingers and a thumb to make 4 fingers. There's an esoteric time code presented in this feature, which I usually refer to as three things and then a fourth. What's also at work is the Egyptian sex magick producing Horus, according to the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid. (If I've lost you, you're probably new here. Welcome!) This involves the assignment of the ancient gods to the sides of the right triangle of 3.4.5 proportion. Horus-5 is produced by the union of Osiris-3 and Isis-4. Look at the model wearing the gloves. The glove represents the union of Osiris and Isis because of the three marks and 4 fingers. What is hidden inside is the real hand, the model's own five fingered hand of flesh - Horus.

She crosses her hands, signaling the cross or X mark of the sun god.

If you take the 3 on Mickey Mouse's and his army of imitator's heads as an m what is symbolized is the letter valued 13, a primary beast symbol.

Have I let my imagination get the best of me? If you've been following this blog for a while you have seen this breadth and depth of Occult symbolism exhibited regularly with the same themes repeating over and over again. The redundancy isn't here just so I can convince you of the reality of it, although it should do that. This kind of symbolism is embedded so broadly because it exerts a controlling influence in the minds of those who encounter it. Except we get help from the Lord Y'shua, who is the Truth who sets men free, we're consigned to being slaves of the system.

So, mind-control, let's talk about that. There's mass mind-control and there's the kind that involves a handler and SRA. Disney is claimed by some to have been an SRA slave and programmer/handler. Mickey Mouse is kind of his avatar, through which this programming of slaves is supported remotely. This collection of celebrities and fashion models wear Mickey Mouse ears as a sign that they are third eye illuminated slaves. They aren't appearing as sexualized children in some attempt to corrupt the pure and innocent image of Walt Disney's iconic mouse. It's just a more open illustration of the implicit Code 33.

Wearing the ears says, “Illuminati slave,” and all that goes with it. If you grasp what John Dee was representing on the physical level in his Monas Hieroglyphica, and you accept how the 33 is graphically embedded into the design of Mickey Mouse's head, you can understand how the vivid statement is made, and pardon me for being crude in the expression, that someone has been f*in' with their heads.

The magick of Code 33 symbolism inherent in the Occult design of Mickey Mouse is probably why this character was chosen for the role of the “sorcerers apprentice” in Disney's Fantasia. That work was claimed to be fruit of a huge effort on Disney's part to advance the arts of color and sound image programming, and that work is claimed to have played a significant role in the programming of many slaves. Web search Springmeier Fantasia.

Walt’s idea for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was based on some of his own ideas. Walt had had the dream which was used for Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice of having "complete control of the earth and the elements." Disneyland and Disneyworld were partial fulfillments of that dream for control. Walt’s final pet project just prior to his death was the meticulously restored version of the witchcraft film "Bedknobs and Broomsticks." (Disney Magazine, Winter 96-97, pub. by Disney, p. 96 mentions this.) As a programming device, Mickey Mouse works well because it plays on the subconscious genetically transmitted fear of mice that women have. Mickey’s image can help create a love-hate relationship, which is so valued during the traumatization & programming of mind-controlled slaves.” (The Disney Bloodline - Bloodlines of the Illuminati - by Fritz Springmeier)

The magick of Disney. That's not a good thing. Mickey's Magick is Code 33!


  1. Thank you for your work.Look for the priestking statue of the "Glauberg", a celtic burial site.You will see.

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I can't be forced or told to web search Springmeier Fantasia. I boycotted Disney 10 years ago. Anyone with eyes to see knows this is a satanic cult agenda entity.