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Part 20 - Code 33 - KC Factors, Knights of Columbus and Such

There's a lot going on in the background in this remarkable season that I can't really blog about, at least not yet, but I'm going to continue posting such content as I am able.

Like the CK class of the previous post in series, the near kin KC variant is a notable collection of Code 33 transforming letter pairs. KC = 11*3 = 33. This class includes a Masonic Degree, the Knights of Columbus. While few give the “Roman Catholic charitable” fraternity much heed, they play a significant role in the exercising of control in the world. I am confident that some of the KC branded organizations are signaling the Knights of Columbus.

Another charitable organization with a KC branding is the Key Club, the high school arm of Kiwanis International. I decoded the Key Club and Kiwanis imagery just last year, in Part 46 - The Sodomite Gateway - Behind Kiwanis.

Continuing on the Code 33 theme of do-gooders, the state of Missouri has their children's program flying the KC banner with Kids Count. The imagery presented here illustrates how the rainbow is the strong theme, with the color spectrum represented in the letters of “kids” in their logo, in the dots and in the emblems decorating the girl's top. In their logo, I note how they position the title words so that the k and c pair up, and right next to them the i and o pair up, IO or Helios, the sun god.

The hands up people are doing their hands up thing, hand signing. They are playing off the organizations name as meaning both kids matter and with the fingers showing on the hands as counting, 1, 2 and 3. Actually, that's not the count shown. Including the thumbs, we're shown a 2, a 3 then another 3. This presents a second 33. With the hand above the “i” in “kids” signing a 3, and because there are 3 hands centered over the “i,” it's a 3 “i” or “third eye” sign, the “i” of Horus. I believe we can consider that hand sign of the i as a 3.4.5 signal, and the other two as well, signaling the familiar Pythagorean triple and Egyptian sex magick.

The round dots frame the rectangle, suggesting squaring the circle, which is a classic signal of ritual sodomy. At the edges, the circles are cut off, squared. With the row of pictures of children inside the frame, we see them in a setting suggestive of SRA programming. I see them as contained by the squared circle frame, physically caged, and in a figure representing their being trapped in an alter system. This evokes the dressing room mirrors that are framed with an array of lights, and it speaks very loudly to me of the happy faces being mere “actors” that are the mirror alters of illuminated children. The girl's posture speaks to me of the Vitruvian Man, another esoteric classic signaling ritual sodomy.

The dot grid can be described as polka dots. The racy Carls Jr ad you see here suggests what is meant when polka dots appear in a signaling context. Polka dot ~ Poke a dot. Kate Upton is looking enraptured because the star man is, well, you get the picture. The dot is anatomical, the anal Horus Eye that the Horus worshipers continually obsess over. The vintage Marilyn Monroe sex kitten set just shouts BETA PROGRAMMING!

I'm going to page back to a CK brand to pick up this example. Captain Kangaroo was another innocent looking Code 33 brand targeting children and their figurative dots. I wrote about this famous character and his children's show in Part 72 - The Sodomite Gateway - Vintage Programming: Captain Kangaroo, pointing out some mind control programming symbolism and even mentioning how the CK acronym presented the value of 33.

I had noted the numbering of 32 dots in the opening title graphic but wasn't yet able to identify why only 32 were used. Having since grasped the meaning of the polka dot symbol, I understand how 33 dots comprise the full set numbered by the CK signal. There are 32 dots associated with the Captain Kangaroo title and door. The single dot required to complete the set is yours, the viewer. The kangaroo alludes to the land “down under,” of course, making reference to the nether region of the anatomy and providing the context of the dots. With a perception of the viewer's Horus Eye as completing a redundant signal layer of Code 33 we can identify the show's opening sequence as a sex magick ritual that engages each viewer.

Here's a video of the opening sequence.

Captain Kangaroo - opening sequence

The sequence opens with a view of the outside of the door, so the camera and therefore the viewer is outside. The camera lens is our eye. As the Horus Eye dot, standing outside, we are about to be welcomed by the Captain. He performs the elaborate door ritual, finally opening the passage way and inviting us in. When the scene cuts to a view from a camera located inside, we have ritually entered the room as passing through the doorway, as from one realm or state into another where we are now accounted as one with Captain Kangaroo. This ritual involving Captain Kangaroo and the addition of our camera eye dot completes the Code 33 set. Our Eye of Horus was ritually engaged in Code 33 sex magick!

A captain holds a military rank, and the word is also a more generic reference to a person who commands others. In the context, “Captain Kangaroo” suggests the SRA handler or programmer.

To be continued, Lord willing!

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