Thursday, August 15, 2013

Part 16 - Signs of Horus Worship - RA, Rite-Aid and Sun Pharma

The worship of the sun god is evident in the Rite-Aid brand, whose acronym is simply, RA. As with the Sun Rx and Rexall branding decoded in Part 14, the focus in pharma is pharmakeia!

This acronym identity is being promoted as part of a celebration of their 50 years in business. The number 50 reduces to 5, the value of the hypotenuse of the Pythagorean triple that the Illuminists identify with Horus. Their promo graphic places RA in very close proximity to the 5 to relate the two. The word added to the RA 50 promo slogan is “always,” which has the interesting feature of having the same value in both forward and reverse gematria; 81. 8+1 = 9, the single digit number for the mark of the beast transformation. The number is the mirror of 18, which is commonly signaling the beast and his mark through the value of 6+6+6.

Count the elements to see their esoteric solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid. “RITE” is 4 letters inside a 4 line and corner figure: Isis. “AID” is 3 letters inside a 3 line and point figure: Osiris. Their union produces a 5 line and point shield form: Horus.

The blue and red and white of their basic logo expresses the blue heavenly sons of god over with the red earthly daughters of men, made divine (white) in the union. Their slogan is, “With us, it's personal.” The Ra identity is their personal brand identity. The sex magick is personal. The blue part is a royal arch and squared circle, the sodomite gateway.

One of the Rite-Aid brand's promotional activities is called glam camp, which caters to teen girls interested in their lines of cosmetics. These things were taught by the fallen angel Azazel, according to Enoch 8, the knowledge of which brought impiety, fornication, corruption and destruction to men in the pre-flood world. Are things today so different? Their glam camp logo suggests they are not! The basic form is the pentacle that adorns the altars of Wiccan magickal ceremony. The words “glam” and “camp” both sum to 33, yes, Code 33!

glam = 7+12+1+13 = 33
camp = 3+1+13+16 = 33

The way the words line up, a quarter-turn clockwise rotation presents another 33 in the letters “m.” The pair of letters “a” present forms of a 6 when mirrored, and a 3rd appears in the tail of the stylized “g”; a 666 signal.

Rite-Aid is another brand exalting the sun god, a merchant whose business is pharmakeia enchantment with the Eye of Ra! Alongside this merchant of the earth and the other sun god Rx brands featured previously, another I found is called Sun Pharma aka Sun Pharmaceuticals. Here's their current logo with a those of a couple companies associated with their brand. Decoding the imagery, each of these three present an Eye of Horus.

The logo for Chattem Chemicals is a c-ing eye, squared circle and a CC, a basic Code 33 design (C=3).

The stylized beaker for Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories is another c-ing eye and squared circle. Concealed in the form are a pair of merged numerals 5, the Horus hypotenuse of the 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple. You'll notice that the sun god's name is embedded within the company name, CA-RA-CO : Ra. If you include the preceding letter A, the ARA is an expanded reference to Amun-Ra, or Atum-Ra, who is by yet another name, Horus, when the tangled web of name obfuscation is simplified.

The lock's keyhole image seen in the CARACO and Chattem eyes speaks of a secret. Keys and locks allude to the secrets sought by those on the left hand path who may discover them through the illuminating opening of the Horus Eye. This experience of dark supernaturalism is one of the highlights of the pharmakeia of this age.

The Sun Pharma logo features a stylized sun that is a sodomite gateway, the sun god's anus with energetic vortex. The elements that impart a toroidal spin to this “donut” appear to be two entwined forms. The dualism speaks of heaven and earth, of god and man. The viewer sees two pairs of elements, the orange (sodomy) can be joined with the central circle to suggest an overlapping 6 and 9, with the number 69 as 23+23+23, a triple helix signal that I've labeled the two digit number for the mark of the beast transformation. These pairs of elements must be seen as pairings of the letters C, repeating the expression of Code 33.

It remains a useful exercise to look with a critical eye at what we see, of all that is posed to us as innocent brand imagery. The signs of Horus worship abound, enchanting and captivating in the pharmakeia of the great city Babylon! Recognizing and interpreting the symbols helps us perceive the messages being conveyed through this mystical language, and to see beyond that who is the Truth, the Lord Y'shua, who makes men free indeed!

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