Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Part 15 - Signs of Horus Worship - FACE OFF

Who will be the next big name in movie magic?” Why, it's facEOff, of course! The big name is EO, Helios, Horus, the coming part alien, part man beast!

So reads the SyFy Channel promotion for this reality series, when your eyes have been opened to read the familiar scheme. The attending blurb reads, “A battle of imagination and transformation,” adding a pair of IO and ION words to the layering. The way attention has been given to call out the E and O makes the O a squared circle, the familiar sodomite signal. The vertical offset of the title creating two different levels speaks to me of the merging of what's above and below, heaven and earth, god and man. Movie Magic? Sometimes alliteration is just alliteration - and sometimes it's an Occult signal! Code 33 from the rotated double M.

There are different kinds of FACE OFF events coming. The reality show is a competition, and the title describes a conflict that is both age old, current and coming. What's pictured in the promo imagery is an alien-monster-human conflict, but the “aliens” are the sun god's sons, and their kind. The FACE OFF will involve EO, the ancient dragon's agent, and this is very broadly descriptive of the whole plot I've been describing in this blog! It will be “A battle of imagination and transformation.” The show takes normal people and transforms them into aliens and monsters. That's fitting, because the mark of the beast will do just that!

Typical of this kind of Occult signaling, the antichrist beast symbolism is wrapped up in SRA Illuminati programming symbolism. The many hands present picture of “handlers” working to create a slave, with the “mask” representing multiple identities hidden behind a front alter. The BIG FACE OFF here is the coming black awakening, where the chosen ones (the show's competition is about judging and choosing) face off against those who oppose the order their mission of chaos ushers in.

There's an important identity thing going on with the symbolism of the face and mask. Because the show takes people and transforms them into aliens and monsters, we naturally perceive their real identity as the human, hidden behind the mask or false monster identity. What we're being shown on the Occult level is flipped, which is to say that the real identity is the monster who is concealed behind the masking human form. This is how it is with tares and Illumined Horus worshipers and SRA multiples.

How many ways do we need to be told before we accept the reality of our situation?



faceoff = 6+1+3+5+15+6+6=42=6+6*6

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