Thursday, August 29, 2013

Decoding ORU Oral Roberts University - "MAKE NLP HERE"

The imagery associated with Oral Roberts University features plenty of Occult symbolism. Decoding some of it reveals more about the context of the sign described in the previous post, The ORU Bald Eagle Crash Sign. I'm going to proceed with the assumption that you're fairly well up to speed on what's been covered on this blog already. Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on.

At the main entrance to the ORU campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, visitors are greeted with this scene. Some of this will be very familiar Occult imagery to many of you. The seal is set upon a base in such a way as to present it as the sun, half risen above the horizon.

The golden figure inside is therefore the sun god. He is as a torch with SPIRIT flame over his head because he's considered the bearer of divine light. By name, he is Amaru, the feathered serpent that is the university's golden eagle. With the flame on his head, he is illuminated and illuminating. Hey, welcome to ORU! The Horus Eye styled letter R in their brand's wordmark finds support here! Some claim this campus is a programming center for agents of the Illuminati. The signage bears witness.

That idolatrous imagery is supported by some abstract pyramid imagery, where the angled lines of the base suggest it's the base of the truncated pyramid. The seal is the elevated and detached capstone. The most dominant feature is the golden triangle, which merely has to be flipped over as reflecting in a pool of water for proper alignment. The version of this pyramid that we're most familiar with appears on the Great Seal of the USA on the back of the dollar bill. Just like that one, this version at the ORU entrance has the glowing eye on the capstone. See his head as the pupil of the eye, with his upraised arms forming the lower frame. The upper frame is implied, and the illumination of the eye is represented by the SPIRIT flame. That's the Eye of Horus that is also known as the third eye. Since the eye is on the triangle, it's the third eye, of course.

The triangle-in-circle form and glowing eye triangle Horus Eye are anatomical symbols representing the anus and anal triangle, which is illustrated here as expressed in a more crude fashion on ORU's seal. Much more than just a prank, this is an ancient sex magick that is very much an integral part of the sun god's worship. This style of encryption that requires something of a radial decoder ring compares to what's found on the dollar bill's great seal, illustrated in this image where “Monas” is produced.

The triangle-in-circle form is very popular in the arcane literature associated with alchemy. It's equated with squaring the circle, which is a cryptic reference to ritual sodomy, the means by which initiates are illuminated with the SPIRIT flame of the sun god. Another expression of this same triangle-in-circle sodomy is provided in the famous illustration of the Philosopher's Stone, Atalanta Fugiens.

See the figures inside? They are inside the circle and square but also inside the triangle. They are illuminated by means of ritual sodomy. The figure on the ORU seal with his arms up is also a near match to Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. For more examples of this triangle-in-circle imagery, see Part 44 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Yahoo! Portal.

At the ends of the banner you can trace a mirrored pair of 3s for an instance of Code 33! The Whole Man. The=20+8+5=33. WM rotates to 33. Every triangle transforms to 33 with 3 corners and 3 lines, or three interior angles opposite 3 exterior angles. and every equilateral triangle presents a 666, with three interior angles of 60 degrees each. Three is a resurrection number, and three is the number of strands in beast DNA.

See the giant Praying Hands sculpture? It's as if a giant is buried in the earth, praying for release. Actually, it represents just that. I haven't really addressed this but only very lightly so far, but the hands up people and handshakes and hand signs all have a foundation in the esoteric meanings of the numbers 5 and 10. Five is Horus, of the esoteric 3.4.5 Pythagorean Triple. Ten is 10, IO, Helios, the sun god. One hand up, Horus. Two hands up, IO. Same difference. Some folks want to complain that paint and crayons and pixels don't make graven images and are not contrary to the second commandment. Those same folks never have a complaint about most sculptures, even those like these praying hands. Why? Ignorant parrots, blind guides or shills?

In this slideshow image featured on the ORU website's current home page, the elements of the Masonic square and compass appear in abstract form like a Picasso. The square is suggested in the lines of the sides of the larger word “EAGLE” centered over the smaller “DAYS.” The compass form is called out in the highlighted A. The G typically found inside is at the center of “EAGLE.”

There is also a 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple evident in the structure. The E of “Eagle” is the 5th letter and “EAGLE” is 5 letters. HORUS. The D of “DAYS” is the 4th letter, and “DAYS” is 4 letters. ISIS. The 3 of “OSIRIS” may be seen in the count of three phrases below, or the three words above, take your pick.

You may consider that I'm just reaching here beyond what's really there but this level of subtlety is becoming rather familiar.

In the Eagle Days promo imagery, “GAY” is highlighted, as I illustrate in this graphic. That's befitting the sodomite feathered serpent god and his worshipers. For the Code 33, “GAY” is 7+1+25=33! Right. No kidding. See how the bracketing letters E of “EAGLE” are overhanging “DAYS.” EE=33! The golden eagle mascot silhouetted in the A is Apollo, Amaru. The A is the truncated pyramid (the body of Horus) with an assumed capstone, the head of the body, Horus. The relative positioning calls out the AL and RO in the capstone. AL=1+12=13 and RO = 33.

On Golden Eagle Day, students were able to get their pictures taken with the two eagles and their handlers. (suggesting the SRA handler/slave relationship) Here's the Facebook posted picture of the ORU Golden Eagles mascot in that setting. The jersey has the #7, which is the value of the letter G. The signal Masonic G? Is there a hint of O R G or sex orgy in this?

Why does their fancy building feature sundial gnomon like structures that present a giant letter M? M = 13, signaling the rebel lord beast, Masonry and the alchemical basis of Monas. That is the entry. And exit. Where access to the sun god's knowledge and power is discovered.

Why do they have a prayer tower, and why is it in the form of an obelisk like phallus piercing a sun anus? Nothing good comes of any of that!

The school motto, “MAKE NO LITTLE PLANS HERE,” has NLP centrally embedded in the acronym. Literally.


A school for programmers and handlers, like Fritz and Cisco claim, perhaps?

In this graphic for ORU Alive, the designers seem to pose the question, “Are you alive?” What is less evident and completely devious is what the creation of the little line separating the A accomplishes. The esoteric solution to the 47th problem of Euclid is invoked because we have a 3 (ORU) 4 (LIVE) and 5 (ALIVE) with the L as a 3.4.5 right triangle. The 5-alive is Horus, who is by symbol magick being brought to life. So, A and LIVE, declaring, Apollo or Amaru, LIVE!

The way the OR of the ORU lettering appears above the isolated A, and the way the leg of the R seems to be including the O and excluding the U, attention is focused on the OR and the A as a triangular unit. Two names of the sun god can be derived in this, the AO that spells Helios, and RA.

The little line divides but also connects the A and L, so special attention is also given to OR and the AL as a unit. This is just like what I pointed out in the home page image about the implied capstone of the letter A, where the relative positioning calls out the AL and RO in the capstone. AL=1+12=13 and RO = 33.

The graphic of looking up from the earth into the clouds of heaven speaks of the expectation given in Acts 1, where we learn how the one who was received into a cloud will return in like manner. Will most folks receive the first Christ who comes in that manner? Yes, and that's a bad thing.


  1. Route 66, the sodomite highway, cuts right through Tulsa.

    Tulsa is also an anagram for "U lust"

    1. I have been Praying about this for awhile. I read a book Lindsey wrote it was inspiring about her daughters in the early 2000 also she and Richard had a television aired program The Hour Of Healing.That ministered to many and to me also. Pray for them. This is so sad. Are they being deceived ? Only God knows. We just have to Pray.

    2. Tulsa is an anagram for U lust? Be quiet. No it is not. It has nothing do with that. Tone down the paranoia. Not every big name is a sodomite ritual abuser. It is so easy to rewrite history seeing things that aren't there.

    3. Oh every triangle everywhere is occult symbolism? You are putting things there that aren't there.

  2. Correction "A Lust" or "U Last"

  3. Wrong...this imagery can also be interpreted as it is exactly said to represent. I am an ORU grad and I am very open to truth here but this is over the top. How is the man in the image not just a man, spirit,soul, & body, who is worshiping God? Why is he all of a sudden this mythical demonic being? These couple people that accused Oral of horrible acts could far more likely be deceived demoniacs themselves. As history has shown in other instances where fake memories destroyed lives.

    1. Oral Roberts was a Freemason. All these people having "fake memories" of being involved in satanic rituals with people in black cloaks standing around a pentagram raping and killing children. That's a very specific "fake memory" for thousands of people to be having. How come they don't have fake memories of being in a field somewhere picking daisies? Always with the satanic rituals which when described just so happen to be identical to actual real life satanic ceremonies described in court records, crime scenes etc.

  4. Mason symbols all over campus. Do a google satellite view. The mason symbol is right there to see. Look at the sidewalks. No one of the Lord Jesus would allow it to be this prominent. It's not paranoia either. Symbolism will their downfall.

  5. Look at ORU's sidewalks. MASONIC! Demon inspired, not Holy Spirit.