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Part 23 - Code 33 - Illuminati Barbecuing in Kansas City

There is far more to the number 33 than the signaling of such themes as Freemasonry's 33rd degree and ritual sodomy. The Lord's death and resurrection at the physical age of 33 was not a random occurrence, which is to say that it has profound meaning. My own life notably pivoted when I was 33 (when in 1991 I was led to perceive the celestial sign of the Lord's return in judgment), and likewise, Aaron Hermann's life in this, his 33rd year. By reason of the extent of the embedding of 33 in the forbidden idolatrous way of symbolic imagery, the importance of this particular number's role in the Adversary's scheme of domination is undeniable. The number 3 is the resurrection number, and the meaning of 33 is anchored in that very reality.

When we see the ominous Frost Bank building in Austin, TX that resembles an owl and features the sun anus vortex mark, and consider that it is 33 stories tall, that should speak to us. Likewise, how the Vatican's ancient obelisk that stands in St. Peter’s Square is given as being 330 tons in weight. When we note how the weight of the pyramid capping the world's largest obelisk, the Washington Monument, is 3,300 pounds, that, too should speak to us about the significance of this number in an ancient magickal work. With the geographical and biological observations made in Part 3 of this series, it should be noted that the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon, the great city relies heavily upon the supernaturalism of this number.

Picking up where I left off, there are yet a few more KC brands to be decoded here, where K=11 and C=3 and these are factors where the product is 33.

Barbecuing is big in Kansas City. The Kansas City Barbeque Society represents itself with this acronym, KCBS, and the logo you see here. The KC is 33 and so is the BS, in RAS where B=25 and S=8. It's a partial magic square where the rows transform to 33, one by multiplication and one by addition. The B that stands for “Barbeque” (sp) is red and has flames, which is a fit symbol for the grilling of meat. Since there's repeated Code 33 layering, I note that attention is given this letter that has the form of a butt with a flaming sun anus. It's a Beast Butt, because the B is often used to signal the Beast number 13, as two separate numbers are obfuscated by being stuck together. When the B is rotated ( “buns-up” - toasting buns on the grill) the form of the flames suggests a pair of letters C, another 33!

An example of where the 1 and 3 appear distinctly in a letter B is featured in this next KC brand promotion, which is also related to Kansas City barbecue. The KC Masterpiece brand has a lot of symbolism in its logo, and this promotional ad for the Pit Wagon extends it further with considerable Occult layering!

With the stylized doubled B, we easily see the 3 and 3, and by dividing the Q we're presented with another 33 in the mirrored set of letters C. (C=3) The crossing of the Q imparts a subtle cue of the familiar Rx style Horus Eye. The color of the BBQ letters is a range of orange, a sodomite color signal. I believe the crude version of the Pit Wagon involves the anatomy, as butt waggin'.

About the logo, the KC / 33 sits within the rounded arch connecting two straight lines, a squared circle form symbolizing ritual sodomy. The dot over the “i” in “Masterpiece” is a tilted square, calling out an “i” of Horus and presenting another squared circle symbol. By extending the M below the baseline of the lettering it is partnered with the letter p. With M as a rotated 3 and p as the 11th letter from the end of the alphabet, another 3*11 transformation appears in support of the KC version. In the Pit Wagon promo, the acronym PW presents yet another of the same kind, 11*3! Because the letters, “er,” can be used as an Eye of Horus signal (where any form of the letter r is the wedjat), the proximity of the “er” in Masterpiece to the exalted KC in this context suggests to me that this is here the case.

This promotion features sun and sun god symbolism. The backlighting behind the KC arch makes it appear like that golden arc is the circle of the sun rising over the horizon. The presence of the stars sets the context of the celestial heavens for us. The two highest stars are upside down (spirit into matter, according to the Craft), and all of them represent angels, fallen or falling angels. The bars of the large grill grate are seen in a radial array, and rays eminate from a bottle of their product to complement the sun motif. The ON (Heliopolis) in Pit Wag-ON isn't given any special emphasis, and none seems necessary, given the extent of supporting symbolism.

The Pit of “Pit Wagon” refers to a BBQ pit, of course, but there's a fiery smoky scene here that even obscures those stars of heaven.

1 Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him. 2 He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit. 3 Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. ~ Revelation 9:1-3

This star that fell is the light behind the KC golden sun, the sun god identified in verse 11.

They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon. ~ Revelation 9:11

The bottle of BBQ sauce is a phallic object that appears on a symbolic anus, the circle grill squared by the bars of the grate. The rays of light eminate from this to signal the illumination through ritual sodomy, the opening of the Horus Eye. The way one grate's bars cross over the other's bars generates many Xs, the symbol of the sun god. The slogan tells us in that specific context that, “Its the Real Deal,” and you have to know that the message being conveyed is far less about marketing the sauce than the opening of the Eye of Horus. There is always a deal with the devil involved in that, literally. Reading the logo around the circle imparts a ritual spin, the magickal vortex dynamic.

Two features shared with the Knights of Columbus emblem speak to me of a probably link between these entities. The KC is up top and the main forms are the 45 degree angled corners, with verticals and horizontals.

Just in case we've happened to miss the whole Illuminati-Horus Eye-ritual sodomy-sun god worshiping bit, here's another one of their promotions, below. The horizontal line cutting off the top of the sun's rays mimics what appears at the top of the KC Masterpiece logo, where the golden sun is rising over the horizon. This is more than just clever marketing of the brand identity. Take it as confirmation of the meaning of that part of the logo. The product is laying on its side, presenting the M so we can recognize it as a 3. “That helps, thank you.”

The meat, by the way, is you, and “they,” the Illuminated sun god worshipers are the meat eaters, cannibals, literally. The body of the pyramid is the body of antiChrist. The capstone has a question mark, concealing the identity. Here's a clue. It rhymes with Horus. The identity of the man in whom he will be incarnated is actually a mystery that is a HUGE deal because of the plan involving his revealing!

While we might be overwhelmed by the boldness of the in-your-face Illuminati symbolism, It's the presence of some very subtle elements that carry the strength of the imagery. If it weren't for the context, I wouldn't think to make anything of these little things. I'd be content to dismiss them as not really significant, since it's wrong to make of things what they are not. However, the Lord convinces me that these things are legitimate and significant.

That capstone is “maybe a little tiny section at the top for dessert,” according to the blurb. The word “DESSERT” has a pair of letters E for a 33 signal, plus an ER Eye of Horus. Since that pyramid capstone is called a “tiny section” I'm thinking the IO (Helios) and ION (EYE ON) in the key central word are being leveraged. Again, these bits aren't emphasized, and it's not really necessary.

“RE-DRAW” presents both spellings of the sun god's name: RE and RA. Under that is “ONE” containing ON. Balancing opposite “RE-DRAW” is the word “PYRAMID,” which has another RA inside. Framing that RA are Code 33 sets in a stack: OR in spORk (15+18), and THE (20+8+5), above SPORK and again right below RA in “sla-THE-red.” Inside “SPORK” is “PORK,” pig M-E-A-T, the classic unclean animal. Since there's all that, I have to give the first word of the blurb consideration as “HERE” is HE-RE: HE= Horus Eye and Helios, and RE is another name for the sun god. Between “HERE” and “RE-DRAW” is “BEST,” which balances opposite “THE SPORK.” A spork is a composite utensil, a SPoon-fORK. The balancing implies “BEST” is the composite sun god-man BEAST.

The biggest word is M-E-A-T, and there's an observation that should be made on this point, that it is an homonym of “meet.” This imagery is facilitating a meeting, supernaturally. Notice how “LAYER THAT SAYS” positions SAYS under the ER in LAYER. ER ~ Eye of Horus, so EYE of Horus says: Meet. Very central to the blurb is the word “SINCE,” SIN-ce. [Pyramid] ALL SIN

KC Masterpiece is a masterpiece of Illuminati mind-control programming, of the pharmakeia of CODE 33. Just what's really in that BBQ sauce -uh, potion?

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