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Decoding Mtn Dew

When I blog I generally maintain some kind of orderly structure to help make sense of the complex subjects. Sometimes I hardly know what to do with some of the content, with so much thematic crossover. Take this logo for the Kansas City Track Club for example. Is it a better fit for the series on the sodomite gateway, Code 33 or signs of Horus worship? It's set in a squared circle, emphasizing the KC 11*3 and naming the sun god RA in an Rx pharmakeia Horus Eye way. Aaaaaaaaaand, there is that Calvin Klein style cK 3*11, PLUS, the LU is 12+21=33 PLUS the triple C is a c-ing eye third eye. Tough call where to put all that, so I'll just put it here, with another of that kind, MTN DEW, which has more visibility than the KCTC, a lot more.

In 2008 PepsiCo began a broad rebranding effort that included a revision of their Mountain Dew line. Here's what MSN Money had to say about it, in The best (and worst) logo redesigns - Mountain Dew.

What happened?
Vowels? Who needs vowels? That seems to have been the thinking in the PepsiCo. boardroom in 2008, as the soft-drink giant unveiled a $700 million redesign of its core brands, including the renaming of 60-year-old Mountain Dew to Mtn Dew.

While it may appear at first glance to be a transparent attempt to make the brand newly relevant for the text messaging generation, it actually worked. According to trade publication Beverage Digest, Mountain Dew recently surpassed Diet Coke to become the third most popular soft drink in the U.S.

MSN's judge of logo design apparently overlooked the Occult symbolism. Both old and new logos have it, but the impact of the rebranding suggests a significant trade up. Below, I display both logos side-by-side, asking the important question: “Why change Mountain Dew to Mtn Dew?” Here's how I see it.

The letters MTN sum to 47 (13+20+14) in standard Occult English. In reverse gematria, MTN is 34 (14+7+13). Both 47 and 34 reference the esoteric interpretation of the 47th Problem of Euclid, which is heavily embedded in the symbols that wallpaper our world. In assigning meaning to the problem, it's all about ancient Egyptian sex magick and the union of the 3-Osiris and 4-Isis (34) that produces the 5-Horus.

The number 47 makes reference to an important relationship between this planet and the sun. The most northerly latitude at which the sun can shine directly overhead at any time of the year is called the Tropic of Cancer, which rings the earth about 23½° N of the Equator. The Tropic of Capricorn is its southern counterpart. Between them is a 47 degree range. A metaphor is suggested by this natural feature that involves the manifestation of the sun god on the earth. To those who worship at the times marking earth-sun alignments, this 47 feature has to be very important.

“Beast” is a word that has the gematria value of 47, which is also notable in this context.

How does the numbering and associated symbol power of “MTN” compare to the “Mountain” it replaces in the rebranding? “Mountain” produces the numbers 107 and 109, which aren't particularly interesting. Advantage: Mtn Dew.

Both “Mountain Dew” and “Mtn Dew” names produce the acronym MD, which can be transformed to 34 by rotating the M to a 3 and taking the value of D as 4. This symbolic layer stands alone in “Mountain Dew,” but it repeats the 34 of Mtn, lending more strength, more energy to the “Mtn Dew” symbol. Advantage: Mtn Dew.

Completing the redundant 34 signal of “Mtn Dew” with the 5 (Horus) of the 3.4.5 there is the count of unique letters in Mtn Dew. You count 6? Sure, but I believe the M and W are accounted as a single character, with one being a rotated copy of the other. This feature touches on another key symbol, Code 33. In both logos, the bracketing M and W letters rotate to present a pair of 3s; 33. With this observation, “Mtn Dew” reduces to the characters, M/W/3, t, n, d, e; a set numbering the 5 of Horus.

I should warn you about some of the content here. While it's nothing you won't see and hear on prime time TV, if you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on.

One of the important elements that was sacrificed in the rebranding was the spin dynamic of the oval Horus Eye illumination anal vortex. Another element sacrificed was the twinned M and W. I illustrate the exactness in this image by rotating one exactly 180 degrees with respect to the other and overlaying the two. Except for the color, they are identical. Code 33!

In the rebranding of Mtn Dew, the M and W are still bracketing and still matching in form but the paired characters are no longer identical in size. Advantage: Mountain Dew.

The notable value of what was sacrificed in the rebrand speaks loudly to me about the value added by reducing “Mountain” to “Mtn.” The sacrifice of Code 33 potency seems more notable still given how PepsiCo is a long time PC 11*3 Code 33 name (Pepsi-Cola). Any benefit brought in the rebranding that is attributable to enhanced appeal to the texting generation has to pale in comparison because it's the supernaturalism that really scores the hit. Folks who are compelled to buy lots of stuff like to identify with the Horus Eye.

A couple other Occult elements of the logo versions presented here deserve mention. The partially eclipsed Registered Trademark symbol does present an instance of Harmerty, or Horus “who rules with two eyes.” The green icicle mountains that seem to be falling like dew drops present the Osiris Green pyramid, some of which have capstones isolated by the superimposed logo.

The key insight about how “Mtn” is about manifesting the sun god Horus in the world through the 47 and 3.4.5 sex magick is an interpretation that doesn't lack for supporting evidence.

For one example, Mountain Dew is an old term for moonshine, distilled spirits crafted by backwoods entrepreneurial types. Pharmakeia. It's also a metaphor for the dew of heaven that falls on the mountains and waters the earth, the fertilizing seminal fluid of the gods, a subject I've written about a few times since I learned of it while blogging about the Beijing Olympics signs. Even with no other symbolic elements involved, the mountain dew-as-divine semen watering the earth metaphor means the consumption of a product so identified is actively involving the consumers in sex magick - pharmakeia!

These vintage signs reveal a long history of sodomite gateway symbolism.

Beyond everything I already noted about Egyptian sex magick in the Pepsi and Pepsi Max branding (Part 25 - Code 33 - Pepsi Max and the Hidden Pepsi 666), the brand began a promotional campaign in May of 2013 that provides plenty more supporting evidence. It's called Iconic Summer!

This version of the promotional imagery has the background divided in half. This splits and calls attention to the mirror-twin Ms as a 33, and to what is directly above it, ON! Code 33! The SUNglasses inside the O signal the sun and sun God. The lined lenses present shades as blinds, mechanisms of obfuscation, according to the warlock Aliester Crowley's terminology. Separating out the “ON” from “ICONIC” leaves is with the bracketing pairs of IC. The IC and IC are two seeing eyes, “I see” or “eye see.” The sun anus O of ON between the “C-ing I”s is then a third Eye - of Horus. I note how bringing the MM into a 33 alignment shifts the ON into OZ, the land down under, alluding to ritual sodomy and the classic mind-control programming of the Wizard of Oz.

I see a similar example of the mirroring of double m in this ad for Wonka SweeTart Gummies. Above the double M is the T, the anal triangle and when split, the phallic package with urethra. Code 33! Decoding this ad further, the yellow and orange gummies are sun anus symbols in the celestial heavens, and the rainbow spectrum is present with a focus on sodomite purple. The floating color dots bit smacks of “go over the rainbow” programming. (search this blog for it if this is news to you.) The “SweeTarts” is a play on “sweet hearts”, lovers, with hearts being a popular butt shape and sodomite signal. The candies are made in shapes to represent the anus and eye, the Horus Eye. These sweet and sour candies were invented in 1962 by the owner of Sunline, Inc. - OK - SUNline, right?

Here's a version of the Iconic Summer imagery presented on PepsiCo's promotional website, See the tickets coming through the sun anus portal? These present a CK 3*11 or 33 and also 3 dotted “i” for a 3rd “i” Horus Eye signal. Since i=9, this iii transforms to 666.

Instead of sunglasses, “Code Here” appears in the sun O of ON. So, the Code is Here, in the ON and MM. Got it. It's like how Pepsi tells us “The Magic's in the MAX.” Also, The Code is HERE, suggesting we decode it to HE+RE: Helios/Horus Eye + Re, identifying the sun god of On / Heliopolis by multiple names.

Iconic Summer! Iconic: eikon is the Greek word used for image in Revelation when describing the image of the beast. Summer is the season of extended daylight hours, a season for celebrating the warm sunshine or worshiping the sun god.

“An icon (from Greek -eikon- "image") is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting, from Eastern Christianity and in certain Eastern Catholic churches. More broadly the term is used in a wide number of contexts for an image, picture, or representation; it is a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing it either concretely or by analogy, as in semiotics; by extension, icon is also used, particularly in modern culture, in the general sense of symbol — i.e. a name, face, picture, edifice or even a person readily recognized as having some well-known significance or embodying certain qualities: one thing, an image or depiction, that represents something else of greater significance through literal or figurative meaning, usually associated with religious, cultural, political, or economic standing.” (Wikipedia)

Starting in 1993 and lasting for 19 years, the marketing slogan for Mountain Dew was “Do The Dew.” Subtract “the,” which is (20+8+3) Code 33 and what's left? Do Dew, aka poop.

Here's a picture of a tin sign from the era. They put this on a giant phallic arrow, the sodomite sun god Apollo the Archer's phallus.

To “Do the Dew” is to sodomize! There's really nothing ambiguous about it!

They even did a joint promotion with the popular Call of Duty game. “Call of Doody,” “nature's call.” This ad is a Code 33 sodomite extravaganza! XP, MW, “of” (RAS: 12+21=33) The game plays on a wide variety of consoles but it started out on the PC 11*3. Of course.

So, with all that in mind I'm sure you can appreciate the latest promotional effort. It's an extension of the vintage and continual sodomite branding, taken way over the top.

MOUNTAIN DEW® LAUNCHES ‘PORTRAITS’ – A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDSMountain Dew today launched ‘Portraits.’ Featuring DEW family all-stars including race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., pro snowboarder Danny Davis and pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, the visually arresting ads are moving portraits that leverage trending technology to showcase some of the most unique and defining aspects of each individuals’ life.

Here's one of the 4 videos you'll find at that link. Living Portrait of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

[Update: I saw this as a TV commercial last night, playing a few times during the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol.]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what these three PORTRAITS videos say with their thousands of frames is overwhelming! Here's a short list of symbols I noted.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. - NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and fan favorite
Giant engine throne with exhaust headers like rayed wings and rotating vortex (5-Horus) anal sun disks. Palm tree = victory over death. Dale's foot is on a cylinder, a squared circle object. Women with tied shirt tails - sodomite ties that bind, holding checkered (Masonic) flags like a phallus. Men spray seminal MTN Dew “dew of heaven” from bottles. Guitar phallus. “This is how we dew” sign on tire-anus to make that sodomite connection. Dale operates an RC car - remote control = mind control handler and slave. Car #88 as 33 and a mirrored 33 Horus hand signaling man in cooler with butt and genitals on ice. Masonic Temple style checkered floor.

Paul Rodriguez - pro skateboarder
Fire breathing flying serpent dragon - Amaru worshiping step pyramid throne - scull at left, human sacrifice - winged angel at far left.

Danny Davis - pro snowboarder
Ark of the Covenant lid with Cherubim throne with diamond X marks. Falcon (Horus) with sun backlighting perched on one of a pair of crystal ball Masonic pillars, opposite an ice Unicorn. Giant eyeball sitting on a log-stool-excrement = Horus Eye illumination. Royal Arch double rainbow that is the dome of a magick circle. The coven of 13 is inside in a circle, some drumming and piping. (9 folks in circle plus falcon, 2 wolf-dogs and 1 ice unicorn. They are watched by 3 hares of Hermes. Sign on board: “THIS IS HOW WE DEW” - The line ending WW is a 33 plus “We deW” is bracketing WW 33.

WHEW! Crazy over the top! The “Making of” video is what seems to me a comedy act, with those responsible for it pretending like “it's all good. Nothing Occult going on here. Move along.” Uhhhhhhhhhh, hey. I'm not buying it.

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    Iconic Summer = Icons of Sumer?

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