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Part 12 - Signs of Horus Worship - Sol, Lysol, Pine-Sol and the HE Sol-Eye

Signs of Horus worship appear in a vast array of ways where a sun god's name may appear. In the next few posts in series, Lord willing, I expect to survey a few more examples of note. The appearance may involve the full rendering of the name, openly or encrypted, like Apollo, Horus, Ra, Atum, Sol, Helios or Mazda, or a spelling like IO, IOS, EO, EOS, XI, XE, X, HE or HI. Those that are subtle graven image idols are attended by supplemental symbolic layers.

The HE that is sometimes a variant of Helios may simply be an innocent reference to the element helium, His Eminence, His Excellency or Higher Education - or not. An HE symbol appears today on laundry detergents and washing machines to identify them as High Efficiency kinds, and the symbol for this is one I've exposed already as the Horus Eye.

Brainwashing with Horus-Eye Detergent

The popular leveraging of the sun motif is appropriate for linking the laundering of clothes with the action of sunlight on cloth as it bleaches and sanitizes. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” That's a formerly well-known quote attributed to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis (1856-1941). He borrowed the familiar maxim to promote the benefits of openness and transparency in helping keep folks honest. The promotion of laundry products in the marketplace is an easy vehicle for the presentation of symbols honoring the sun god. The fact that the association is so natural does nothing to dismiss or reduce the curses of disobedience that are inherent with rebellion against the second commandment.

We'll see a few more HE examples shortly.

Two familiar Sol brands indicating Horus worship are the popular Lysol and Pine-Sol. These products advertise as Cleaning, Disinfecting and Deodorizing.

The yellow color of the product name of Pine-Sol represents the Sol to match the green of the pine. In this collection of Pine-Sol labels, the one at the top seems to be telling us about pine green or “Osiris” green pyramids with capstones. Like the one on the dollar bill. It also seems to be saying, “In Sol” in just the right place. As Christ is the head of his body, the church, so will the antichrist Horus Beast be the head of his body, an anti-church. The symbol of this is the pyramid with capstone. As the members of the church may be “in Christ,” so we see the pyramid body on the Pine-Sol label isolating, “In Sol.” Skeptical? Notice how the text in the white banner places part of a word at the tip of the pyramid. SOL-utions. Above that we see the ME of Com-ME-rcial, the self identifier and a Code 33 pairing. As with Pinocchio, meaning “Pine Eyes,” I have to think there is in this brand an allusion to the pineal gland, physiologically linked to the Sol-Eye illumination.

The sun with smiley face on the Latin American label is Sol aka Apollo and Horus. The Broad Spectrum Formula is identified with the rainbow light on the label at lower right, a fitting complement to the other layers that includes the square dot sodomite squaring of the circle calling an “i” of Horus to our attention.

Lysol products share the same three properties of sunlight advertised by Pine-Sol. Lye has long been used in the manufacture of soaps. Lysol is really a portmanteau of Lye and Sol. Most of the newer Lysol products advertise a percentage that flips to signal a 666. “Kills 99.9%,” and indeed, the mark of the beast will be a killer. You can easily derive a trio of 6s from the flourishes in the mirrored wordmark's script.

Heathrow Express is a HE brand that promotes Helios and the Horus Eye. Their logo is an X inside a circle, which we take superficially to represent an abbreviation for the word, “Express.” Their logo is a fundamental sun wheel symbol that is positioned to present the X mark of the sun god. Witches will immediately recognize it as the squared circle, a form of the magick circle within which their rituals are performed. The symbol is a sun anus signaling ritual sodomy, the opening of that Horus Eye that gives one entrance into illumination and gnosis, which is what is being alluded to by their slogan, “The smarter way.”

The Heathrow Express is an airport rail link between London Heathrow Airport and London Paddington station. The dynamic of their sun god anus branded trains passing through tunnels imparts what must be seen as the ritual sex magick of the ancient and sodomite kind, a legitimate and active form of worship. This is a witness to a ritual harvesting of energy that involves the passengers, and this kind of thing is not at all uncommon. (See Part 1 - 2012 London Olympics - GIANT Olympic Rings on Chunnel Face, and also, Series Links: Rochester, NY and the Gateway to High Falls)

The logo of Hurricane Electric at conceals a cross inside their circle to repeat much of the meaning of the symbol I just described. The letters H and E are united, which suggests they are one. As producing a single number, standard Occult gematria renders 8+5=13, a number signaling the rebel lord beast. Hurricane Electric is a global Internet service provider, an Internet backbone and colocation provider. By some accounts, Hurricane Electric operates the largest IPv6 backbone or transit network in the world. Their logo may be unknown to the general public but they have clout.

A hurricane is an atmospheric vortex well known to have an eye at the center, which certainly lends their brand's Horus Eye symbol some added strength. The whirlwind is biblically associated with dimensional transport and communications. Electricity is naturally most evident in the lightning that flashes from the atmospheric heavens to earth, an energetic display long linked to divine beings.

"He" is the name of a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. Written in 1926, it's a tale of dimensional transport and the raising of spirits who take vengeance.

After bringing the narrator to his home, the man tells him the story of a squire who bargained with Native Americans for the secrets of their rituals concerning time and space which were practiced on the land where that squire had recently taken up residence. After learning their secrets, the squire gave the Native Americans "monstrous bad rum," so that within a week all of them were dead and only he was left with the knowledge. The man then proceeds to show the narrator visions of the city's past and future so terrifying that the narrator begins to scream wildly. The screams rouse the spirits of the Native Americans to take vengeance on the man, who is that same squire from 1768.” (Wikipedia)

Lovecraft has received some well deserved ink on this blog, who knew of the darkness beyond this realm. I suspect that his story titled “He” makes reference to Helios and the Horus Eye.

Here's another logo I found that makes reference to Helios as IO, ioLScitech.

The name Sol is a popular name for the sun and the sun god in some cultures. It's a popular beer in Mexico, owned by Heineken, who also owns Dos Equis. The imagery of those brands has been the subject of several posts. There's nothing really subtle there. In this ad, the sun on the bottle's label is positioned as the central third eye of the face of the sun, a Horus Eye signal.

The logo for El Sol does nothing to hide the bright yellow-orange sun anus graphic, however, they do conceal a Horus Eye, with the child's head as the pupil framed by the arms. The esoteric identity of the family pictured? Isis, Osiris and Horus! The Horus stance is Vitruvian Man-ish. The Neighborhood Education Center is taking everyone to school, even with their logo!

Miami FL has had a few short-lived professional sports teams featuring the sun. The Miami Sol was a women's basketball team whose logo resembled the Jesuit Christogram. The basketball in the center presents a cross and an X in this Sol branded sodomite Horus Eye.

Miami Fusion F. C. Soccer isn't a Sol brand but the sun features prominently in their logo. There's plenty of layers to decode here. The blue oval is the eye, with the little sun as the pupil. That this is the Eye of Horus is apparent from the sun, of course, but we also have the stylized “i” to call it out as the “i” of Horus. Inside the word “Fusion” we have IO, spelling Helios, and ION, or EYE ON. There is also an instance of Sion or Zion, which may well be intended, and if you assume that you may also see the FU as part of a rude statement. The M is for “Miami,” of course, and also the letter signaling 13 (rebel lord beast) and probably here signaling the “sun lit” illuminated “Mason” and the alchemical “Monas.” The F.C is a mark of the beast symbol with F=6 and C=3 to signal three sixes, 666. A redundant layer appears when count the number of letters in Fusion (6), the rays angled upward (6) and the remaining rays (6). There are a pair of 33's, one on each edge of the rotated block letter M, and one in the TM gematria sum where T=20 and M=13.

Solar and Solar electric and all things powered by the sun are so very popular now. Those brands could be the subject of many a post, but probably won't be. You're on to their scheme, right?

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  1. Thank you, Bob, I've been learning a lot from you. The sideways M in your last example calls attention also to the U and O. U=21=3 and O=15=6, 3x6=666
    Here is a Q I have. How exactly do all these magick symbols work on a person, and how does knowing about them stop it?
    I suppose you have written about that, but I couldn't find anything so far, so pl direct me to any good info.
    Thanks and the Lord Jesus bless you!