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Part 20 - Signs of Horus Worship - RAF: RA Force

The meaning of laurel branches was a subject of the previous post in series. They generally signify great achievement and victory but fundamentally it is the giving of honor to Apollo with the signification of victory over death. The Royal Air Force branch of the British Armed Forces marks the great achievement of an airman who becomes a pilot by making them a laureate, decorating a badge with the image of laurel branches.

The achievement and soldier is dedicated to Apollo and identified with that sun god who rules the sky. Every pilot is said to “earn their wings” when they can fly, and the RAF (along with many other organizations) makes it literal by awarding a winged badge. The badge is a sun disk of a kind that is sometimes called Horus Behdety. The badge, whether the laurel leaves are brown or blue, is the mark of an initiated worshiper of Horus. It is an idol in the image of their god, Ra, who is one with Apollo. It signifies the opened Horus Eye that is the illumination of ritual sodomy. It pictures the Kundalini activation of the Anja and Crown chakras in the way of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt and present day royals. The cross at the top is the mark of the sodomite sun god.

The following collection of images shows the official badge, which has the motto in Latin, “Through Struggle to the Stars,” according to the official interpretation. Stars are a metaphor for angels, fallen angels when represented in symbol. The “UA” of “ARDUA” that appears styled as “VA” and positioned up top is a familiar “Star of David” coding of the down and up triangles signifying the sons of god union daughters of men. I've learned how wings represent the ability to traverse dimensional boundaries. The interpretation of the image of the bird flying through the circle involves the feathered serpent sun god invocation, pictured entering this realm through the sodomite gateway. It's actually his coronation scene. The picture here is a promise of ascension, of man to god. It must be said that this is a false promise, the expression of a counterfeit, of the antichrist beast and his mark.

I included the branding for the Royal Air Force Reserves with some circling and de-emphasizing to illustrate how the names RA and RE are produced through proximity in the purposeful arrangement of the words.

See how the RA in the central RAF sun is stylized to form the conventional crossed leg pharmaceutical style Rx wedjat, the signal Eye of Ra or Horus?

RAF = RA Force

RA F-lying sun disk
RA F-eathered serpent

The badge is an exhibit of what you would see when standing before Ra, looking up at him. He's often pictured as you see him above, with a falcon head and crowned with a sun and serpent. Do you see how the crown on the winged RAF badge has the appearance of a snake head rising up? Do you see the likeness of Ra, with the arch of radiant gems on the golden crown representing the sun on his head and a protruding serpent?

To this collection of images picturing Then-and-Now versions of Kundalini activation imagery, you might well add the RAF wings as another in the NOW category. You may see the crown of the RAF winged badge as a phallic package, which is an essential element of the sun anus sodomite sex magick, the “staff of Ra.”

The laurel wreath on the winged badge substitutes for the ankh cross in Ra's hand. See how it bears the form of the ankh with a circle above the cross of the crossed branches. The ankh represents resurrection life, and the laurel wreath signifies victory, specifically victory over death, just like the phoenix palm and the Freemason's sprig of acacia!

Demonstrating how the folks branding stuff over at the RAF know their symbolism, the fundraising Brew for the Few charity promo sponsored by the RAFA loads up the tea mug with more exaltation of Re. See (below) how the mug's “RE” of BREW is positioned right over the sun god image?

There's supporting Code 33 imagery as the rhyming bits of the catchy campaign title are composed of the letters EW, a rotated 33. If you tip the mug to drink from it you'll set the final Ws into a 33 alignment. Seen in a mirrored reflection, the E over E will present another pairing of 33s. Hung off to the side of the sun-anus is “the,” another signal 33 as the sum of 20+8+5.

“LET'S GET IT ON!” ~ “Let's get it: On,” or Heliopolis, taking the liberty of punctuating it to acknowledge the Egyptian setting. The expression is of course an invitation with sexual undertones, which must be taken as Egyptian sex magick with the observation of how ON is being pointed out by the phallic spout of the anus-sun branded teapot.

The reference made to the Boston Tea Party, that was an op carried out by members of the St. Andrews Lodge, Freemasons who dressed up like indigenous natives. Freemasonry and Code 33. Just saying. Illuminated Horus worshipers, all.

Have I gotten carried away? Well, they are the RAF Association, right? And, there's this brand imagery, presented by the official Air Cadets sign up page for Wing Lotto Weekly. It makes some bold statements to those who get the sodomite gateway series.

Somebody got carried away! That's an abundance of the signs of Horus worship! It looks like every Cadets who signs up is winning the “Horus Eye Lotto.” Winning ~ LOSING!

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  1. Bob,

    There are two instances of "345" signaling of the merging of Osiris and Isis to produce Horus in the two RAF presentations.

    First, the Royal Air Force Air Cadets has an assymtrical divide between the bindu symbol and word royal on the top level, the words air and force on the second level and between the words air and cadets on thr third level as they are strangely divided between the c and a in cadets.

    If you view the left side of these divisions (a nod to the left hand path) you see the 3-air, 4-airc, and the 5 representing Horus by the bindu symbol representing the Sun god.

    The Royal Air Forces Association pulls the same stunt, but a bit more simply. Once again the left side features the bindu, immediately beneath it 3-air, and then 4-asso as the words association is divided stemming from the vertical red line beneath it separating the words friendship and help underneath it.

    Subtle and clever!