Thursday, August 22, 2013

Part 25 - Code 33 - Pepsi Max and the Hidden Pepsi 666

Still continuing the survey of how Code 33 is signaled by character pairs that transform to 33 as the product of 3*11, Pepsi Max is a PM branding that gets plenty of promotion.

The sex magick of this PM's Code 33 gets an assist from a slogan we should take literally, “The Magic's in the Max.” In the alliteration we're given the complementary MM of “Magic...Max,” another 33. The MM pairing is repeated by the descenders of the M in “MAX” as they point out a pair of Ms below it, in “maximum.” Really, the middle of the big M points out the middle m in “maximum” too, so we're being presented with a sizable set of MM pairs. The stylized version of MAX adds a big layer of 33 signaling with the X connecting to the M (XM~33) - and note, this bonding is accomplished by going through the A(nus). Ritual sodomy CODE 33!

The drink container you see here displays the typeface where the m is simply a rotated 3, which appears in that alignment when the can is flipped over or mirrored. With the placement of the zero relative to the sideways “max” we see the alignment that says, “ao,” a spelling of Helios. Above that is the x, the mark of Helios. Below it is the 3, and if we consider the balance of the “a” of “max” as it's matched to the zero, we can match this 3 to the x, which is a 33! The structure produced in the crossing is a Tau cross - portal. The 3 and the x as a 3 speak to me of the reptilian eye roundel to suggest, 3rd eye, a symbol that also works in the brand imagery you see in the middle.

In the Pepsi Max “Zero to Max” poster we see the slider and scale associating the product with reproductive fertility and sexual prowess. This poster's presentation in the context of the London Underground is fitting, because that's all about train-and-tunnel transport (sodomite sex magick) between the underground-underworld. This occult symbolism is all about Hermes and Horus, because the hare has long been identified with Hermes and the Playboy bunny logo is close kin to John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica, a composite Horus (one-eyed) Hermes (hare) sodomizer (bow tie).

While we're on that subject, there was that PC (11*3) of the Playboy Channel and the PM (11*3) of Playboy Magazine. Hugh Hefner, promoter of Horus and Hermes. This magazine cover from 1/82 graphically illustrates the real obsession behind Playboy, the golden Eye of Horus, facilitated by Hermes (As Above, So Below).

Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” – Aleister Crowley

PEPSIMAX = 113, transforming to 11*3 or 33 (RAS: 11+22+11+8+18+14+26+3).

The mega-brand Pepsi's blue and red merging with white Horus Eye has changed over the years from their classic reclined and subtle yin-yang 69 symbol to a serpent slit eye with an anal vortex dynamic. What else has been sacrificed in the brand updating trade up is their classic typeface, which now conceals a reflected 666 in the “pep” of “pepsi” to score a bonus.

When the red MAX version is flipped to reveal the 666 in pepsi, some Occult layers become more evident. The "A" is more easily discerned as the ancient astrological symbol of Jupiter, aka Zeus and Satan. This perspective reveals the X crossing the leg as the Rx style Eye of Horus. And, it further exposes the esoteric solution to the Freemason's favorite 47th Problem of Euclid! The W / M is the rotated 3. The A is a 4. These are stuck together to signal the Osiris-3 union Isis-4 that produces Horus, who we see here represented as the X mark!

Maybe, just maybe the Lord God had a good reason for including the second commandment in His short list. Yeah. He surely did.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Pepsi appears to contain three marks of the beast. As above, so below. Pep upside down is 666. The S of Pepsi is the 18th letter, or 6+6+6. The I of Pepsi represents Illumination. Lucifer and Horus, the light bringer and sun god.

    There also appears to be satanism in the Pepsi Twitter slogan #Livefornow. To live in the present suggests a rebellion against God, and the obedience required, if one is to prosper in the afterlife.

    1. Living in the past has never done anyone any good, much less the future. im reminded of the cliche, NOW is a gift, thats why they call it the PRESENT.

    2. As a point of accuracy it should be noted that S is actually the 19th letter.

  2. Thanks Jeff. One point of correction - R is the 18th letter. Your observation about their hash tag is a good one - as Paul emphasized in 1 Cor. 15:32.


  3. Red white and blue are the colors of ancient Egypt. Pepsi in ancient Egypt was the name of their version of the Grim Reaper pronounced Pep Cy