Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Part 24 - Code 33 - Got XP on your PC? Don't PM me.

In this post I'm continuing the survey of how Code 33 is signaled by character pairs that transform to 33 as the product of 3*11.

The class can be described as being composed of symbol pairs picked from 2 grab bags, one labeled 3 and the other, 11. What comes out of the “3 bag” might be a C or X, which are letters with that gematria value, or one of those letters that rotate to the form; W - w - M - m - E, or perhaps an expression like “three” or “triple” or “cubed.” From out of the “11 bag” might come a K or P, “eleven” or “one one” or even a double L in lower case. Pair up one from each bag and you get Code 33, in either order: CK-KC and CP-PC and XP-PX and XK-KX and 3K- K3 and 3P-P3 and ...

I've given lots of attention to some of these more popular combos, particularly the CK and KC classes, and other examples of this kind have been noted in one post or another (among them the notable XP brand of Xulon Press in Decoding Xulon Press, the ICHTHUS-Vesica Piscis and the Ohio Getaway), and there's still a sampling that really demands some attention. Code 33 signals don't appear everywhere, but they sure are common.

Just how much impact has “PC” made on our world? The Personal Computer? Politically Correct? Press Conference, Primary Care, Population Control, Pro-Choice, President's Council, Peace Corps, Police Constable, probable cause, protective custody, process control, Parachurch? The potency of the PC is less the appeal of rhyming than it is Code 33!

The “XP” is also very influential! Type it into your search engine and you'll get a bazillion pages featuring the popular operating system for the PC, Windows XP. Hey! Double Code 33! Do you PM (private messaging) on your PC running XP? Triple Code 33! A popular invitation on some forums is expressed, “PM me.” ME ~ 33!

This brand imagery for Windows XP Professional really loads up the Occult symbolism! The XP is 3*11, the MW of “Microsoft Windows” is a MW rotating 33, and the “Windows Professional” is a WP 3*11 pairing. The ubiquitous square dotting the “i” in “Windows” calls out the “i” of Horus with a sodomite squared circle. The word, “Professional,” embeds an IO and On (Heliopolis) and ION, or “Eye On.”

Windows are view ports with a transdimensional implication. This interpretation is lent some weight by the color graphic, which features the 4 colors (air, fire, water and earth) of the dimensional bubble construct of the witch's magic circle. That circle is known as a squared circle, and the roundness of this wave form appears at the top and bottom edges. If you slide the left side over the right the form will resemble a cylinder, a form that is both a circle (at the ends) and a rectangle or square (at the sides). An X or plus sign is drawn through the form, which is the mark of the sun god. You can also trace a swastika through it, just like the Sun Microsystems logo. The imagery is simple, elegant, potent, and evil. It is as it ever was.

Do you have a WordPress blog? WP ~ 3*11 in the domain of the messenger of the gods, Mercury / Hermes.

Are you familiar with the CIA's MK-ULTRA?
MK is 3*11 and UL is 21+12, both 33. “Ra” names the sun god. The letter T is the tau cross that joins MK and UL to RA, a symbol of the anal Triangle bridging mechanism and Horus Eye Illumination. It's long been the key to the creation of mind control slaves.

The “KM” falls in this 11*3 class, and I am assured that among the entities so branded are those representing the Knights of Malta. Operating under the pretext of Catholics rendering charitable services, they are a Delta ops kind of organization with many fronts.

The US government's Department of Defense has an agency known to those it serves as the “PX” (Postal Exchange), where many in the Air Force and Army have gone for provisions on base. Many of these soldiers are known as GIs, letters that anatomically reference the GI tract the sodomites obsess over. A GI in the PX - Code 33!

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is updating their branding to simply, X, as you see here. Blue and red merging with white is the fit color coding for the single letter mark of the sun god, merging the heavenly sons of god with the earthly daughters of men. Have they abandoned Code 33 signalling? No, they have not. Trace around the form and you will discover a pair of mirrored 3s at the left and right edges. The one leg projects upon the EX of “EXCHANGE,” a Code 33 pair. The other leg projects upon GE, G-EYE or GI tract - and the soldier GI's they serve.

The US military has policing arms whose agents are known as MPs. MP is 3*11. If you have an MP in the PX manhandling a GI, well, there's that. The MP emblems often feature crossed swords, spears or guns, featuring the X of the sun god's mark and using phallic symbols to do it.

An MP on patrol probably won't be listening to their MP3 player. MP ~ 33 and also “3 Player” ~ 3P ~ 33. “MP3 Player” is double Code 33! If that's not enough sex magick layering, you can get one that also plays XM (33) radio like the XM XPMP3H1, which tosses an XP in the name for good measure! The H1 is giving props to Horus, I suppose.

MPs work plenty of night shifts on guard doody, I mean duty, in the PM. PM is of course an 11*3 pairing, and this one is leveraged big time in branding of over-the-counter sleep formula medications.

Code 33 eye-mazing slumber pharmakeia!

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  1. Wow, P.M has its flip side A.M.

    And the code is mirrored in reverse.

    "P.M. ~ 11x3"

    and A.M ~ 1 13
    a small slide of the 10/io to the left
    -> 11x3

    Once again signs of the usurper changing TIMES.

    Daniel 7:25
    "And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to CHANGE TIMES and LAWS."