Saturday, August 10, 2013

Part 11 - Signs of Horus Worship - The HOR, US Composed of 435 Members, and the Phallic Sundial

While there is much to be written about what's going on in this season, the fit topic for the moment is this series highlighting signs of Horus worship.

In Part 10 the House of Representatives, United States was presented as the acronym, HORUS. It was also demonstrated how the Egyptian sex magic that works to manifest Horus in the earth is evident in the naming of Washington DC and in a few features of the Capital Building, where Congress meets. Another element strengthening the identity of that operative and symbolic HOR, US involves the numbering of the members, 435 in total, the signal numbers of a key Pythagorean triple. While this has not always been the numbering of the HOR, US membership, the history and the layout of the seating suggests to me that this numbering has probably been the intent from the inception of the governing body.

Congress regularly increased the size of the House to account for population growth until it fixed the number of voting House members at 435 in 1911. The number was temporarily increased to 437 in 1959 upon the admission of Alaska and Hawaii (seating one representative from each of those states without changing existing apportionment), and returned to 435 four years later, after the reapportionment consequent to the 1960 census.” (Wikipedia)

The numbers 4, 3 and 5 have been linked to Egypt through the agents of Israel's deliverance from captivity there. Esoteric authors have noted how that, in the commissioning at the burning bush on Mt Sinai, the gematria of “I AM” is 543 and of “Moses” is 345. This series of posts has established how these are representative of the sex magick that produces Horus as the solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid, the mystical secret of arcane mystery schools. By establishing the numbering of HOR, US at 435 we are provided with yet another identifying feature that is a witness to the role of Illuminated Horus worshiping men in the foundation and manipulation of this government and nation.

When I was led to believe this country was founded by men who loved and served my God, I was sold a lie. (See Chris Pinto's excellent film on DVD, Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings, Volume I: The New Atlantis )

Central to the chamber in which the HOR, US meets is written the declaration, “In God We Trust.” Which god is trusted is only identified symbolically. For those who can read that cryptic language and accept the message the identity is obvious.

On the great seal that provides the brand identity for the HOR, US, their god's picture appears. The true and sovereign God is described in the Bible as having the form of an eagle (Ex 19:4, Ps 19:4...), and the counterfeit mimics the form in his masquerade. Literally shielded from view here is the appearance of an X in the eagle's body, the mark of the sun god.

In the seating of the chamber, the 435 members are seated in 11 rows, the biblical number symbolic of the temporal flesh. This signals the concrete form in which Horus manifests in this world, within man, over whom and through whom he rules in this age. These seats and members of that body are arranged in a semi circle that may be seen from the central podium as a royal arch, a rainbow or a rising sun, each being a fit Occult emblem.

I'd like to make a few more observations about the Washington Monument to expand upon what was presented in the previous post in series.

This construction is first, of course, a genuine obelisk, a pyramid capped structure that has only ever been identified with the worship of the sun gods. As the phallus of Osiris it is magickally mating with the womb of Isis that is the Capital Dome. The identity of Washington is that of Osiris resurrected into Horus.

There is evident signaling of Code 33 in how the acronym of the Washington Monument transforms to 33 by rotating W and M each a quarter turn. The weight of the capstone is given as 3,300 pounds. It's surely no coincidence that the Code 33 and mark of the beast numbers combine in that pyramid capstone (666*10 inch elevation of the tip -- capstone weighing 33*100 pounds) because I see these companion symbols repeating regularly in Occult contexts.

Viewed from above or below, the square column set upon a round base generates the squaring of the circle sex magick, symbolic of the ritual sodomy that opens the Horus Eye. The phallic form also appears as piercing the female genitalia symbolized by the vesica piscis you see here. This is all notable yet these features are static, and while there is a vortex of energy implied within every pyramidal structure there is another essential magickal element involved.

A magickal dynamic is imparted by the movement of the sun across the sky, and the evident witness to this in the earth is the casting of a shadow upon the ground. Think of a sundial.

How Big will the Sundial be? Let us calculate the distances from the base of the Monument to the maximum and minimum (and midpoint). If we use the Noon line, which would lie due North of the base of the Monument we find that on the Winter Solstice (the shortest "day" of the year) that the shadow would be 1060 feet, 1 3/4" from the base. On the longest "day" of the year (the Summer solstice) the shadow would be 153 feet, 10" inches and on the equinox(s) the length of the shadow would be 442 feet.” (source)

For the greater part of the year, excepting around the winter solstice and when there's cloud cover (but even then, ritually), a triangle of the 3.4.5 proportion is marked off upon the earth when the shadow of this 555 foot high object extends out 740 feet from the base. The unseen hypotenuse of this right triangle is Horus.

This world's largest obelisk is aligned precisely, built square to and due East of the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial. The worship of the sun god and the elemental spirits requires observation of the solstice alignments, as every practicing pagan knows. This is an ancient and genuine magickal dynamic, and the builders of this monument and those who laid out the city, designed its buildings and dedicated those cornerstones with offerings of corn, oil and wine knew well what they were doing, who profess to worship the one they refer to as the Great Architect of the Universe (GAOTU). He is known by those who attain the higher degrees of recognition as Lucifer.

Despite the Adversary's continual working of symbol magick in the idols marking his domain, the scheme through which he now wields control will ultimately fail. The season appointed for his limited success is not yet over, in fact the pinnacle of his rule lies just before us. What the sovereign God intends to accomplish through the work permitted His enemy in this season will be fulfilled to perfection. Not every man will slumber in the state of spiritual morbidity rendered by the antichrist delusion. Precious few will escape it, but the Lord Y'shua has a brilliant plan that is working through that small people. There will be none of all creation who will not bow their knee in subjection to Him!


  1. Much thanks for your God given insights Bob!!!!

    Ameracu = Mayan for 'Feathered Serpent'

    ....out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery FLYING SERPENT. Isaiah 14:29

    GADSEN FLAG = Behold, I give unto you power to TREAD on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. LUKE 10:19

    Also ISAIAH 30:6

    1. It's a honor to serve. I appreciate your valuable addition to the work, brother.