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Part 17 - Signs of Horus Worship - A Rose by any Other Name...

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This line from William Shakespeare's (Sir Francis Bacon's) play, “Romeo and Juliet,” argues that variant names of things do not change the nature of the thing named. There's some truth in that. Whether worship is directed to Horus, Apollo, Abaddon, Ra, Amun-Ra, Helios, Thor, Amaru, Quetzalcoatl, Gucumatz, Tohil, Ahura Mazda or some descriptive like the sun god, the plumèd or feathered serpent, phoenix, eagle, falcon, hawk, raven or the Beast, or some symbolic representation of the same, the same false god is ultimately honored, who is also known variously as the Devil, Lucifer, the Dragon or Satan.

Another sign of Horus worship in the medical pharmakeia industry involves the branch concerned with rheumatoid arthritis, which joins oncology (ON-cology or ANKH-ology) in boldly promoting the idolatry of ancient Egypt. At, we see a connection established between the Ra and Apollyon / Abaddon identities. RA, the destroyer.

The imagery promoting their joint profile pictures an abstract sunrise. (Transpose the outer box and inner circle) The orange and circle-in-square present redundant symbols of ritual sodomy illumination, a theme supported further by an abstraction of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, a “joint profile” studied by artists and esoterics for centuries. (Move the box with the man up inside the circle.)

An ad for RA pharmakeia offers a view of a marionette (Mind-Control Programming!), with the hands and knees given the focus. Someone on their hands and knees is getting the “orange” business, being sodomized, if you've been attentive to learning what's really being signaled in these esoteric contexts. The Radius-8 logo features a very obvious “i” of Horus! RA inflammation ~ Horus the sun god Illumination through ritual sodomy. I believe the 8 may be taken as a pair of mirrored 3s, for a CODE 33 signal. The RA of Radius-8 is called out in the same way as the 8, being in white.

Sure, RA is for rheumatoid arthritis, as the acronym RADIUS is explained to us by positioning the long version below it and making the matching letters bold. It's also naming RA, a diety. RA-DIUS: Dius is the name of one of the sons of Apollo.

Dius Latin - Alternative form of divus: From Proto-Indo-European deywós (“god, the celestial one”), from dyew- (“sky, heaven”). Cognate with Ancient Greek (Deús), (Zeús), Sanskrit (devá), Avestan (daeva, “god”) (from which Old Armenian (dew, “a spectre”), Georgian (devi, “a monster”), Persian (div, “a demon”)), Old Prussian deywis, Old Norse Týr, (divu, “daemon”), (divo, “wonder”). (source)

OK, beyond the business of drug pharmakeia we move into the technology pharmakeia sector, where this recent report of a significant advance caught my attention. Crossbar Emerges from Stealth-mode; Unveils Crossbar RRAM Non-volatile Memory Technology

Emerging from stealth-mode today, Crossbar, Inc., a start-up company pioneering a new category of very high capacity and high-performance non-volatile memory, unveiled its Crossbar Resistive RAM (RRAM) technology. This new generation of non-volatile memory will be capable of storing up to one terabyte (TB) of data on a single 200mm2 chip, enabling massive amounts of information, such as 250 hours of HD movies, to be stored and played back from an IC smaller than a postage stamp. Crossbar today also announced it has developed a working Crossbar memory array at a commercial fab, a major milestone in the development of new memory technology, signaling its readiness to begin the first phase of productization.

Crossbar. Hmmmmmm. A cross has a crossbar. The crossbar formed cross and X variant are ancient symbols of the sun god. A crossbar on the leg of a letter suggests his Eye symbol; R crossbar or Rx. Pharmakeia.

The presumed o of “crossbar” is not really an o, it's an orange sun, squared with rows and columns of pixel-like squares. This is more Horus worshiping-sodomite orange-squared circle sodomy-Horus Eye opening Illumination signaling! Their business is focused upon RAM or RRAM memory, with the embedded name of the ancient but long remembered Ra.

A letter seems to be occulted behind the sun. While it might be an “o,” like we're superficially told, the context actually suggests another vowel, an “a.” This is what fits the symbolic imagery!


(bar = phallus)


The crass slang for “anus” appears, as well as the name, Ra. The overlapping terms imply that this is the sun god's anus, which is what's pictured right there by the pixilated sun graphic. Own the sun god's anus through ritual sodomy proxy to get his power - that's the scheme! This activity is, with ritual sacrifice, how the sun god is worshiped.

A major player in the energy sector honors Horus under both Re and Sol identities (RE-p-SOL) but, instead of being a direct-from-the-sun kind, it's petroleum based. “Repsol S.A. is a Spanish multinational oil and gas company based in Madrid, Spain. It is the 15th largest petroleum refining company according to the Fortune Global 500 list, employing over 40,000 people worldwide.(Wikipedia)

Folks who speak Spanish should more readily identify the Spanish RepSol's Sol as the sun and sun god. The company sponsors air shows so you can see their sun brand moving across the sky.

Their primary branding color is sodomite orange, and their sunrise sunset logo (a circle squared with the white band) reminds me of a bird head with beak, Re, Sol, Horus.

“Let's invent the future,” the slogan reads. We get it. It's about the exercise of control of energy resources, most particularly demonic energy. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” (George Orwell novel - “1984”)

In the financial software utility sector, Axioma is an IO or X-IO Helios honoring brand.

In quotes excerpted from their website, “Axioma creates flexible tools to help portfolio managers quickly and accurately implement their strategies. Axioma's flagship product, Axioma Portfolio Optimizer™, along with a complete suite of portfolio construction and analysis tools including global risk models, is the most flexible on the market. Axioma's software and risk models are relied upon by thousands of users globally, managing trillions of dollars daily.

Axioma Portfolio. Right.

The logo graphic puts emphasis on the “i” of Horus, and IO, or X. The “ex” of “Flexible” appears directly under the X, and EX is a Code 33 combo. “Flexible,” as in “bend over”? With the oval eye swirl cutting the “io,” it divides the 3 letters on one side from the 3 on the other, another Code 33 signal. Since the “io” are a pair, we may take the swirl as a joining element, and see the joining of the 3rd and 4th letters as a 3.4.5 production of Horus, according to the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid. The registered trademark creates an instance of Harmerty. There are three letters e that flip in the reflection to signal 666.

Nothing new here, but plenty more of the same symbol magick!

Ra, Re, Sol, IO: A “rose” like this, by any other name, has no sweet fragrance.

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