Friday, August 16, 2013

Part 110 - The Sodomite Gateway - Wind Tunnel; a Metaphor

I posted a video decoding the Speed Channel (now defunct) show as a metaphor. I apologize for the lame quality.

Wind Tunnel Metaphor - Not Just For Aerodynamics

If you watch Tron Legacy (2010) you'll get more insight into the hidden Illuminati level when you interpret the disk on the back side as the anus. Flynn's disk = the Creator's anus, so stealing that disk is to sodomize god and get his power. It equates to Puss in Boots (Part 61), where they have to steal the “gold pooper.” The plot involved using that stolen Creator's disk to enable the underworld's program(-med) army to escape the “containment” grid, passing through the light portal into this dimension. See the female Quorra as the last remaining ISO as Isis. See Zuse as an allusion to Zeus, suggesting we identify the characters with the ancient gods. Sam is the savior - Horus.

See Planes (2013) movie trailer for more signaling.

Here's a video I found from someone who knows what's going on in the entertainment industry.

[CAVEAT: some graphic and crude content] The Gay Ritual

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