Friday, October 19, 2012

Part 44 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Yahoo! Portal

A few days ago when I was decoding the new eBay logo I discovered their earlier one had been inspired by the Yahoo brand. It was big back then. Yahoo has been taking a beating in the marketplace but the brand identity remains strong. Yahoo was one of the main Internet portals. Like AOL, this portal brand is a sodomite portal.

The AOL logo was a circle inside a triangle. The Yahoo logo is an obfuscated triangle inside a circle. Both are squaring the circle variants in the tradition of the alchemical glyph, an esoteric sodomy standard. The triangle is the anal triangle, and the circle, the anus. Yahoo's version points down, the “As Above So Below” reflection of the glyph version but given the popularity of variations on the theme the alignment doesn't seem to matter much.

The purple Yahoo! branding is the right color for signaling sodomy. The logo appears with the exclamation mark, which, although it's slightly obfuscated, can be recognized as an inverted pyramid that is capped with a square dot, a squaring of the circle because dots are round. This mark is an “i” of Horus like the oval eye next to it. The letter “Y” inside is the Y chromosome, the seed planted through sodomy. A very phallic looking arrow appears in the negative space formed by the top of the Y. (Sandcastle style!) The tilted exclamation mark suggests rotating it. We always "fix" things subliminally in the process of making sense of what we're looking at. Rotating it sets the pyramid upright and puts the phallus into a more recognizable alignment. The white of the Y illustrates the illumination of ritual sodomy as the third eye (three element letter) in the oval is opened.

The Yahoo! logo is an instance of Harmerty, or “Horus who rules with two eyes.” The inverted pyramid “i” of Horus is the darkened left eye. The eye that sees better is the bigger purple oval phallic eye of Horus.

Yahoo. It kinda rhymes with Wazoo. Yahoo! appears to be the exclamation of a climaxing sodomite. Do you think YAHoo was going for a similitude of YAHweh or Yahushua? I do!

I was on their main campus a few years back for a job interview. I had finished my contract working at Adobe in San Jose and was interviewing for a position on their Web mail interface team. Those weren't my strongest skills but I was interested in developing them further. I was interviewed by a few members of the team. I remember being asked to critique the current interface based on a few criteria. When it came to the design, I remember trying to be honest but not too harsh. I had a feeling I was talking to the person who was responsible for the design. My criticism was about the overuse of purple and the rounded corner thing was starting to look kind of tired. Knowing what I know now, it seems funny that these sodomy signaling elements would be the two design elements I criticized, because I had no idea what they signaled at the time. I didn't get the job. I shortly took a contract at Visa. That worked out wonderfully for three seasons, until after my last contract I went on extended Sabbatical. I can't imagine I would have been better off at Yahoo!

Here's a selection of related images I've had in my collection.

Symantec is Verisign and Norton. They joined with Yahoo in producing the webseries Cybergeddon, which features the power symbol. The Symantec logo is nearly a match for the power symbol that is also the obfuscated pyramid in the circle. I hope to watch one of the episodes later tonight, and there may be a report following.

The Royal Arse Masons. What more needs to be said. Sodomites.

The Ouroboros Council went for the “more is more” design philosophy on this one. The rayed triangle. Pure white inside the portal. Ritual Sodomy enlightenment. Inscribed in the circle. Sodomy. The compass superimposed on the triangle like it's the expected square. Sodomy. The Crown. It's a sodomite Royal. The cross? The union of the heavenly sons of god with the earthly daughters of men. The dragon-serpent Ouroboros. There's their sodomite patron.

The Roerich Building cornerstone, NYC. This symbol looks a bit like Revoloution's (NBC - 2012) Monroe Republic brand. Roerich's M over R brand looks like a Mason mating with the R eye of Horus in that anal triangle portal. Nicolas Roerich influenced 32nd degree Freemason and Vice President of the United States Henry Wallace, who was responsible for the great seal appearing on the back of the one dollar bill.

Roerich's Madonna Oriflamma painting. Wearing a purple robe, she sits on a cylindrical purple pillow. Yeah. Connect the dots. She holds a banner in the signal white and red colors of the illuminated man, bearing a bold sodomy symbol of the root chakra color. Behind her head is the halo that tells us she has been third eye illuminated. The p and x symbols flanking her are a matched set of sodomy symbols; the p for phallus stuck into the x-marks-the-spot sodomy cross. The base of her throne is a squared circle construction.

Mercedes Benz.

Trilateral Commission. Elite. Sodomites. Phallic arrows.

Nine Points Management (Part Two: NCR)

The Great Seal's triangle eye in a circle.

Triangle inside a squared circle, with phallic arrows.

PNC Bank. Sodomite Triangle eye. Swirl Eye of Horus. Harmerty instance, as balanced by darkened left eye of registered trademark.

BSDM flag. Bondage, Sadism, Discipline, Masochism

Banner of practicing Diplomate Jungian Psychoanalyst Ronald T. Curran whose primary specialty and field of interest is listed as "Sexual Abuse" and "Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality)". Ron was my teacher and mentor at the University of Pittsburgh. Years later the Lord revealed to me exactly who and what Dr. Curran is. He's a handler, folks. I stumbled along in gross ignorance for a number of years and the Lord protected me as I was ignorantly camped out in the Dragon's den. Praise the Lord for His overwhelming protection, love, patience, and mercy! ~ Aaron Hermann

The sign is a mirrored 9, and there are nine elements in the triskelion / obfuscated triangle in circle.


Google Doodle for October 15, 2012. G in triangle. Purple portal. Phallic arrow. Helpless child. Google. Don't be evil?

Drag Queen Barbie Is Finally Here? (No, It's Not Ken in Heels)

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