Monday, October 15, 2012

Part 42 - The Sodomite Gateway - Crown Royal's Secret

If you decide to munch down some Krispy Kreme donuts and you feel like washing them down with some expensive whisky, may I suggest Crown Royal as the perfect pairing? Their branding also exhibits many layers of sodomite gateway symbolism.

First up, the color purple is the sodomite color signal. Breaking that down, purple is the combination of red and blue which is the merging of earthly man (red) with the heavenly (blue) gods.

Next up, anything related to the crown or identified as royal has got to be suspect, as I've demonstrated regularly in this series that ritual sodomy is their signature theme.

Decoding the brand's wordmark, the flourishes conceal an embedding of three sixes which are revealed when you see it as if it were reflected in a pool. As Above so below, the Hermetic Maxim. This compares to the branding of “Heiny” addressed in Part 3. This number 666 is linked to the mark of the Beast in Revelation 13:18, which I have come to believe will involve the addition of another strand to man's DNA. The pillow's three gold tassels bound together by golden ropes speak to me of an alchemical transformation of base man into a golden three strand DNA post-human hybrid Beast. Such a genetic transformation is reproductive in nature, and the fancy letter R in Royal seems to be a very clever emblem of the same. The letter R is the 18th letter of the alphabet, the ubiquitous signal for 6+6+6. If you mirror the reflection of their highly stylized version of the letter a big letter Y appears, to signal the male sex chromosome which alludes to His Infernal Majesty's royal seed.

There is a powerful layer of sex magick at work in this stylized letter as anatomical versions are subtly illustrated. If you consider the bottom of the R as a scrotum, the phallic package is illustrated. The top resembles the phallus with the corona or crown (royal) with the line of the urethra at the tip. Since the context is ritual sodomy with its role as the precursor to the mark of the Beast, picture the bottom of this demonically crafted letter as the form of the bottom of a person, the buttocks. On the sodomy theme the penetration is graphically pictured. Yeah, chalk up one more for the John Dee collection. Crown Royal Hieroglyphica.

When the image of a crown appears in the branding it is positioned over the letters “OWN.” This is the same subtle call-out UPS leveraged in some of their promotional graphics. Here's what I wrote about it in Part 10.

So, what can BROWN do for you? What do they want to do? In this promo image, consider how the expression sandwiches “OWN.” Think about it. They suggest the answer they are looking for with some NLP action with a graphic assist. They want to OWN you. How is that? Well, in the context of the other esoteric signaling you have to consider sodomy. Recall what I wrote in the previous post about wanting to own the “horn of plenty”? The owner gets whatever they want. The owner gets brown. Brown owns you.

Ditto Crown Royal.

Because the Crown Royal wordmark includes the registered trademark to the right, knowing this subtle little darkened left Eye of Horus signal matches to a right eye that sees better (see the “i” of Horus series) directs us to identify it as the stylized letter R. This one even has a serpentine slit in the eye. The wordmark is an instance of Harmerty, Horus “who rules with two eyes.”

The packaging adds a few more layers of symbolism to this pharmakeia beverage's branding. Can you spot a purple Royal Arch (ARSE!) of Freemasonry on the label of the Crown Royal Black? They formed a pair of them on the front of this next ad's box and bottle label, one on the label with a squared bottom formed by the purple bag and another framing that appears to have been opened into the box - as a literal gateway - adding another dimension!

See the image reflected in the familiar way of the Hermetic Maxim? There's the brands obfuscated 666!

The bottle of whisky comes in a purple velvet bag with a golden drawstring that cinches the top. To get at the product, you have to loosen the drawstring. OK. So the purple velvet bag has a puckered opening. You get the product by opening the purple puckered portal. Right. And, you consume that amber liquid. Right. The SRA Monarch / Royal handlers have to find that all pretty familiar, since that's one of the customary ritual abuses their slaves suffer as they are traumatized until they dissociate, and subsequent multiple alter identities are created and programmed.

By the way, whisky is considered strong spirits. Right. Invoking demonic spirits.

When this brand presents us with the crown seated on the pillow it pictures the Key of David or Rothschild sodomy. What sits on a pillow but a seated person's bottom. But here, it's a golden crown. The crown chakra is associated with the illumination of the third eye, which is a pineal activation that comes via the kundalini gland near the tailbone, on which one sits. The Crown Royal version features what looks like a golden snake head at the front of the crown. When a royal wears such a crown they resemble the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, with their headdress symbolic of the third eye opened through Kundalini activation. The crown sits on a purple pillow. This is all entirely consistent.

From another perspective, that same element appears to represent the golden phallus penetrating the red void of the Root Chakra (or Muladhara), which I noted in Part 40 when decoding the oven fire of the logo for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.

Crown Royal. The illuminated Royals and ruling elite are being exposed more and more for their evil deeds. I mentioned David Icke's latest exposé in Post 40, introduced here: Jimmy Savile ...Doorman to the Cesspit Sir Jim was not born into the royal family or married into it, but was granted many honors. He was knighted for charitable services in 1990 and granted a Papal knighthood by Pope John Paul II in the same year. In 1972 he had been appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). He had been a friend of Prince Phillip. Those whom the worldly exalt as honorable seldom are, if ever. My Lord is honorable, whose kingdom is coming! With it comes an end to this evil age, which desperately needs the Savior!

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