Monday, October 08, 2012

Part 40 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Wheel of (mis)Fortune

While I'm still recovering from the recent move, I continue to be compelled to expose the imagery of the sodomite gateway. It is necessary to continue exercising our discernment and maintain our awareness of the symbols that influence us and reveal the nature of our world.

The long popular TV game show called Wheel of Fortune featured a Fabulous Food theme. Their New Orleans promotion included the special animated image you see here. This nasty bit of evil artistry combines many of the elements noted already in this series. If you might be offended by a description of what's actually pictured you will probably want to skip this post.

The “chef's hat” to the upper right isn't really a chef's hat but rather the scrotum and shaft of a phallic package that includes the letter U in “FABULOUS.” That curly hair under the not-a-chef's-hat is not the hair you want to see in public. The “moustache” has the shape of the buttocks (monas hieroglyphica), suggesting what's really going on here. Flipping that stylized U upside down reveals it as an A, for Apollo (aka Horus) and Anus. See the animation making the light flow down towards the right and around the rim of the plate? The plate is like a eye, an eliptical eye, washed out to picture overexposed lighting. That's the illuminated THIRD EYE signaling Rothschild sodomy, the key of David.

The throbbing motion of the animation is ejaculation, and the ejaculate covers the tart. The food suggests consumption of the tart, so this imagery is presenting us with another common aspect of Satanic ritual abuse.

The background is a brick wall, the familiar masonry signaling Freemasonry. The purple word graphic for Wheel of Fortune and New Orleans is the fitting color signal for the sodomite gateway, and the purple wheel that forms the letter “O” in “OF” is the sun wheel symbol for Horus, the sodomizing sun god, and his anus. The Masonic Royal Arch degree ritual called Three Times Three is suggested here in the word “FABULOUS.” There are three instances of the word, 1 obvious plus 2 shadow versions. The words said during the ritual are Jah, Bul and On.


The stylized letter N in “New Orleans” is a mirrored Y, a chromosome signal identifying the plate-eye-anus as male.

The poor R in “FORTUNE” appears rather unfortunate. The letter R is a common signal wedjat, eye of Horus. Set must have put Horus' eye out, as according to the famous legend from ancient Egypt that is persisted by Illuminists on the left hand path.

While I'm on the subject of the wedjat, there's one featured as the site logo where I found this informative page: Up The Butt - What You Should Know About Anal Sex

Also on the food theme, the sodomite gateway is signaled by Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, a chain of pizzarias with a location near nearby to me. The coal oven is masonry, again signaling Freemasonry. The oven forms the A in Anthony, which is also for Apollo and Anus. The form of the A is the Royal Arch, the sodomite gateway to the other realm. The slogan is inside a rounded rectangle, squaring the circle or circling the square. It's purple, of course. The fire of the oven is appropriate for the kundalini or anal energy because the root or muladhara chakra color is fiery red or red-orange. [Root Chakra - Muladhara Chakrum | Caveat - I recommend muting the audioAum Colour Meditation - Muladhara Chakra - Fiery Red - Sudha Ragunathan]

Yet another local eatery flaunts their sodomite branding, the Paris 66 Bistro. Some claim the number 66 signals the kingdom of the Beast. It may be so. What I'm sure about is that the element at the bottom center of the logo graphic is a phallic arrow and that it's aimed at the anus. The scrollwork conceals butt cheeks as the inner set, sitting right under the 66. It's not difficult to see the logo as a male backside, with testicles. Their brown theme looks classy, but one look at their logo and I just don't care to consider what's on their menu.

In closing, here are a few links of note

Obama is Homosexual
Illuminati Pedophilia - A Victim's Memoir

SRA - connecting ritual sodomy and cannibalism: Cannibal - Keisha
... but now that I'm famous YOU'RE UP MY ANUS now I'm going to eat you fool. I eat boys up. Breakfast and lunch. Then when I'm thirsty I drink their blood. Carnivore animal, I am a cannibal, I eat boys up. You better run. I am cannibal.” (I analyzed the reverse speech of half of this song. Keisha is a multiple, no doubt.)


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    The main symbol that jumped out at me, just beneath the 66 for the Paris 66 bistro logo, is the Egyptian ankh, also known as the key of life.

    If you have the time, you might be interested to know that in the UK, the new 4G networks are being spearheaded by EE (a new company formed from Everything Everywhere, biggest mobile network in UK). EE rather obviously = 33 reversed. Their home page has the usual suspects on it, including a pentagram.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Hey Bob, first letters are key. "anthonys cold fired pizza , pizza well done" (a+c+f+p+p+w+d=33 reduced.
    "paris 66 everyday French cuisine" (p+6+6+e+f+c=33 reduced. The o in of "wheel of fortune" is not intended as a letter which leaves 13. Amazing post friend, blessings. Off topic Y2K = 9/11 we were warned. The "three times three" thing you mentioned 2001=3 as does 2019. The movie "Get Out" mentions the next 9/11. Interesting movie. 9+11+13=33

  3. I love lucy logo with heart as butt. The o in love is perfectly placed as anus.