Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Secret Resurrections of John 21

This legacy study on the twenty-first chapter of John is one of my favorites. It's been given a lot of attention in recent weeks and the result is that it's been significantly refreshed, with some expansion and some reduction in a refining of focus. It's also been retitled.

The Secret Resurrections of John 21

Here's how it begins.

“I've come to love the twenty-first chapter of John! It features the colorful account of a fishing trip where the Lord directs his disciples to catch 153 large fish from the right side of the boat. The catch of fish is widely seen as a symbol of resurrection, and so it is. I had that understanding for many years before my eyes were opened to discover another resurrection symbol alongside the catch of fish. This presents a striking view of the events that are concealed and revealed in Genesis 45 and Acts 12, the Bride Theft resurrection and the trigger for that event, the turning of 144,000 sons of Israel to accept Y'shua as their Messiah.”

I love how the account so simply and beautifully displays the dynamic of Romans 11:15, a precious gem that remains well hidden to this day! Our God is so good to His children!

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