Friday, July 15, 2016

Observations on our Times

Commentary on the Mandela Effect - Wizard of Oz and Scarecrow's new/old gun and puppet rod, Lion's pesticide sprayer and Tin Man's monkey wrench.
Today - The Day of Rage
"Reset 2016" in Washington's Capitol Mall
Trump's staff and the mystery of the pin/patch

Mandela Effect - Wizard of Oz and Scarecrow's gun, and other Observations


  1. Thank you for a very informative video.

    So... they are changing things - to 'Gaslight" us? Or are we going to wake up one day and ___ will be gone/different and we will all be shocked?

    1. You're welcome, James. We know some things with confidence, post-reset, but pre-reset, well, still not so much. We keep watching, with faith, hope and love - and we see what we see. We aim to keep sharing what the Lord gives us to share until we're done.

    2. I see that Chuck Missler recently talked about the ME (


  3. Hello Bob

    Jesus is the "Reset", I actually agree with the statement and it makes sense considering the revelations you have decoded regarding these times.