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Decoding The WB Branding

This teen and tween targeting network is history but the Occult branding is classic. In the pop quiz challenge I noted that it can fairly well be summed up in two images, one very old and one very ancient. That post was subsequently updated with the 2 I had in mind, picturing the familiar goddess identities of Inanna/Ishtar and Venus. The main themes of The WB brand are the goddess, Code 33 and Code 66, sodomite Freemasonry, the persistence of ancient curses, the mastery of time and the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis.

The WB makes reference to the bee goddess. Her wings are bee wings and she is the queen bee, the queen of heaven. Her pose is still today being modeled by actresses and models in film, TV shows, commercials, music videos and ads. The W pose is also called the bent-elbow pose. Inanna is the “W” bee, you see - The WB. According to Wikipedia, for "most of its time on air, The CW Plus and its predecessor, The WB 100+ Station Group, carried the show called, The Daily Buzz, in most smaller markets." The “W” bee with the Daily Buzz. That makes sense. Melissa is the name of one bee goddess. Deborah or Devorah means, bee, in Hebrew.

The frog is the network's mascot, Michigan J. Frog. The goddess has many names and symbols. The frog is one.

“In ancient Egypt, the frog appears as a symbol of fertility, water, and renewal. The water goddess Heket often appeared as a woman with the head of a frog. Frogs were also the symbol of the midwife goddess Heqit, who ruled conception and birth, and Egyptian women often wore metal amulets in the form of frogs to enlist her good favor. ” (source)

I chose the famous picture of Venus because of the amphibian model. The frog is an amphibian, spending the early part of its life swimming in the water as a pollywog or tadpole. Eventually, the tail shrinks and the legs grow and it can then hop around on land. “In myth, Venus-Aphrodite was born of sea-foam. Roman theology presents Venus as the yielding, watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life.” (Wikipedia) “The most common version of the birth of Aphrodite describes her born in sea-foam from the castrated genitals of the sky-god Ouranos.” (source)

The WB network was for tweens (beTWEEN middle childhood and adolescence ~ 8-12 years old) and teens.This is the period of transition from child to adult, and I see the frog as a metaphor of the passage through that awkward stage of puberty.

Why is the frog is dressed like a man if it's really the goddess? This gender blender is Aphrodite + Hermes or Hermaphrodite. It's the familiar “gay agenda”promotion, an assault targeting those at the tender ages who are forming their “gender identities.” Bugs Bunny is the famous Warner Brothers character who was often cross-dressing and flirting with and kissing other lusty male characters. (Do an image search on "bugs bunny" cross dress or "bugs bunny" drag queen.) The frog goddess, dressed in man's clothes with a man's voice: Hermaphrodite.

The WB graphic and the image of the frog emphasize Code 33 and also Code 66.

If you study the bee and the beehive you'll learn that maintaining the proper temperature inside the hive is critical. The ideal temperature is 33 degrees C. The esoteric numberings of 33 abound in the branding to support the “W” bee identity. The = 33 = 20+8+5. The letter W is a rotated 3. The letter B conceals the form of a 3. The black side touching the frog IS a 3. So, THE=33 and WB=33. Together, 33+33=66, the Abyss, which is why this is on the black field. The frog is holding his chin or neck with a gloved hand that is signaling 33. Three fingers. Three lines on the glove. He's winking and pointing at The WB graphic. Yes, we get it. It's about the 33 degrees in the hive where the queen bee lives, the “W” bee. She has 3 toes on each foot, like the owls that flank her. Three toes and three toes = 33.

There is a 666 produced If you interpret the 3 sets of 33 as a 6.
3+3=6 (THE)
3+3=6 (WB)
3+3=6 (gloved hand)

Owl 1 has 3+3 toes. The “W” bee has 3+3 toes. Owl 2 has 3+3 toes. 666.

On the subject of the 666 and Mark of the Beast, both the W and the B forms present intersecting arcs, the crossing circles or XO. This is a MOB symbol and it is the union of the X and O that establishes the celestial throne of the goddess.

When 33 degrees is mentioned most folks will immediately think of Freemasonry. The frog's white gloved hand is another familiar sign of that order. Jack Warner, founder of Warner Brothers, is proudly claimed by the Masons. (source) Freemasons worship the goddess. The bee and beehive are familiar images on tracing boards that conceal and reveal their religion. While most accept that it simply refers to an admirable model of industry, those who are initiated into higher levels recognize the ancient goddess.

Let's do some more math and sum up the W and B. W is 23 and B is 2. 23+2=25, and, according to the esoteric interpretation of the 47th problem of Euclid that Freemasons use as another symbol of their religion, the number 25 signals, Horus, the 5x5 area associated with the hypotenuse that is produced through the union of 33 Osiris and 44 Isis.

The numbering of 33 Osiris is present, and so is the 44 of Isis. Here's how the 44 is derived from WB. W is “double U” if you break it out according to the descriptive name. The letter U is the 21st letter. Double U is 21+21=42. B is the 2nd letter. WB = 21+21+2=44. Isis. The goddess aka The “W” bee and frog. Remember, the frog is the sign of the goddess known as Heqet in Egypt.

“In the Osiris myth, it was Heqet who breathed life into the new body of Horus at birth, as she was the goddess of the last moments of birth. As the birth of Horus became more intimately associated with the resurrection of Osiris, so Heqet's role became one more closely associated with resurrection. Eventually, this association led to her amulets gaining the phrase I am the resurrection in the Christian era along with cross and lamb symbolism.” (source)

The resurrection of Osiris into Horus is what this is all really about, ultimately, which will manifest in the bringing forth of the antichrist beast. This was witnessed by the Apostle John as a kind of amphibian frog event. “And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea...” Revelation 13:1. In verse 3, we read, “I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast; ” The healing of a fatal wound is a kind of resurrection event. The frog goddess Heqet breathed life into the new body of Horus at birth, and the birth or generation of Horus was very closely associated with resurrection as Isis raises dead Osiris into Horus.

The frog has a history with resurrection and the goddess, and so does the “W” bee. Richard Merrick has written plenty about Rosslyn Chapel, which is very strongly linked to the rose goddess Venus, the bee and resurrection.

So, there is a strong theme of the production of Horus as Isis raises Osiris. The frog is winking, which is the hiding of one eye for a signaling of the Eye of Horus, even of Harmerty, Horus who rules with 2 eyes. And, since that is a symbol of the butt, there's a segue into another major layer of this branding.

The top hat is a butt symbol, and most specifically of the sodomite who is on top instead of the bottom. He's usually seen with a cane, representing the phallus like the Tubal Cain, of Freemasonry, the “two ball cane.” The bow tie is a symbol of the tie that binds, a key feature of sodomy. Notice how his cheek is pressed up against the B. Wink, wink. Cheek to cheek, or cheeks. B is for butt. He's looking right at the Horus eye. Wink. See the grinning mouth line as an arrow. The phallic arrow, erect, over near the butt he's eyeballing. Disney and Max Fleischer weren't the only ones in the cartoon business of perverting adults and children.

Here's Daffy Duck, giving us a demonstration of sodomite symbols that is something of a Rosetta Stone. The concentric rings of the stage set that opens and closes Merrie Melodies and Loony Toons is a ritual image that puts you the audience inside the rectum looking out.

Code 33, sodomy, Freemasonry, the goddess, there's nothing novel about this combination.

The history of The WB's mascot, Michigan J. Frog offers more insight into what's going on here.

The character was introduced in the acclaimed cartoon, One Froggy Evening - 1955 “Warner Brothers - Merrie Melodies”

Watch it and you'll see the story of a frog that was discovered inside the cornerstone of a building that was being demolished. The frog comes with a little top hat and cane and can sing and dance show tunes like a vaudeville act. The man who discovers it tries his best to exploit it for gain but fails over and over until he's utterly ruined. He passes the cursed frog on by sneaking it into the cornerstone of a building under construction. When that building is being demolished in 2056, it's discovered by another man and the cycle begins anew. So, the frog comes with a curse.

The WB had a cursed frog as their mascot. Like any good can come of that. The programming didn't stray far from the theme, with shows like Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Supernatural.

Who has ceremonies where cornerstones are dedicated? Freemasons do. Again, Jack Warner was a notable Freemason and he would have been familiar with the routine. How did frog get inside? It's implied that Freemasons put him there, during the ceremonial "blessing" with the wine, oil and corn when a building is dedicated. It is not rare for such things as documents and boxes to be found inside cornerstones.

Time Capsule Buried by Paul Revere and Sam Adams Discovered in Boston
First Spiritual Temple - The Opening of a Time Capsule - September 22, 1985

From the current Wikipedia entry:

“Some cornerstones include time capsules from, or engravings commemorating, the time a particular building was built.”

“Often, the ceremony involved the placing of offerings of grain, wine and oil on or under the stone. These were symbolic of the produce and the people of the land and the means of their subsistence. This in turn derived from the practice in still more ancient times of making an animal or human sacrifice that was laid in the foundations.”

Frazer (2006: p. 106-107) in The Golden Bough charts the various propitiary sacrifices and effigy substitution such as the shadow, states that:
Nowhere, perhaps, does the equivalence of the shadow to the life or soul come out more clearly than in some customs practised to this day in South-eastern Europe. In modern Greece, when the foundation of a new building is being laid, it is the custom to kill a cock, a ram, or a lamb, and to let its blood flow on the foundation-stone, under which the animal is afterwards buried. The object of the sacrifice is to give strength and stability to the building. But sometimes, instead of killing an animal, the builder entices a man to the foundation-stone, secretly measures his body, or a part of it, or his shadow, and buries the measure under the foundation-stone; or he lays the foundation-stone upon the man's shadow. It is believed that the man will die within the year. The Roumanians of Transylvania think that he whose shadow is thus immured will die within forty days; so persons passing by a building which is in course of erection may hear a warning cry, Beware lest they take thy shadow! Not long ago there were still shadow-traders whose business it was to provide architects with the shadows necessary for securing their walls. In these cases the measure of the shadow is looked on as equivalent to the shadow itself, and to bury it is to bury the life or soul of the man, who, deprived of it, must die. Thus the custom is a substitute for the old practice of immuring a living person in the walls, or crushing him under the foundation-stone of a new building, in order to give strength and durability to the structure, or more definitely in order that the angry ghost may haunt the place and guard it against the intrusion of enemies.

“Ancient Japan legends talk about Hitobashira (??, "human pillar"), in which maidens were buried alive at the base or near some constructions as a prayer to ensure the buildings against disasters or enemy attacks.”

It has been claimed by Henry Gruver that under every legitimate totem pole was a 3 year old girl who had been ceremonially sacrificed as an offering to its gods.

The idea of a cursed frog in a cornerstone seems to be founded in longstanding tradition. In folk tales, witches curse people and turn them into frogs.

The vaudevillian performance of the accursed Michigan J. Frog is a classic song and dance routine, and this should be understood as an idiom. It's an evasive ploy, an elaborate story or explanation intended to deceive or mislead. What's the real story here? The origin story of The WB's mascot speaks to me of human sacrifice and the persisting of an ancient curse relative to the goddess. A study of the history of Isis reveals that her worship was banned, because it brought the culture into ruin. Yet, the goddess today is drawing all men and women to herself, with the renewal of her worship being akin to the opening of a time capsule.

I'd like to close with some observations on the cornerstone as a time capsule. The name Michigan is the French form of the Ojibwa word, mishigamaa, meaning "large water" or "large lake." There's a water as time metaphor that seems to be in play. The cartoon, One Froggy Evening, debuted on December 31, 1955. That's New Year's Eve, which is associated with Saturn, Father Time. The next day begins January, named for Janus, another time god. December 31 produces the numbering of time and the mastery of time, 12 and 13, because December is the 12th month and a 31 is the mirror of 13. This mirroring of 31 to 13 is the reason why the dating of Halloween is favored. We've been giving a lot of attention to the role the goddess has in dimensional transits, with the bringing forth of Horus as the antichrist beast. She is a time goddess. In this ancient scene, the goddess pulls a chariot while riding a winged lion, a griffin. The griffin is a dimensionally transiting creature. She holds waves that are water glyphs. (3 and 3 Code 33) It is claimed that this pictures her as being the goddess of weather, but with an understanding of the water as time metaphor, she is a time goddess. The frog symbol is that of a time goddess.

The B of The WB can be seen as a 13. The WB then is The W- 3 B-13, signaling the 3*13 Illuminati mind control grid structure composed of 13x13x13 primary Alpha alters. Mind control. Wasn't that the point of The WB?


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