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Part 5 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - Awareness Ribbons and Dancing Bees

In Part 4, I named Richard Branson's Virgin brands as a goddess identity. Here's an entertaining training video used by Virgin America.

Virgin America

The flight attendant uniforms all feature the standard wings, symbols of Horus and Isis. There's a layer of ritual sodomy symbolism from start to finish in the visuals and innuendo in the lyrics-titles. Grab a seat on Virgin America? Just in case we must evacuate? The nearest EXIT might be behind you? Woven in with that is an abundance of goddess symbolism, mostly honeybee references.

At 15 seconds in: “So honey zip your lips.” Uhhhhh, moving on. They slip in some owl referencing onomatopoeia about 10 seconds later, (whoo, whoo) which is used as a euphemism for the butt. At 36 seconds in, a disobedient habit-wearing nun is dealt with. She's a worshiper of the VIRGIN Mary, of course, whose name means, “their rebellion.” She's wearing a Rosary around her neck, the cross of the VIRGIN brand image. At 52 seconds she's shaking' her stuff and doing the dancing bee. “Fly away with me, Fly away with me, yeah.” Right. Fly away with the dancing honey bee goddess to go do some cross-pollination. At 3:22 she's acting like a ham, making allusion to Inanna-Ishtar's pig/boar symbol. She sings, “So look around and let us just remind you.” For insight into what VIRGIN Mary has to do with remembering, see this post. It's a BIG DEAL.

At 1:40, the girl wears a striped “bee suit” with a collection of bracelets that frequently attends Queen Bee goddess imagery. It's purple, and has a bow, for the ritual sodomy tie that binds. She's young, a presumed virgin. Before we can identify her as a bee we see her through a hole like we're looking into a bee hive. Watch for the W goddess dancing bee moves. The set's blank signs on stands are like honeycomb cells. The background grid presents XX figures and 8 rayed stars of Inanna. There are also upside down 5 point stars formed in the bottom row. Horus. Venus. Spirit into matter.

Her line about the changing cabin pressure alludes to bee flight in the hive, which regulates critical pressure-temperature variables. (PV=nRT for you chemistry buffs)

The following is from The Venus Blueprint: Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces by Richard Merrick. He writes the following about Rosslyn Chapel.

“We know the chapel is designed according to harmonic principles and that it resonates at specific frequencies compatible with its inner dimensions . We also know it is adorned with musical cubes, pentacles, musical cherubs, and beehives in the roof— all ancient fertility symbols for Venus. Given this, there could be secret funeral rites associated with Venus that require the chapel to be purified by heat in order to contain the purest music possible— the music carved into the cubes in the arches. These additional excerpts from Sir Walter Scott’s poem seem to confirm this connection to Venus and her mythical birth from the sea:

There are twenty of Roslin’s barons bold
Lie buried within that proud Chapelle;
Each one the holy vault doth hold—
But the sea holds lovely Rosabelle!
And each St. Clair was buried there,
With candle, with book and knell
But the sea-caves rung and the wild wings sung,
The dirge of lovely Rosabelle.

The name Rosabelle means “beautiful rose” and probably refers to the pentacle rose orbit pattern of Venus. Playing a purified dirge to Rosabelle, or Venus, could then have been a way to request assistance from the goddess to help the deceased baron into the afterlife. For the funeral dirge to work as an incantation or offering to the goddess, the chapel would naturally need to be tuned to Venus. This is where B and the bees come into the picture. First, it is important to know that honeybees are cold-blooded creatures and, as such, lack any kind of auto control over their body temperature. Because of this, the worker bees must contract flight muscles without moving their wings in order to keep the hive at a constant temperature. As it turns out, the temperature required to gestate the hive is about 33.888888 ° C or 93 ° F— the exact temperature needed to tune A-432 to the dimensions of the chapel. Honeybees are naturally resonant with A-432. So as a supreme offering to Venus, the chapel may well have been designed as a superheated, resonant honeycomb chamber tuned to A-432, thus providing a kind of spiritual launch pad for the Sinclair barons or, as Scott refers to them, “minstrels.” In particular, the dimensions could have been intended to amplify the sacred music of Venus’s children, the angelic honeybees, to invoke her assistance in reincarnating. Once heated, the chapel would become one with the hives on the roof, vibrating synchronously with the speed of sound inside the chapel. And in the process, the entire chapel would become an acoustical womb or gestation chamber believed to transmit the baron’s inner spirit into the outer cosmos of the gods.”

“You know that we won't be leaving you hangin'” - The “hanging goddess” is Ariadne, and Artemis. “You hangin'” - like a MARIONette.

“...don't worry oxygen flows” - Reverse the word “flow” to “wolf.” The wolf is linked to Apollo, and also with the Celtic goddess Morrighan, and Scottish, Cailleach.

“If you're traveling with someone” - The wanderer-traveler Viator, a Latin name from which is derived, Beatrice and Beatrix - BEE. Have you ever made a beeline for some destination?

CC = Code 33. At 2:40 the flight attendant does some dancing bee goddess moves while reminding of us of the VIRGIN's GI tract obsession: “Just in case we must evacuate.” That's followed by a line that emphasizes the killer bee militant Marian agenda - “We've got a plan of attack” - as well as making reference to the Beta-Delta programmed Illuminati army who will be led by the warrior goddess to do the Dance of Inanna - the bee dance where they swarm and sting their victims to death. See her toss the big dude in the leather and studs.

Virgin America. Queen of Heaven. Virgin America ~ VA ~ the opposing triangle letters that signal the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men, and the Virgin goddess with the god Amaru.

For something a little more laid back and old school, check out the dancing bee goddess in the music video for Blind Melon - No Rain.

The dancing girl wears a bee suit with the Venus loop trace on the front. The striped bands on her forearms are usually represented by many bracelets. Her frilly tutu is the rosette, the Venus Rose. She strikes the W pose a few times. Blind Melon also does the W - as a worker bee. At 2:13, she comes to a gate with a wreath of roses on it, and a crown of roses is a Rosary. The Rosette Seal of Inanna. It has Fibonacci spiral forms. Also, like Inanna's knot. She goes through the rose gate and enters into the presence of many bees dancing. An apiary (also known as a bee yard) is a place where beehives of honey bees are kept. There are honey bee yellow guitar “female” bodies. At the end she has been promoted to the status of the Queen Bee, the May Queen with the pole and ribbons.

And, speaking of ribbons...

This promotional imagery for the London Marathon, sponsored by Virgin, features plenty of goddess sex magick. The V with dot head and red heart (Valentine) are yonic, and the ribbon outlines her bottom. The runner is the dancing bee “virgin.” The heart is also the sodomite symbol. The X formed is the sign of the sun god, which calls out the supplemental mirrored RA (ARA) of Marathon. That also emphasizes the doubled ON endings, plus the third ON in London. On = Heliopolis.

The popular awareness ribbon is a goddess symbol. The loop is like the Venus trace loops, and the female genitalia and the astrological glyph for Virgo. The Virgin. Some ribbons present a down triangle in the loop, like the pubic patch of the goddess who crosses her legs in modesty. Several attributes of the “divine feminine” are evident in the phenomenal popularity of the awareness ribbon. Sensitivity and mothering, healing. The focus is on mortality, championing VICTORY over death, and a lot of emotion is evoked in connection with the ribbons, with ritual energy harvesting, and the harvesting of lives and funds, it must be said.

December 10th is the International Declaration of Human Rights Day and Breast Cancer Awareness. It's celebrated with the ringing of bells. Do you understand about bells? Mortality - Immortality. Magick. Fertility ritual. Bell = goddess and god fertility.

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