Sunday, August 10, 2014

Supermoon Ritual Alert & TrueNorth Neurosynaptic Super Computer & "The Principle"

Supermoon This Weekend To Be Biggest & Brightest

Pray as led. The full moon this weekend is a supermoon, and it will be exploited by those performing magic ritual at this time.The past few months have been supermoons, which is rare, but this one will be the largest.

IBM develops computer chip that 'functions like human brain' (DailyMail)


“IBM has developed a computer chip which it says will function like a human brain in a giant step forward for artificial intelligence.
TrueNorth is being hailed as the world’s first neurosynaptic computer chip because it can figure things out on its own.
The chip also has one million ‘neurons’ and could cram the same power as a super computer into a circuit the size of a postage stamp.
Experts said that it was as big an advance as the advent of supercomputers in the 1980.
Horst Simon, deputy director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, told the New York Times: ‘It is a remarkable achievement in terms of scalability and low power consumption’.
Modern processors have some 1.4 billion transistors and consume up to 140 watts but the IBM chip contains 5.4 billion transistors and uses just 70 milliwatts of power, meaning it is incredibly efficient.
TrueNorth will use closely interconnected ‘neurons’ just like the brain does meaning that it can work proactively to a level not seen before.
In addition to the one million ‘neurons’ it has 256 million programmable synapses, the most IBM has ever put in a chip.
Computers are now approaching the stage where they are considered ‘smarter’ than humans in many ways.
Earlier this year a computer programme passed the Turing Test for the first time, which is seen as a milestone in artificial technology.
Films like The Terminator have played on our fears about such technology - in the classic sci-fi thriller a computer system becomes self aware and launches nuclear strikes in an attempt to wipe out humanity, leading to a war between man and machines.
Ironically IBM’s cognitive computing programme is called SyNapse, which is similar to Skynet, the computer system in The Terminator.”

"The Principle" Documentary Trailer (Thanks Craig)

Controversial? Of course. "The Principle" - (Wikipedia)

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