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Mary's Dark Side and the Dance of Inanna

Epic of Gilgamesh: “If you refuse to give me the Bull of Heaven [then] I will break in the doors of hell and smash the bolts; there will be confusion [i.e., mixing] of people, those above with those from the lower depths. I shall bring up the dead to eat food like the living; and the hosts of the dead will outnumber the living."

If thou openest not the gate to let me enter,
I will break the door, I will wrench the lock,
I will smash the door-posts, I will force the doors.
I will bring up the dead to eat the living.
And the dead will outnumber the living.”

(Jastrow, Morris. "Descent of the Goddess Ishtar into the Lower World" (The Civilization of Babylonia and Assyria, 1915). Sacred-Texts. 2 June 2002.) (Wikipedia - Ishtar)

Mary? Yikes! Keep that in mind.

Here's another window of insight, equally relevant and more current. CAVEAT: Disturbing content: Meet Brooklyn's Voodou Queen: Edeline St. Armand

“Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, and goddess of the E-Anna temple at the city of Uruk, her main centre. ... She also is one of the Sumerian war deities: "She stirs confusion and chaos against those who are disobedient to her, speeding carnage and inciting the devastating flood, clothed in terrifying radiance. It is her game to speed conflict and battle, untiring, strapping on her sandals." Battle itself is sometimes referred to as "the dance of Inanna." (Wikipedia - Inanna)”

Bees dance, and sting, and the Queen Bee can sting over and over again.

The dance of Inanna. Have you seen the 2011 film, SuckerPunch? It's a pretty obvious metaphor.

How about the lyrics of “Price Tag” by Jessie J? Watch the music video - MARIONettes, Venus top, dancing with the Moon... Why the "toy" soldiers? Hmmmmm. Dance, regardless of the cost, because the Beta-Delta programmed Marian soldiers of the Black Awakening are expendable.

“We just wanna make the world dance, Forget about the price tag
We need to take it back in time, When music made us all unite!”

Who unites but the ancient Marian goddess? Jessie J is a dancing bee goddess, doing the bent elbow moves. Getting nectar from the fruitful money tree. The Price Tag is a 6 sided figure, a HEXagram, like a cell of honeycomb. Like the price tag logo for Best Buy. (Starlight) Yellow - honeycomb cell 6 sided polygon. Best Buy ~ BB ~ bees ~ Be(e)s -t buy

Puss in Boots - Dance Fight Scene between Puss and Kitty Soft Paws (Sex Kitten Beta-Delta), on a mosaic of an owl (Inanna-Athena) in a bar (Inanna) serving milk (Hathor-Dairy Queen - cow goddess)

Serenity-Firefly - River Tam is a weaponized deadly young lady with graceful moves who looks quite harmless.

No real dancing is involved in this one, but it's worth noting here because she's a goddess weapon.
The Fifth Element - LILU (related to Lilit, Lilith, Lili, Lilitu). The 5th Element in the obvious context is spirit.

Do you understand about the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus? Charity? No, that's just a cover. How about the seditious Jesuits and their fomenting of revolution?

Militant Marian Devotees - A Catholic Classic by St.Louis de Montfort

Finally, a few misc. recent news items of interest.

Spacecraft Rosetta catches up to comet after 10-year chase - “ probe Rosetta’s Osiris narrow-angle camera” More Space Sex Magick!
Rosetta = Rose Goddess Isis

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Remembers His Promises - (He has a people in the land, even though all are not Israel who lay claim to being Israel.)

1,000-member secretive progressive journalist group uncovered - Special interests

‘God is angry with Liberia,’ local religious leaders say, blaming Ebola on ‘homosexualism’ - Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

Doctor Doom, Eric Pianka, Receives Standing Ovation from Texas Academy of Science

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  1. CCM MUSICIANS CALL GOD “OUR MOTHER” (Friday Church News Notes, August 8, 2014,,, 866-295-4143) - CCM musicians Michael Gungor and Nichole Nordeman are members of The Liturgies, “a collective of creators working together to make thoughtful liturgical work.” Both names were listed on The Liturgies web site under “Who” when I did this research on June 7, 2014. One of The Liturgies is “God Our Mother,” which includes the following words: “To know only the Father God would be like seeing the bright, dazzling sun, but never the stars spreading across the sky like so much fairy dust. God our Mother, reaching out to us with those hands--mother hands, strong and coursing with love, binding up wounds and soothing scrapes, holding us together, holding us safe. God our Mother, feeding us, nourishing us, giving us what we need to grow and thrive, taking care of us in big and small ways, seeing us, knitting us back together with love and grace when we’ve been broken. God our Mother, believing in us” (See Website). The goal of The Liturgies is to create an “apophatic meditation” that enables the practitioner to “experience a connection with God.” The lyrics are accompanied by New Age-style music that is potentially trance inducing. The Liturgies are associated with contemplative prayer practices that come from Roman Catholic monasticism. The objective is to find God “beyond human language.” This is blind mysticism and is a recipe for spiritual disaster. The “god” that is encountered beyond the language of Scripture is an idol.