Friday, August 08, 2014

Part 4 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - In Plain Sight

This series is devoted to signs that are hidden but I want to point out how goddess imagery is embedded in our culture in ways that are sometimes so obvious that it is overlooked.

In the news today we find ISIS named in connection with “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” and this is the manifest work of the revolution sponsoring goddess, the dance of Inanna.

The celestial goddess who unites the nations is named in connection with the ISS (International Space Station), which literally brings men and woman of the nations together in the heavens. Say ISS a few times. Listen for Isis. Right. ISS = 9+19+19 = 47. The 47th Problem of Euclid: Isis+Osiris=Horus. The orbiting hub is being serviced by the SpaceX Dragon, powered by Falcon 9. Say SpaceX a few times. Space Sex. The Space Sex Dragon - services ISS-Isis. Falcon 9 (Horus) falls back to earth as part of its job.

The ISIS wallet continues to make the news. See Part 11 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! ISIS Mobile Commerce Network and Isis Mobile Wallet for some decoding of their imagery.

The second most populous city in South Africa has a rosette (of Venus-Inanna-Isis-Mary...) for a symbol. In 2013 they unveiled ISIS. “Last year, the City of Cape Town unveiled its newly developed Integrated Spatial Information System (ISIS). ISIS is a world class integrated property data management system.” There's Mary, integrating, collecting, unifying, with the goal of facilitating management. There's a theme.

There are many towns named after Mary like Marysville, Marystown, Mariaville, Marianna, Marion, etc. There's a state called Maryland, as well as many other goddess named places. Los Angeles is really, La Ciudad de la Reina de los Angeles, which means, “The City of the Queen of the Angels.” That's the city of Mary, of course. The state of Virginia, the Virgin Islands; we typically ignore this kind of identification but we must not overlook such as this if we would perceive the scope and scale of her influence.

The sixth most wealthy man in the UK is Richard Branson, according to Forbes in 2012. His vast empire encompasses brands that are labeled, VIRGIN. It's all about the virgin goddess, by one name, Mary. The Virgin Group comprises more than 400 companies. There was his first, Virgin Records. He sold that off in 1992, but later reentered the business with the creation of V2 Records. Take a wild guess what the V stands for. There's Virgin Megastores, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Mobile, Virgin America, Virgin Blue-Virgin Australia, Virgin Express, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Trains, Virgin Fuels, Virgin Comics, Virgin Health Banks...

The Virgin Blue fleet features flag flying goddesses in the nose art. Richard Branson is a bit of a rebel and he's led kind of a revolution in business practice. Hmmmm. This all seems so familiar. Liberty Leading the People?

The images of the Virgin Mary are usually accompanied by a cross, like the Rosary. The Virgin logo is the cross formed at the descender of the letter g. Goddess. The Virgin goddess of the cross. Red is the color, Rose-blood red. Red Rose Virgin Mary.The Virgin Media includes the rainbow of the dimensional bridging construct. The infinity sign relates to the solar and lunar analemma, and it's a sign of immortality connected with goddess resurrection.


  1. Very good Bob, that got me thinking of pop songs about mary. There's lots of them. Cross eyed mary from jethro tull came to mind. Along with let it be from the beatles(they had a bunch of weird songs)

    1. "Cross-eyed Mary," right! "Let It Be" - that's a major one, right out in the open. Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven - the "May Queen" is another - and there's so many more with references right in the lyrics.

      Nursery rhymes too. Mary had a little lamb, Mary, Mary quite contrary...