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Part 3 - Decoding Coldplay's Strawberry Swing - Wonderland's Goddess

Anything that follows Part 2 in this series is going to be rather anticlimactic, but yet there's more of value to be added. There's more goddess Queen Bee resurrection imagery, biblical modeling of celestial stargates and battles in the heavens, and I've hardly even introduced the Illuminati programming layer. The enemies of the Creator know plenty about what's coming, and in the usual way they put the plot on exhibit for the working of theurgistic ritual magick - concealing it in symbol yet revealing it to those who can interpret the meaning.

Here's the official video, Coldplay - Strawberry Swing.

The theme of resurrection was highlighted in parts 1 and 2, with a focus on the modeling of the baptism of the lawless one. Baptism is itself a resurrection model. Occult writers claim the bee and hive symbolism suggests resurrection. It's about Isis raising Osiris into Horus. Emphasis is put on role of the fertile goddess as the Queen Bee, and also on the worker bees' role in the pollination that is essential for life on this planet, and also on the healing and embalming properties of honey. This is why we find subtle imagery of the bee as one of the prevailing themes, with other complementary references to the goddess who is worshiped by the producers of the video.

The queen rescued by the superhero is Venus. She is in the half-teacup filling with water, wearing the crown of five rays. Venus, Stella Maris, the star of the sea. The number five is silently signaled by Venus as the planet moves through the heavens. Her symbols appear in scenes as the moon and the sea from which she was birthed. When Chris uses the umbrella as a boat, allusion is made to the scallop shell as pictured in Botticelli's classic, The Birth of Venus. When Chris is swallowed by the sea monster. Before we see it as a fish it's recognized as a lion, as famously marking the approach to the Gate of Ishtar. It's actually a lion fish, strengthening the association further.

As described in the previous posts, inside the lion-fish goddess is a hat wearing fish, Dagon-Venus-Pope. The Star of Inanna is pictured in the manhole cover. The ceiling fan is another version of the star, and the "starfish" goddess symbol is made as the fish walks right under it. Liberty-Marianne appears as in the Delacroix painting.

The goddess Ariadne is referenced as the goddess who provides the exit for Chris to emerge from the pipe and stove-pipe hat. It's based upon the legend of Theseus as he kills the Minotaur. The success of that mission depended on Ariadne, who provided a way out of the labyrinth, which was represented in the video by the winding path of the plumbing. With an understanding of Illuminati programming, you should be able to identify the scene where Chris is peacefully sitting on the stove-pipe hat of Delacroix in the presence of Liberty, while she is leading the people in violent revolution. When a mind-controlled slave is sodomized with a crucifix it's called, The Peace of Mary.

When the superhero enters the cloud-castle and sneaks across the room, he passes a painting of the Mona Lisa. The name is a doubled reference to the goddess. Mona is derived from Madonna. Lisa is another name linked to the goddess. Leonardo da Vinci painted her with the famously ambiguous smile and with eyes that some experts claim are painted with a special stereo technique. They seem to follow you. He was an esoteric master, creating the Last Supper and the Vitruvian Man in addition to the Mona Lisa. He embedded secrets in his art. His patrons were significant, and he had relationships with agents of the Vatican. Mona Lisa is a tribute to the goddess.

Strawberry Swing's captive queen is the Queen Bee. The superhero is a bee. He falls to earth when the squirrel snips off his cape because his bee wings were cut off. He gets new wings, being regenerated when he rescues the Queen Bee and dons the membrane that held the water in her chamber. They fly off together, and her appearance is also bee-like, with bee-banded stockings. They land on the moon (goddess) and celebrate Liberty and Freedom together, performing the bent-elbow bee dance.

They kiss in the midst of butterflies. (Butterfly Kisses) (TomorrowWorld's logo, a Rose-Butterfly)

“Another insect even more closely associated with Ariadne was the bee. She was in fact the survival of an extremely ancient Bee Goddess known all over the region. Sometimes called Melissa (Melitodes was also a title of Persephone) and representing the bee swarm that manifested the lifeforce of Nature, while also retaining the power of death in its stings. Bees were also thought to have been born from the carcass of a dead bull, and so represented the eternal lifeforce of the Bull God who went through cycles of life and death. Ariadne was thus the Shakti of Dionysos (who himself was identical with Shiva). The cymbal and drums of Rhea were also said to attract and dispel swarms of bees. More Dionysian, bees were the produces of honey the sacred nectar of the Goddess, which was fermented into the mead on which Ariadne’s devotees became intoxicated during their famous orgies. Long before wine was invented. The prototype of Dionysos was a Libyan mead god too. Honey was also used for embalming in Libya demonstrating the interelation of life and death. A honey rite was closely linked to the rising of Sirius, when initiates descended in underground caverns to find bees nests and take honey from them, which were then brought to the surface and fermented for forty days (and nights) to make mead (which they then became intoxicated on). Linguistically the Greek word To Ker related to the honeycomb, and also meant heart and breast, while E Ker meant death and fate and was associated with the Underworld Goddess.”

“The stylised bee also had the same form as the labrys, the double headed axe of the Goddess, which in turn was merged in art to the stylised form of the butterfly (another life – death motiff), the latter descending from an ancient Neolithic Butterfly Goddess (often accompanied by two winged dogs) representing regeneration. Artemis also descended from this archetype and was closely associated with Ariadne.”

Apollo and Artemis are suggested in the aerial battle scene's arrows, and the umbrella used a shield implies the protection of the goddess as Athena-Minerva. I'll expand on this shortly, but arrows are a reference to warriors. St. Louis de Montfort uses this language to describe the Marian agents in the classic work I referenced at the close of part 2, True Devotion to Mary. “They shall be "like sharp arrows in the hand of the powerful" Mary, to pierce Her enemies.” Arrows ~ bees with stingers. Both sides of that spiritual conflict have arrows.

The many clouds make reference to her identity as the wife of Odin, Frigga, goddess of the clouds. (CHAPTER XIX Friday--The Day of Freya) In the castle-fortress in the clouds, the acorn bomb makes reference to the oak and seed of the oak, Odin and Thor.

Instead of the rose imagery leveraged by Vida la Vida, this music video presents a much more subtle allusion to the goddess, through the strawberry. The flower of the strawberry presents the pentagram star. It compares to the rose as another flower drawn by the planetary motion, and to the apple. The title, Strawberry Swing, refers to the swinging of Venus through the heavens as it draws out the flower of the strawberry. I note how the strawberry depends heavily upon the bee. Do an image search for strawberry bee. Read this brochure, Bee pollination benefits for strawberry. The bee and strawberry are linked!

There are several ways the goddess is identified in connection with Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland tales. The parallels exposed here could be explored at great length, even ignoring the central role it has on the mind-control programming layer. I'll just make a few observations that pertain to the goddess identity.

The crown wearing female inside the half teacup is Alice, at the Mad Hatter's tea party in Wonderland.

In, Alice in Wonderland, Disney's animated version from 1951, the Mad Hatter offers the March Hare some tea. In response, he slices a teacup in half and replies, “Just half a cup, if you don't mind.”

Across from the half teacup is a grandfather clock, on the other side of the giant squirrel. It leans against a column with the pendulum resting against the side of the cabinet. The clock has stopped, which is a metaphor for time standing still. This element supports the identification of the queen as Alice. In the Mad Hatter's tea party scene of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter reveals that they have tea all day because Time has punished him by eternally standing still at 6 pm (tea time).

Carroll's work wasn't nonsense. The March Hare and the White Rabbit picture Hermes, the psychopomp Anubis. The obsession with time is a tell. Rabbits are prolific breeders. His fantasy presents Alice in the role of the fertility goddess who is connected with the Easter bunny, Eastre, Oestre...

For another connection, in Through the Looking-Glass, in Chapter 7, "A Mad Tea-Party," Alice reveals that the date is "the fourth" and that the month is "May." Strawberry Swing's captive queen was tied to a pole, the spiral bound May pole, as the May Queen.

When you hear in the lyrics of Strawberry Swing, “such a perfect day,” it must be seen on one level as a reference to “the golden afternoon” when the Wonderland fantasy literature was inspired. Charles Dodgson was rowing on the river Isis in 1862 in the company of Alice Liddell, the introductory poem's Secunda, with her two sisters and the Reverend Robinson Duckworth. The Strawberry Swing's masked superhero was using a red paddle as he ascended to the princess in an Isis adventure.

By identifying the captive queen as Alice we can make another link to the goddess. Disney's Alice in Wonderland includes scenes taken from Through the Looking Glass (1871), the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865). During the scenes with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and the Carpenter and Walrus and Dodo, she has a conversation with the White Rabbit, who is expressing some confusion about identity.

Alice: Now I wonder who lives here...
White Rabbit: Mary Ann! Drat that girl. Where did she put 'em? Mary Ann!
Alice: The rabbit!
White Rabbit: Mary Ann! No use, can't wait, I'm awfully late, oh me oh my oh me oh my!
Alice: Excuse me sir, but- but I've been trying to...
White Rabbit: Why, Mary Ann! What are you doing out here?
Alice: Mary Ann?

Consider the identification of Alice as Mary Ann. Mary - the blessed virgin of Rome. Ann - Inanna. Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People is Marianne, patroness of France.

“Liberty Leading the People,” pictured the revolution of 1870, and was painted in that same year. Alice Through the Looking Glass was published in 1871. I believe another period connection involves the literary giant and acclaimed artist, William Blake. ("And did those feet in ancient time") On the Wikipedia page for that poem is a section titled, Revolution, which describes him as a long time revolutionary who supported the Napoleonic wars and French Revolution.

Along with "The Red Flag", Parry's setting of Blake's classic poem to music as “Jerusalem” is sung each year at the closing of the annual Labour Party conference. See Our Lady of the Nations for why that's significant in connection with the goddess. The following facts should speak loudly to the work of the goddess, Liberty, Freedom, social activism in revolution led by “their rebellion,” Mary. “The song was used by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (indeed it was their property until 1928, when they were wound up after women won the right to vote – see above in relation to Millicent Garret Fawcett). During the 1920s, many Women's Institutes (WI) started closing meetings by singing it, and this caught on nationally. Although it has never actually been adopted as the WI's official anthem, in practice it holds that position, and is an enduring element of the public image of the WI.”

The radical suffragettes were an army of militants.

Jerusalem was featured during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Strawberry Swing was performed during the closing ceremony, framing the ZION labeled (logo) games in that esoteric context.

Last night, I watched The Bee Movie, where the rebel protagonist, Barry B. Benson, closely followed Blake's revolutionary social action script. A true follower of the rebel Queen Bee.

The Strawberry Swing video is a deep esoteric work that is akin to the Viva la Vida videos. Goddess inspired, through and through.

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