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Olympic YOG DNA = ANY GOD - Another Opening Ceremony in China

Even in the midst of the apparent catastrophic failure of the present world order, the world just can't seem to get enough of the Olympics. Saturday night, I watched the opening ceremony for the The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games, in Nanjing, China. It was impressive on every level. The 2008 Summer Games in Beijing had set the bar unapproachably high for scale, but every other aspect of the presentation seemed to meet or exceed everything that has come before it. The projection technique that paints the stadium with imagery seems to be at least as good as in Sochi, even in the rain. A new technology projected animated 3D imagery into the air that was incredibly vivid. It was impressive for the broadcast audience and for those inside the stadium.

You can watch the entire ceremony online in HD. The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games

My interest in the show goes way beyond the superficial entertainment value. The ceremonial entertainment along with every other aspect of the Nanjing Olympic Games represents yet another Theurgistic mass ritual and “energy harvest” that is making the world ready to receive their (false) savior Apollo, son of Zeus, a subject that has been well documented on this blog and on I'll just be touching on a few of the more notable elements in this post.

If you've been following this blog you should be very aware of the pending great hoax appointed for 2015. The opening ceremony was called “Light up the Future,” and it really bore witness to the hoax that will set the stage for the introduction and welcoming of the Antichrist beast. It will be a lighting of our very near future with Luciferian illumination, the illumination of Mary, which they demonstrate to us during the ceremony in a limited fashion. As described previously, a combination real and unreal imagery will be projected as a live global stream filtered from out of the past, present and future. The pan-media broadcast will be attended by a supernaturalism that will cause all but the elect to be deceived. (2 Thessalonians 2) If people do not even now perceive what is considered to be entertainments as the ritual modeling it really is, how can they possibly resist what's coming? If you don't know how to avoid being deceived in that hour, you just haven't been paying attention.

Before I address the ceremonial symbolism, let's consider the branding imagery for the games. It looks simple but it's layered with Occult meaning. I've already written at length about the meaning of the Olympic rings, presenting the truncated pyramid that invites Zeus and Apollo, and the fertility goddess, raising Osiris into Horus (Code 47). The dialog box framing the YOG (Youth Olympic Games) DNA script also signals Code 47, accenting the signal right triangle. The numbers produced by the two frames create an instance of Code 13 in a way that distinctly sets it within the context of the goddess. The first frame has 5 sides. The second has 8. Together, there are 13. It's the rebel lord beast signal, as produced by the goddess. Venus traces out a 5 point rosette in exactly 8 earth years, which requires 13 of its own orbits around the sun. The series of 5-8-13 are a Fibonacci set, which is why the spiral is used as a symbol of the goddess who raises Osiris into Horus. The frames speak to me of SD cards, memory chips, which I believe is intended because the Occult imagery attending the Games is literally transferring collective memories.

The 2 letters “n” in the stylized title “nanjing” are arches that represent the Gates of China. The Gate of Nanjing was built in the 14th century (13 hundreds) and is one of the city's thirteen in total. Historically, it's a big deal, and there's that number 13 again. It's known as the Gate of China, of the whole nation. By coloring the letters and the framing gates of the letters n they are suggesting stargates, and this is established very early in the opening ceremony in a video that features the rainbow mascot traveling the rainbow bridge, passing between two pillars, followed by a crowd. (Not unlike London 2012.) It's a familiar scene. The stargates open and the Horus-lawless one travels down through the Gemini Silver Gate, followed by a horde.

The dragon framed armillary sphere plays a very important role in the ceremony, and this early scene creates the fundamental association with stargate transit events.

Let's give the branding of the Games some more consideration. The city of On is highlighted in the way YOG DNA is arranged. It's where the Olympian Apollo was worshiped as the sun god by other names like Helios, Amun Ra and Horus. Aaron noted that YOG DNA is a simple anagram for “ANY GOD,” and I believe that's the primary signification. Worship any god but the one true God - that's a fundamental message that's easily gleaned from the Olympics. Idolatry. Worship any and every god. Another signification is GOY DNA, which is a reference to the gene pool exclusive of Israel. (A non-Yahweh tree without their inheritance) The word, ZION, that is typically encoded in Olympic logos refers to a hijacked version of what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has promised His chosen people. I believe another intended anagram is, GAY NOD, because homosexuality is a key part of the agenda that advances the world toward the welcoming of their false savior.

The climax of the opening ceremony is always the lighting of the Cauldron. The preparation for this involved high ritual throughout! See Our Lady of the Olympics to learn how this honoring of the flame is an ancient magickal ritual that involves the goddess of many names - Hestia, Hecate, Artemis - aka Mary.

The “sacred” flame was lit and dedicated ceremonially on Mt. Olympus in the customary way, on April 30, 2014. Check the Zeus (Satanic) calendar and you'll discover that it's the greatest Witches' Sabbat! It's Beltane Eve connected with Walpurgisnacht, Roodmas Day and the Grand Climax. Don't think that's unintended.

For these games, 90 million people virtually and ritualistically carried the torch because of the provision made for engagement. “The torch relay was divided into two parts. The first part was a digital relay where people who downloaded an app were able to participate in the relay through an interactive option called "Give Me Fire." When using this feature users were able to pass the Youth Olympic flame to their friends by touching their devices together. The relay visited 258 different online locations from the 204 participating NOCs over a 98 day period.” (Wikipedia)

The torch is known as the "Gate of Happiness." A structure resembling a city gate is found on the top part of the torch. There's the stargate, a kind of Tower of Babel. The torch is a phallic symbol, of Osiris. (Gate of) Happiness = haPENIS = reproductive sex magick with the torch goddess produces Horus ~ opens the eye of Horus, illuminating the world.

The Cauldron was lit in a way that had never been done before, which compares somewhat to the way the flame was sourced directly from the gods in heaven. The fire was started in Greece using a parabolic mirror to focus the sun's rays. When the Cauldron located above and adjacent to the Olympic Stadium was lit last night, it was when the last torch bearer touched that flame to a point on a special structure, which carried the flame around and to its top. The pyrotechnics were designed to launch fireworks, and like flaming arrows, they carried the Sacred Flame from that structure inside the stadium up to the Cauldron, lighting it with the flame that had been ritually sourced from the gods in the heavens on Walpurgisnacht. When you understand the structure as a representation of the gods in heaven and the fireworks as the fallen angel gods, you see how the ritual granted the gods another direct agency in lighting the Olympic Park, which must enhance the potency of the sacred flame's illuminating effect.

These images show the burning Cauldron as it's just been lit, then shortly after as the structure has gone fully neon - light activated.

The structure features an armillary sphere. That object has a central role throughout most of the ceremony. The central character, the “protagonist” who pursues the ancient dream carries one around. Early on, we're told this object was used to locate celestial bodies. The models we see during the ceremony are supposed to be referencing the one from the Yuan Dynasty (probably made in the 13 hundreds) found in Nanjing's Purple Mountain Observatory, along with the telescope replicated on the opposite side of the Olympic stadium.

More is meant by the device than to indicate a merely astronomical function. The key is in understanding its use in astrology and divination, and identifying the ancient gods as the celestial bodies. It is a universal idol that honors the host of heaven. Olympism is a religion, as the Baron Pierre de Coubertin insisted.

I write plenty about the 2nd Commandment and the consequences we reap unto ourselves for disobedience. It's bundled together with the command against the idolatry of worshiping the celestial bodies, which are more than simply lights in the sky. They represent the host of heaven, spiritual entities, angels.

15 “So watch yourselves carefully, since you did not see any form on the day the Lord spoke to you at Horeb from the midst of the fire, 16 so that you do not act corruptly and make a graven image for yourselves in the form of any figure, the likeness of male or female, 17 the likeness of any animal that is on the earth, the likeness of any winged bird that flies in the sky, 18 the likeness of anything that creeps on the ground, the likeness of any fish that is in the water below the earth. 19 And beware not to lift up your eyes to heaven and see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, and be drawn away and worship them and serve them, those which the Lord your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven. ~ Deuteronomy 4:15-19

Those ringing the top of the columned armillary sphere represent the gods in the heavens, the celestial bodies. That's why there's an army of Nike goddess priestesses worshiping at the object, which is a temple. They are bathed in a waves of light of a roseate hue, as would have been heard in the singing of the Olympic Hymn. They are wreathing the gods who sponsor the Games.

Compare it with the famed scene from antiquity that was found on the ceiling of the portico at Dendera, in Egypt.

The producers of these Occult entertainments practice Theurgy. They exalt the celestial bodies to exploit the Seirai that unite the Orders of Being according to the direction they receive from that other realm of the spirit.

“Additionally the theurgist sought to ascend into the presence of the gods by using symbols, signs, words, sounds, godly materials called seirai (chords, chains, "processions") which united Orders of beings with Celestial bodies, "A Great Chain of Being." The practice of theurgy would only convey influence from the gods if the symbols and rituals used were taught by the gods. This is why Plato said 'great power of geometric equality exists amongst both gods and men.'”
(The David Flynn Collection - Kindle Edition)

Another student of the arcane noted the following.

“By the Principle of Continuity we can see that there must be a connection between the "highest" and "lowest" realms, between the One and Matter, and connecting all things in between. These are the divine Seirai (Chords, Chains, "Processions"), which unite the Orders of Being. Thus we have connections with the Celestial Bodies and are influenced by Them, who in turn convey influences from the Gods; this is the basis of astrology. We are all connected in the 'Great Chain of Being.'”
(A Summary of Pythagorean Theology by John Opsopaus)

The influences from the gods are being conveyed. Can you accept it? That declaration is entirely consistent with biblical revelation. This is why we see the same messages in symbol language repeating over and over again, in a seemingly endless variety of ways. The streams of narrative flow together like tributaries into a mighty river. The diverse masses are borne along in the collective flow, being readied to be poured out into their appointed destination. The Great Harlot Mystery Babylon sits on many waters.

As Aaron and I reviewed what we had been seeing during the ceremony, he noted how the armillary sphere temple resembled the machine built in the film, Contact (1997). As I explored the association it became apparent that the producers of the film and those responsible for the Olympic Ceremony were basically working off the same notes. Contact was based on Carl Sagan's best selling novel of the same name (published in 1985). From Carl's Wikipedia bio: “His contributions were central to the discovery of the high surface temperatures of Venus. However, he is best known for his contributions to the scientific research of extraterrestrial life...” Carl Sagan was involved with the film production but died before it was completed. He “knew stuff.”

The film stars Jodie Foster as Ellie Arroway. She was dropped (gravity) from a crane-like platform (pedestal) into a machine that looked like the Olympic armillary sphere. That was a stargate, built from the blueprints furnished by aliens) that transported her through a wormhole. She visited a distant place where she had interaction with a being she recognized as a dead ancestor (her father). There's a time manipulation because no time passed on earth during the event, while 18 hours (6+6+6) passed in her experience as the traveler. The fiery ARROWay was shot from the machine through a wormhole to reach her heavenly target. Likewise, flaming arrows were shot from the armillary sphere temple toward their target in the heavens. And, with everything else I'm noting, that can't be just a coincidence.

In the scene of the film where extraterrestrial contact is being discovered, the first content recognized in the coded digital message received from space is a video clip from a historical television broadcast. Claimed to be the very first television broadcast, it showed Adolf Hitler's brief address at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. So, it was the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The opening ceremony of the Olympics. There's a connection. You got that, right? There will be another link made, with Hitler, so keep that in mind.

It is a fact that Hitler officially opened those Games with these words, “I proclaim the Games of Berlin, celebrating the eleventh Olympiad of the modern era, to be open.” This is the translation from German, of course. In the film version, the character played by William Fichtner interpreted his message as, "I declare the Games in Berlin, at the celebration of the first Olympics of the new era, as open." I wonder if the Games in Nanjing where an allusion to this film was made through this armillary sphere temple might be considered as the first of a new era. With Sochi's Olympics and Paralympics past, I thought that particular body of ritual work was done. I was surprised to discover the YOG ceremony, stumbling upon it while I was programming the DVR to record some shows. Providence. Thank you Lord!

In Contact, William Fichtner's character was named Kent Clark. He was blind, but he had exceptional inSIGHT. You really have to “see” what's going on here and identify him with Clark Kent, the DC Comics character who wore fake glasses as a disguise to conceal his alter identity as Superman. He pretended to have poor eyesight but he really had X-ray vision. Make the connections here - Übermensch. Lebensborn = “Wellspring or Fount of Life” --- Hitler assigned his SS agent Heinrich Himmler to carry out this breeding program. Hitler made a profession to the effect that this effort was really about the hybridized line of the fallen angels, Nephilim. In the context of the Olympics, it's the agenda of populating the world with the gods of Olympus and their offspring.

Contact also contained video clips of President Bill Clinton (2 terms spanning 1993-2001) that were sourced from televised broadcasts. These caused some controversy. His digitally composited image, with his messages, were edited and set within quite another context to adapt the meaning for their purposes. Think about how that supports what I've presented about the coming hoax as a segue to the revealing of the lawless one! Reinterpreting the past in a broadcast of edited historical content. Bill Clinton. Alien contact. He was heard to say, “We will continue to listen closely to what it has to say as we continue the search for answers and for knowledge that is as old as humanity itself but essential to our people's future.” Hmmmm. ...“as old as humanity itself but essential to our people's future.” He was also heard to say, “We are monitoring what has actually happened.” Think about it. Beans are being spilled here.

You can watch the clips I referenced from Contact that feature Adolph Hitler and Bill Clinton here. The real Adolf Hitler and the real Bill Clinton in Contact

That's quite a pairing. Both, antichrists.

The following extract provides some useful insight.

“Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels (July 19, 1874 - April 22, 1954) was a Austrian occultist, former Cistercian monk, and founder of the Ariosophy movement. He was a friend of student of Guido von List. Lanz von Liebenfels helped found the "Guido-von-List-Gesellschaft" (Guido von List society) in 1905 and in 1907 he founded the "Ordo Novi Templi" (Order of the New Templars). He published the magazine 'Ostara', regularly read by Adolf Hitler. The magazine was founded in 1905 by Lanz, (name of the German goddess of Easter spring) took a huge spread in the German countries, reaching runs over 100,000 copies. It appeared in two series, from 1905 to 1917, eighty-nine numbers and published from 1922 to 1927, with twelve more numbers In 1904, he published his book 'Theozoologie' in which he glorified the "Aryan race" as "Gottmenschen" ("god-men"). Liebenfels proposed the existence of the Gotter-Elektron (the Electron of the Gods), which was a cosmic life force - also known as the 'vril' - which would only be found in the pure blooded Aryans, and which would be capable of transforming them into the Übermensch. Liebenfels states that "the Aryans are the masterpiece of the gods, and are endowed with supernatural and paranormal, powers derived from the Grail (Gotter-Elektron) emanating from 'centres of power' that confer absolute supremacy over any other creature. The emblem that Liebenfels chose to use was the swastika. ”

The Genesis of Übermensch (

So, Hitler read von Liebenfels' magazine, “Ostara” (and took that same symbol for his Nazi party, the swastika). Ostara, that's Isis-Mary, Our Lady of the Olympics.

During the YOG DNA Games, the name Mary was heard many times in NLP rich dialogue throughout the entertainments (NBC Olympics production). It was always cloaked in the pretext of naming the commentator, Mary Carillo. I noted how the goddess of war and “their rebellion” was signaled when the color guard marched out to raise the national flag of China. It's a red flag. See Our Lady of the Nations. Red China is communist. The Queen of All unites all into one. The flag features 5 point stars, 5 of them. Horus, and Venus. The blood red Venus rose. The goddess was evoked throughout as the symbol rich flags of the nations were given plenty of broadcast coverage. When the Olympic rings symbol was dramatically created it was done through expanding concentric rings to pass first through a momentary formation of the triquetra, the triple goddess symbol and signal of the triple helix DNA that will characterize beast and mark of the beast genetics.

I'm going to repeat an excerpt from “Liebenfels proposed the existence of the Gotter-Elektron (the Electron of the Gods), which was a cosmic life force - also known as the 'vril' - which would only be found in the pure blooded Aryans, and which would be capable of transforming them into the Übermensch.” Gotter-Elektron, the Electron of the Gods. Think, god particle, the Higgs Boson and CERN's LHC collider. During the opening ceremony, I believe the LHC was illustrated to us as the key to opening up the Silver Gate.

Recall the award medals from London, 2012.

See the armillary sphere as a standard model of the atom with orbiting electrons. Light beams were fired from the telescope like a laser cannon, representing the high energy particle beams fired from the accelerator. When the Cauldron was about to be lit, the light emitting telescope was aimed at the armillary sphere, and there was an impending particle collision! Consider the Gotter-Elektron - Vril - the Übermensch. When you see this image of the dragon legged armillary sphere behind the rainbow bridge I captured from the opening video segment, let it speak to you of the role of the LHC's particle collider in opening the stargate. That's the message implied. The YOG DNA rainbow clothed transdimensional antichrist mascot is a motion blur as he makes his from beyond, with a horde following after. Other entities will stream through. Ultimately the beast that will result in that antichrist spirit's incursion will be reproduced through DNA replication, his mark, and many duped humans will become hosts, avatars.

The runner with the torch bearing the sacred flame climbed up on a platform with other runners. Four runners in red attended her on the open upper deck, and others were visible inside the platform. Human ritual energy was represented, I believe, and the spirits of the underworld. The 5 on the deck represent Horus, and the goddess, and everyone in the world. The light of the torch is the Sacred Flame of Apollo carried by the Olympian goddess.

The platform moved across the stadium toward the atomic sphere. See the torch as the particle emitted from CERN's LHC. The flame is the inherent Vril Gotter-Elektron, the God Particle. When the flame reached the atomic particle construct, the torch was touched to a special place to trigger the pyrotechnics. There was an explosion, the particle collision. The result was spectacular as the collision reaction resulted in the intended illumination of the Olympic park, creating the Temple of Zeus under the roseate hue. The stargate opened and Horus came through. The people of the world were illuminated with opened eyes of Horus. The lawless one was received and celebrated, applauded by the masses. And so it will be in reality, as modeled by the IOC specialists in Theurgy.

When we see this image painted into the atmosphere we should consider the energy harvested from the human power cone as being channeled into the heavens from Purple Mountain's telescope and armillary sphere. The sky donut is a torus, the Silver Gate. In a flash, it was replaced by a momentary image of a starry seed-like object. A seed has been planted. The Tower of Babel gambit failed once, but the Memory Tower of Beijing's Olympic closing ceremony (seen in this image) and this impressive human cone sequence in Nanjing aren't for naught.


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