Saturday, February 04, 2012

Part 3 - The Sodomite Gateway - Look Out Below!

Caveat, if you haven't read the first two posts yet, I strongly recommend doing so before you continue.

This Horus Eye EPA logo is, at a distance, an eye with the globe as the pupil of the greater eye framed by the encircling text. It's also a dotted "i" of Horus, with the flower stem as the ascender and the globe as the dot. The sun rising on the horizon inside the flower head signals the dawn of the messianic sun god. One of the sex magick elements embedded in this logo presents the leaf structure as a butterfly (female genitalia) and the stem as the penetrating phallus. A point could be made for this operating as a pentacle, as well as a magickal hex seal. This is one evil logo!

The folks behind the EPA testify with their logo that they have attained the secret of John Dee's glyph. Matching the four elements represented in Dee's magickal glyph, the EPA version has the sun as fire, plus water, air and earth. This can be seen as the male package with the sun dot-in-circle globe as a phallic purple one-eyed monster and the outlined leaves as testicles. The purple is here a homosexual signal, identifying this as a sodomite. Matching Dee's glyph, the sodomizer is identified as Horus the sun god. The Hermes identity is present too. Even though there's no horns on top of the head, all those wave peaks and troughs inside it may be accounted as “close enough” for their magick. Sodomy is pictured like it is in Dee's glyph, but it's far more subtle. The tops of the solid green leaves form the outline of the victim's butt, and the outlined leaves are the sodomizer's arms. Many of us have had the feeling for a long time that the EPA is doing this to us. :(

The logo is included in that image set, rotated 90 degrees to more easily compare the leafy green male genitals. Their three part (triple helix DNA) package in normal alignment suggests sodomy because the base is vertical, the signal male alignment. Ancestry does involve progeny, so the male-female reproductive aspect is obviously implicit. Both sexes - Apollo-Style: any and every orifice, right? In the context, the color has to be seen as Osiris green and the leafy tree connection must be traced to the Garden of Eden's serpent tree. Their motto: “Who will you discover?” Indeed. Nephilim? That's the big quest, after all. Any volunteers for Avatar Driver match-ups? Have you ever considered what might really be the purpose of their database? Ancestry logging and tracking was one of the early applications of the computer. In conjunction with the DNA database and genome sequencing, this is Hitler's and Mengele's dream come true! Search keyword combinations of IBM Hollerith Nazi and of Red Cross DNA database

This logo is subtle, well, except for the sun rising Horus Eye part. (Is someone running for president?) Three bands signal the triple helix sunrise when the sun god Horus dawns upon the inhabitants of the earth. I must say it comes at the crack of dawn because of the subtle butt outline. Yup - someone's been initiated into the secret of the Monas Hieroglyphica. Those medical professionals who operate as a business want more of your money, and they have no sense of decency. (They call those gowns?) The Wellmont Foundation Campaign slogan is: “Transforming Lives & Legacies” Oh no. I can almost see the eye going, wink, wink.

The MyBuys guys are groovin' with the blue and green pairing scheme. What a gay pair of Y chromosome donors we find in this Horus Eye handholding promotion! At least we're spared the graphic sodomy imagery. Hermes gets in on the action with a reflection signaling the Hermetic Maxim because, hey, beyond the sodomy, he is the god of commerce.

Hey, wait a minute! Are those Ys picturing male packages? What a bunch of tools. And what's up with those orange - HEY! That's just not right. Eye, eye, eye.

MyBuys ~ My Boys
I would insist those were breasts, but wouldn't that make them, MyGurls?

“Heiny,” a slang term for the rear end, has long been the Heineken brand's humorous nickname. It was discovered years ago that when you invert the logo the three letters e form 666. There's more to it. The epithet heiny is quite fitting, given how you don't even have to flip the logo to identify the three leaves as the phallic package and the big red star as the anus. Yes, really. Compare this to the MyBuys guys. Add this to your list of things you can't un-see. Note: trade separated from mark. The fallen angel star trade, and mark.

As with the EPA and branding, beware the leafy greens. Look out below!


  1. The leaves of the logo as well as the Enviromental Protection Agency are an implied alien/demon (the leaves make the eyes)with an 'eye of Horus' pineal gland on the implied forehead.

  2. This is the first time I have seen anything like this and you are right I cannot un see it now or ever again. I will look at logos in a different light from this day onwards

    1. What one sees with a seeing eye is not always pleasant, but it is far better to be aware of the Adversary's weaponry.