Sunday, February 05, 2012

Part 4 - The Sodomite Gateway - Bad to the Bone

This series parallels the ongoing "i" of Horus series in exposing the imprint of the fallen angels in our culture. Looking around with eyes that see makes the Bible's testimony about the nature of the world we live in really "pop." Seeing the reality of life through the Lord's eyes is for some of us a necessary part of the days ahead, a basic essential. Being able to identify symbols certainly isn't the whole of what's required for preparation, but it's a part of the equipping in the Lord's provision for some today.

Caveat, if you haven't read the earlier posts yet, I strongly recommend doing so before you continue.

Picking up where I left off in the last post, if your mind has had to be in the gutter, it has to go into the toilet for this. If there's an up side, at least this brand isn't trying to be “anatomically correct.” I took this picture of a port-a-potty at Laguna Seca in Monterey a couple years ago. You may note the arc and green triangle calling out an "i" of Horus. The usual capstone is inverted - bottoms up! The solid line extends under part of the word - ignore that. Unit. Male unit. Blue male Unit, with the green turned bottom up. Familiar? Toilets. Site Services. What kind of services? What kind of sites? Apollo-style, as in every orifice? Yuckie.

Theme - Blue guy nails green guy. United Site Services, Wellmont, EPA, Kudawara...

Here's Market Wiki's financial sector logo with a dominant midnight blue guy with buns up and a submissive green guy. There seems to be a large orifice formed in the middle, with an overlay of Y (chromosomes) at their union. Sodomy. There's a mirror imaging - a Hermes (Hermetic Maxim) calling card, a match to the markets business as the god of commerce. Is M for Mercury (Hermes) or perhaps Mason?

M = 13 = rebel lord Beast
W = 23 = sex chromosome

Both are trident symbols. Rotate it and it's a mirror 33. Again, Masons? Certainly it's the triple helix resurrection signal with 3x3=9
It's the familiar scheme.

Samsung's Media Hub branding is a close match. Is it just me, or has Seymour Butts been promoted through the ranks of the design studios lately? :) The Hermes / Mercury mirroring is featured, even repeating in the reflection of the words media hub. This blue and white variant forms a big H for Horus in the middle, and it dots the “i” in “media” for a big Horus "i." As common to many Mercury symbols, this one is elevated, hovering, as illustrated by the shadow on the orange field under the ball. Remember Doda's hovering stone? This style of the letter m demands we consider it as a numeral 3. OK. 33. Masons again? Probably. Triple helix resurrection, as 3x3=9? Definitely! Are these guys bad to the bone, or what?

This maker of top quality underwear knows the value of mirrored tridents. You really have to see the Freegun logo as a 33 signal as well as a rotated MW and mirrored MM. The registered trademark directs us to find the bright eye, and there it is in the obfuscated E(Y)E with the reclining H for Horus in the negative space. The brand sets up some cognitive dissonance because some folks buy underwear to kind of keep the movement of the parts in check. Freegun suggests something else entirely. “Free” means, “to set at liberty” “Gun” is slang for a penis. Unless I'm missing something here about “taking it in the shorts,” I'm not aware of how this brand might be signaling sodomy. I include it here as one of a very closely related class.

The sex pictured in logos really isn't there just because juvenile pranksters want to see what they can pull over on us. It's there because the symbols are required to work this ritual magick. The evidence that it works is all around you. If you've never noticed these things, it's because you have been under a spell of delusion. This goes way beyond mis-education. It's supernatural.


  1. Markets wiki- X in middle of O=Osiris, W=VV=66 (the great work) 3+3=6 for 666

  2. There’s a bank in the US called Washington Mutual. Not sure where you reside Bob but that came to mind as I was reading this.

  3. Never noticed these things before but then my mind isn't in the gutter. I will pay more attention to the company logos in future that's for sure