Saturday, February 11, 2012

Part 7 - 2012 London Olympics - Isles of Wonder: An Ominous Coded Warning

The increasing emphasis being placed upon the opening of the London 2012 Olympics is more than marketing; we're being set up by the worshipers of Satan under the guise of Zeus for a massive ritual. Sure, such kinds of activity have only ever been en vogue, but in this late hour, it has all the makings of something on a new scale. Even if everything else I've touched upon in this series of posts could be discounted, what's now being said and done with regard to the opening ceremony and The Isles of Wonder theme should put every one of those who watch (Mark 13:37) on high alert.

The Isles of Wonder is a coded message that has been thrust into the public domain in typical occult fashion, to conceal and reveal the agendas and objectives of the opening ceremonies. Those behind it are assured of the success of their plot, knowing full well that the vast majority of the hapless victims are under their antichrist spell already and will remain so regardless of any cover blown by such as myself. They intend to make England as the enchanted isle featured in The Tempest, influencing their global audience through that means. If you think that's an absurd goal, I must suggest to you that you have not yet been freed from their spell.

Let's consider what we're being so carefully told and "not told" about this ritual activity. I'm going to assume you understand something of the ways and means of NLP and are also familiar with what I've written in Part 3 - 2012 London Olympics - Olympics, Giants and Bells - OH MY! and also in this lengthy but very helpful study, Bells - Supernatural Enchantment and a Biblical Perspective. I'm going to be referencing the following news articles:

Here's excerpts from The Telegraph.

“It will start with the ringing of a giant bell inscribed with a line from a speech by Caliban, one of the principal antagonists from William Shakespeare's The Tempest: "Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises".”

The speech, which Boyle described as "beautiful" is the inspiration for the opening ceremony's title Isles of Wonder, as the Oscar-winning director explained.

“"Caliban's speech...which is one of the most beautiful speeches in Shakespeare, is about the wondrous beauty of the island and in this case Caliban's deep, personal devotion and affection for it and that was something we all felt going into the show and wanted to reflect," Boyle said.”

“Here is Caliban's speech in full:”

Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again; and then in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked
I cried to dream again.

- Shakespeare’s The Tempest, III, ii

London 2012 Olympics: Shakespeare's Caliban the inspiration for 'Isles of Wonder' opening ceremony

I wasn't familiar with The Tempest, so I did some quick homework.

Wow. There's seems to be a disconnect here, somewhere. Could this be what Boyle is really referring to as the inspiration for the bell and the opening ceremony? Could folks really be buying what he's selling? Wow! This insanity can't be good! In fact, folks are buying it, and it is definitely not good! Danny Boyle and his ilk are not your friends.

I'm not going to brief you on the plot of The Tempest, so if you're not already familiar with it, you're probably not going to perceive just how horrific a portent this is. When Boyle gives honor to Caliban and his speech as inspiration, it superficially appears as though he's simply trying to exalt the natural beauty of his national homeland through the poetic expression of one of his nation's most famous men. Uh - Do not step in that! If you're not yet aware of the very convincing evidence that the works attributed to the Stratford actor known as William Shakespeare were actually ghostwritten by Sir Francis Bacon and/or those of his literary guild I highly recommend the documentary series by Chris Pinto titled, “Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings.” Bacon was a student of esoteric works. He knew things. The Tempest is not just some harmless theatrical work of fiction, and the featuring of Caliban's words should not be taken lightly. By the way, it seems that Freemasons have long been fans of this work in particular.

Based upon the commentary of Critical Essays - Caliban and the Natural World and what I gleaned from plot notes, Caliban, the son of the Devil and an evil witch, must be identified as a Nephilim, a hybrid beast (Genesis 6:4), possessing the nature of being predisposed to both rape and murder. His name is an easily unscrambled anagram, Canibal; i.e. cannibal, another characteristic of his kind. The 2012 Festival promotion of the UK as the Land of Giants celebrates just such fallen beings.

Taken in this context with an awareness of how those on The Tempest's isle were manipulated and controlled through sorcery, the reason why Caliban's speech is now being leveraged in the promotion of Zeus Worship isn't hard to discern. Such as Caliban are the inspiration, truly and supernaturally. Inspiration, like IN-SPIRIT-ACTION. The work of Isles of Wonder is sorcery, the enchanting, bewitching, beguiling, manipulating and controlling spells of the overspreading spirit of antichrist delusion.

Now, with that as context, we can give the giant bell being cast for the event some consideration. It's being inscribed with Caliban's line, “Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises.” I'm going to reserve that for the next post, but there's more to cover before I bring this one to a close.

When the message being sent is Caliban's and we're told not to fear, is that something we should trust, or ignore? Perhaps there's just cause for some to fear. Doesn't common sense dictate that we should receive this seriously as a warning? Because a thing has an official stamp of approval, is it then to be welcomed with open arms? When the message involves the noises that fill the isle, and we see every effort being made to fill the British Isles with noise, even bell sounds, of all things, what are we to think? Can you discern what's going on here? What is a word to the wise if there are none to receive it? This opening ceremony and everything supporting the Isle of Wonder theme is a carefully orchestrated mass Satanic ritual, a spell of witchcraft. This post isn't a cry to rally against it but a call to alert. As the Lord prompts, do, or don't do, accordingly. The onus is upon you, dear saint, to seek your Lord's will in the matter. Esther 4:14.

Given what I brought up in Part 6 from Psalm 48, the shipwreck of The Tempest's plot turns up the OMINOUS knob another click.

I find in the focus of attention on this event's relative austerity yet another connection between the 2012 games and the 1948 "Austerity Olympics" established through the TCT principle. That word is even used by this blogger in his commentary. The Occult Isles Of Wonder - Merovee Blog

Comments about quotes from the above-linked articles (Mind the NLP):

"But we wanted the 80,000 people who were lucky enough to be in there (the stadium) to be the conduit through which you feel this experience." “A one million watt sound system will be fitted at the Olympic Stadium to allow the 80,000 spectators and an estimated worldwide audience of over one billion to enjoy the music from dance band Underworld.

The numbers tossed our way are all signals. The 80,000 signals an amplified (sound system) 8, the “new beginning” number so redundantly associated with the 2008 games in Beijing. They will be the conduit to you, literally, magickally, from the Underworld to you.

The ceremony is the brainchild of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle and will cost £27 million to stage, around one third of the total £81m budget of the Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies.

The £81m budget emphasizes 9 as being 8+1 and also because 81 is 9x9. The mirror image of 81 is 18 which is 6+6+6 or a 666. The £27 million is another 9 (2+7) and if you take one third of the 27, the result is 9. So, the one third of 81 is 27, and both numbers feature the 9. This 27 from the budget figure matches the date of the opening ceremony, July 27, which matches the weight of the special bell, 27 tonnes. The ceremony happens to be scheduled at 9 pm. All these "9" features are intentional, of course. This is the single digit number for the mark of the Beast transformation, which you must realize is a fundamental meaning of the signal Masonic 33. This numeric signal expresses the ultimate objective. These spells of antichrist delusion work to that end.

Boyle said he had used his recent play Frankenstein as a "dry run" for the opening ceremony.”

Frankenstein's monster. Another monstrous murderous composite life form like Caliban. How appropriate. A dry run. How - ominous.

Creative director Stephen Daldry said the ceremonies will show "who we are, who we were and who we wish to be."”

Zeus worshipers? Enchanted Isle dwellers? Frankenstein's monsters? Caliban kin?

Boyle said: "We are trying to capture a sense of humour. With the NHS we got an idea and then tried to make sense of it. Why not nurses and children and connect the two together? I daren't say anymore because I've been told not to."”

You're privy to the NCR scheme, from the series I did in 2009, right? The mark of the Beast introduced first through the medical/health professional network. That's an offspring program. So, “nurses and children and connect the two together”. Think, midwifery. Remember the pregnant belly pic from the Northern Ireland's London 2012 Festival promo - and the labor pains of Psalm 48? Right. Ominous.

If anything means anything, the evil is ramping up, stockpiling, ascending, and what's coming is just what the Lord has testified about through biblical and other prophetic testimony. We are on the threshold of big change. I see it everywhere I look. I can feel it in my bones. The holy spirit is constantly affirming it. I get a lot of email testifying to the same. This 2012 Olympic deal is big.


  1. hello Bob, i've become adicted to your blog, it's awesome but also a little scary, what can we do to stop this? not watching the olimpics? pray? i just don't know

  2. Hi Bob, I'm addicted too. :) Praying is always good, and as your eyes and ears are open and you are practicing careful obedience in the fear of God, the appropriate action at the right time is the natural result. Having peace and confidence in the Lord's presence and goodness is how this love relationship is manifesting. Each of us with our unique gifts and placement in the Body of Mashiach who have learned to abide with Him and be content with His provision have an excellent part in His beautiful and well orchestrated plan.

  3. Thank you for the answer Bob, keep the good work, and God bless you.
    Greetings from Argentina.