Wednesday, February 01, 2012

World Economic Forum - The Underworld Mercury Mission

This morning, after my spam trap finally coughed up Peter's first email to me from yesterday, I gave some thought to his perception of the blue arc as a crescent moon, his conviction that anagrams would be notable, and the heavy arc he saw suggesting "under" as under world, underworld. Thanks again, Peter.

This all fits in with a few very active threads I've been following, weaving right in.

As I pondered the underworld signal, the Lord showed me how the rotated logo formed the Mercury glyph, symbol of the god who guides souls to the underworld. I illustrate this insight in the image at left.

This expands upon what I proposed in yesterday's post as their hidden agenda, revealing that their activity intends to send souls to hell. Mercury is the god of commerce, and they are an economic forum. He is the psychopomp, guide and escort to the underworld and afterlife.

The WEF is about the business of managing economic crisis for sending souls to hell, through the mark of the Beast and also by simply reducing the population. The Georgia Guidestones describe a reduction to 500 million. The mass sacrifice rituals on our horizon are necessary to achieve their Luciferian goals.

Here's some of the more interesting anagrams I found for "World Economic Forum." Many contain the imagery of the rotated logo as an owl, cross, Mercury, or the blue arc as crescent moon.

I like the last one in particular. El = my God.

  • Eco Forum Nimrod Cowl
  • Demonic Crow Roomful
  • Foul Crow Nimrod Come
  • Loom Of Mercuric Down
  • Wolf On Mercuric Doom
  • Mercuric Doom Flow On
  • Mercuric Moon Do Flow
  • Cruciform Mooned Owl
  • O Lewd Cruciform Moon
  • O Cruciform Demon Owl
  • Cruciform Owl Do Omen
  • Men Woo Old Cruciform
  • Mud From Owl Coercion
  • Owl Form Mud Coercion
  • O Nimrod Owl Force Cum
  • Owl Do Me On Cruciform
  • Film Own Doom Reoccur
  • El Own Cruciform Doom


  1. Hang on, you complain the guide stones state there needs to be a massive population reduction, yet what happens during the last judgement? Not just a massive cull of people but their souls too. Yet you claim one is the work of the Devil and the other God, yet what God is proposing is far worse.

    The guide stones do not even say they desire all those people to die it just says we need to live in balance with nature and its true. Yet if some religions had their way we would always be having unprotected sex and spawning out endless numbers of humans, leading to loads of people dying when the planet could no longer support them.

    1. Attention to detail isn't really your thing, I see.

    2. Always interesting to see who comments on you blog Bob.

      Pray for open heaven in these last days!!

    3. Hi Johan. Have you considered updating your profile with your name or something other than UNKNOWN?

  2. The unknown is now known.