Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part 9 - 2012 London Olympics - Quantum Entangled Zion and Fringe Science

Following on the heels of the Part 8, there remains more to the bell of Caliban that must be explored. It will help you get what's here if what I've already written in the series is fresh in mind.

The bell of Caliban, the largest tuned and ringing bell in Europe, is intended to be hung in the stadium of the Olympic Park. Most folks will think nothing of it, but if you've been paying attention as this series develops you've got to see the extraordinary potential in this! I've proposed the Olympic Park as a “time and space entangled” place, and the bell as “time and space entangling” object. When you put the two together as they intend, will the Zion some seek to establish by any and every means be magickally birthed? If this is the intent, will there be some concrete manifestation, and if so, how will it manifest?

Recall William Blake's poem and his passion to build “Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land.” Remember how Psalm 48 describes the establishment of the State of Israel, and how that TCT time/distance band sweeps the Olympic Park. Remember how Psalm 48 appears to describe the 1948 Olympics, yet implying something more, of a terrifying nature, and how its associated TCT band also sweeps through the Olympic Park. The TCT measure is from the Holy of Holies on Mount Zion. Now, consider the bell as associated with the High Priest's access to that very place. Consider how bells are leveraged to control dimensional portals by those who practice magick. They facilitate transdimensional access and function as what might be considered stargate actuators. If nothing means anything and everything means nothing, we can all just go back to sleep. I shouldn't have to tell you this, but that's not how I see it.

Is the bell of Caliban part of a work that intends to exploit a quantum entanglement between 2012 London and 1948 Israel, even Jerusalem? Is what we are seeing the preparation for a dimensional breech! Is the ArcelorMittal Orbit a late model “tower of Babel,” some kind of magickal vortex bridge construct? These are questions that beg to be asked. What, too, is the role of the 1948 Olympics in this dynamic, and really even of the 1936 Nazi Olympics and 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which have far to many links to ignore? I believe these are posed at the Lord's prompting, who directs those who watch. I intend to explore these further should the Lord grant such favor. We are in an extraordinary hour, my friends!

Have you seen Fringe, the popular sci-fi series that's now well into its 4th season? My friend Aaron and I have been watching these on DVD for some time and have enjoyed epic sessions of dialog about what the Lord is revealing! I would be doing a series on Fringe but there just isn't time, that's not my assignment; I've got other work to do. I've already addressed the bell's use in Rango (DNA water dance) and in the Rochester, NY series (Clock of Nations), but the Fringe show plays it BIG!

The plot involves two parallel universes and the interaction between them, two versions of the people involved and a third class of beings that meddle in these matters (Observers i.e. Watchers). The matter and means of crossing between these dimensions are continual themes and bells play a featured role in much of it. The show explores other means of opening the portal too, like drugs, emotional states (intensely conflicting love and fear or grief), and, very significantly, specific blood and DNA. With a nod to the concurrent series on this blog, the sodomy gateway is also in view. Yet, the focus on the bell is huge.

Much of this transdimensional activity later comes to focus on Liberty Island, where there is, of course, the bronze Lady Liberty, an icon that may be linked by shared elements to the iconic bronze Liberty Bell. They also play on tuning forks for the same purpose of crossing over between dimensions. A quantum entangled typewriter is also featured, the manual kind that has a bell that rings with each carriage return. Even for all the focus on the obvious bells, though, this element is underplayed because, unless you're really attentive to it, you'll miss some of the more subtle bell triggers like the shattering of a glass lighting fixture or the sound made as a cardiac defibrillator charges.

Time jumps are also involved, which was played cryptically in an episode titled “Momentum Deferred,” but in the concealing there is a revealing! A Dr. Bell was involved, who for a while was the only one from this universe who traveled to and stayed on the other side. Sampled and manipulated bell sounds provided the soundtrack for a key scene where Olivia Dunham (the lead character) met with Bell, a meeting that was initiated and concluded with the ringing of bells. The presence and clear identification of the bell noise was established through the extra effort of a special feature on one of the DVDs, and what they were careful to "not tell" us was that we should make the obvious connection to the biblical scene of note.

33) You shall make on its hem pomegranates of blue and purple and scarlet material, all around on its hem, and bells of gold between them all around:
34) a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, all around on the hem of the robe.
35) It shall be on Aaron when he ministers; and its tinkling shall be heard when he enters and leaves the holy place before the LORD, so that he will not die.
Exodus 28:33-35

The bell is even used in connection with "soul magnets," which appear to be magickally engaged utilizing a quantum entangling nanotech / biotech solution that may be drunk undetected in a glass of tea, become infused with the drinker. You should compare this to what we are presented with in James Cameron's Avatar, with one being's soul projected into the body of another as a host vessel. Think - disembodied spirits of the ancient Nephilim released to inhabit mark of the Beast recipients as avatars. Dr. Bell is played by Leonard Nimoy, and this hybrid human / Vulcan (devil) identity from our long term association with Star Trek is being leveraged.

My point in this is that there's really something to this bell and quantum entanglement connection. Those who know about it blab about it in the usual occult fashion, as they must. Can bells and tuning forks be used as stargate actuators? Is it all fiction and fantasy? It worked for the Aaronic High Priest on Mount Zion, right? Was the trumpet blowing and shouting as the army marched around Jericho all for show? Is the similar noise attending the event featured in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 just presented there for colorful page filler?

So, is there some reality forthcoming where that earthly Zion that some seek so passionately might actually be magickally birthed in England's green and pleasant land? When the bell of Caliban is rung, exalted in the zone swept by the Psalm 48 band, could a quantum entanglement of time and space be triggered that opens a gateway connecting London to the Temple Mount, where some claim Nephilim are entombed? This 2012 London Olympic party is, after all, being held in their honor.

The Tempest. Isles of Wonder. Caliban's bell. Land of Giants. All the Bells. Let's keep watch, with eyes open to see what the Lord will reveal as we await His coming, which in due time will bring a destruction of the plans of those ancient gods and those who serve them in their antichrist rebellion.


  1. Truly makes you wonder! Thanks for another inspiring article, Bob!

    1. God is good to us brother! Thanks for the encouraging word.

  2. There's also the "Yellow Brick Road" at the stadium that's worth considering to be some kind of parallel universe symbology, if nothing else.

    1. The yellow brick road, that leads to Oz, right? Oz aka the land "down under"? Oh My!

  3. thanks for this information..

  4. To pidsharon - thanks!

  5. Bob,

    Looking at that picture of the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower I see what appears to be a megaphone pointing at the earth around which the walkway wraps. Combine that with the upper and lower viewing platforms (a type of hermatic symbol) where rituals/summonings could occur at any time where no one would be the wiser.

    Also, according to Wkipedia, "During the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Paralympics, Joe Townsend (a Royal Marine and double amputee) delivered the Paralympic flame into Olympic Stadium via a zipline that was attached to the top of Orbit." I doubt the tower was open to the public before or during that event.

  6. Hey Glen. Thanks for sharing those observations. It may be. I suspect there's hidden activity underneath the stadium.