Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Part 7 - The Sodomite Gateway - Think Outside the Bun

Why does Taco Bell have to tell us to think outside the bun? Have we been thinking inside the bun? Apparently so! Their slogan attests to the message told by their graphic imagery, that the sodomite gateway is a better choice. It's a lie.

If you're tracking with the bell as the "bell end" glans penis and the purple (blue + red) and the round + square themes from ally Bank's branding (Part 5), you can already read the esoteric logo as a phallus presented before a purple round + square portal, the signalling of sodomy. What is meant by "Think outside the bun" is to perceive with your enlightened third eye opened through the Satanic rite of sodomy. Any suggestion that this slogan merely pits their tortilla menu against the bun menu of their fast food competition is simply ignorant. The real dynamic at work here is one of Satan's age-old sinister, devious, deviant and perversely wicked schemes!

I can't simply leave it at that because this brand really demands further exposure. Their sly promotion of sodomy as worship is so pervasive.

The Taco Bell brand has always leveraged a cultural link between Spanish missions and their Mexican style food. The most obvious visual of the missions were the exposed bells in their typically minimalist architecture. There's more here than just “Spanish / Mexican.” The missions were and continue to be places of worship in the familiar network of the aggressively evangelical Romish Sun cult priesthood.

Those bells were and are devices used for ritual magick, consecrated (cursed) by the priesthood for the evocation of demonic presence. Like it or not, the ringing sound is accessed by your mind when you find a bell is in your field of vision, because this is how the mind works as it processes everything picked up on the “scanners of the 5 senses” for context and meaning. When you see Taco Bell branding, you don't have to hear their signature “dong” for the spell to be cast. Romish priests use the bell with intent, and a focus is placed on the transubstantiation or transformation at the core of the mass that is in reality a legitimate Satanic ritual that advances the Beast and mark of the Beast agendas.

One of the lies widely promoted is that a regular mass is good while a black mass is bad. Good cop, bad cop. Both are cops, working opposite ends of the same lever, against you.

There's another layer of symbolism here. “Taco” is also slang for the female vulva, so Taco Bell is also a “straight” or heterosexual sex magick signal. The bell is also a signal womb, the archetypical mother goddess Isis, Semiramis and the Madonna of the Romish Marian worship. She is in Revelation 17 presented as Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots

The Taco Bell brand is a multi-cultural religious brand. Still skeptical? Consider the images in this collection, comparing the Teen Foundation promotion with the popular steps of Freemasonry diagram. The arch formed compares to the Masonic Temple you see pictured in the tracing board. Such a Temple is for the worship of Lucifer, which is in this late hour easily confirmed with a little research. This is the same arch of the anal portal of the sodomite Taco Bell logo. Sodomy is what binds Freemasons to the Hermetic fraternity in the enlightened higher degrees. When you see the Royal Arch of the Temples of Freemasonry with the rounded top and squared bottom features you now understand what kind of portal you're looking at, right?

The image at the bottom was sourced from this video. It's the entry to a Taco Bell Restaurant. [video] Taco Bell Satanic Logo

The video's "man on the street" interviewer points out the yellow reptile or serpent eye "clapper" feature and the three nested 6s, a 666 formed at the oval at the bell's bottom. He also shows but doesn't talk about the Masonic logo seen in the column lighting.

The pillars of the Sun god's fast food Temple feature illuminating beacons with the ubiquitous Masonic square and compass. We're not the only ones to notice. Christopher L. Hodapp, the editor of the "Journal of The Masonic Society" and author of "Freemasons for Dummies" boasts of one of these examples on his Web site as More proof we Masons rule the world.

This is why you see the numbers 33 (33rd Degree) signaled in the stylized letter “e” in their slogan. You see it repeated in their "real beef" promotion. Beef = penis. The real beef is apparently “star” beef, or, angel beef, right? The “three times three” ritual of the Royal Arch Degree is the ritual magick formation of a triple helix DNA structure, pointing to the 3x3=9 transformation of man into a beast. This is equated with the third eye or Horus Eye enlightenment and the sodomite gateway. I see the differently rotated sun yellow bell clapper that is a serpent-eye 6 as also forming a distinct 9, highlighting that signal DNA transformation feature. In the stylized Taco Bell “real beef” promo graphic there are a total of three threes ~ 3+3+3 = 9. The white on red is the divine Adamic signaling, of the illuminated man.

This video does an excellent job illustrating the serpent eye 666. [video] Taco Bell Satanic Fnord Logo

The yellow serpent reptilian eye is emphasized as the Eye of Horus with the arched eyebrow that now appears on some Temples as a separate element for accent.

Compare this brand's one-eyed serpent-eye monster at the purple portal with NASA's forked serpent tongue penetrating the "as."

On the Taco Bell home page it's a full scale purple assault, seen here as a screen shot from the rotation on their current Web site. The yellow sun is a sun god symbol, beyond question. The Fritos swirl eye of Horus, well, yeah, there it is. Three bands of purple sweep through - a key subset of the rainbow and a triple strand DNA signal.

The three sixes formed at the eye of the bell are complemented in the rotated version you see here. When you transform it as suggested by the “b33fy” signal, rotating it bottoms up, the 99c price becomes a 66. Superimposed upon the bands of purple we see two of the three are each pinned by a 6. What about the poor lonely band without a 6? Supply it. Your mind already did so, below the threshold of awareness. 666 - Revelation 13:18.

The last element I want to call attention to from their home page is the promo for their trademarked expression “fourthmeal” which signals something I still get excited to see. There are your regular three meals a day. Then, there's “fourthmeal.” Three things of a similar kind and then, a fourth thing, apart, distinct. The message is that the fourth Shemittah from the sign of 1991 is the one. 2012-2019. This fall, we enter in to the long awaited season of the fourth. Suit up, my friend. You're going to need the armor.

I notice the stylized E in Bell points to the C, SEE? It’s an EYE – the bell logo is a swirl eye of Horus! The capstone eye bell sits atop the pyramid A. Is the AC in TACO for AntiChrist?

THINK? The famous IBM motto was THINK. I recall the Paul Rand eye bee M poster. Their Nazi death machine facilitating chief, Thomas Watkins Sr., was a famous high ranking Mason. I know their secret. I understand about the eye. I also understand about the BM. I can think, and see as the Lord opens the eye, and I choose to serve Him and rely upon His provision, who does not lie. I'm going to decline that interactive tour, thank you very much.

Let's pass on that whole inside or outside the bun thing, shall we?


  1. I'm at the airport today getting ready to fly
    and I just realized the 3 3's used at the TSA checkpoint.

    3 x 3 ounce containers with liquids.

    The word checkpoint I just took into contemplation it is a militarization word that the public who travels through airports is being desensitized to.

  2. What does the BM represent?

    1. "bowel movement" - defecate - a common medical reference