Monday, February 06, 2012

Part 5 - The Sodomite Gateway - Seeing Purple

Most of the world is in a trance-like state, under an antichrist delusion, which is in no small part due to the saturation of our environment with symbolic emblems and artifacts through which magickal spells are cast.

Caveat, if you haven't read the earlier posts yet, I strongly recommend doing so before you continue.

If you had surfed around the Markets Wiki site whose logo was presented in the previous post in series you might have discovered this imagery, closely associated with George Soros. Yes, that George Soros. This logo represents ospraie, which is, well, who knows what, but it's apparently not an osprey. What kind of bird it might then be is as the picture suggests, a female, as according to UK slang. The viewpoint from which this bird is exposed shows it's obviously not a male. I include this as supplementary imagery, and to point out the clever NLP densely populating the blurb. Are they managing firm assets? Notice the placement of the blurb's assets “focused” and “-damental.” Demented focus? Sodomy? Usually “they” prefer boys. Did someone say something about something from a fun- perspective? Within the bird figure we read: ...firm focused on - da mental... or ...firm focused on c(see) da mental i(eye)... Hmmmmmm. Is their twisted version, of ospraie instead of osprey, a bird of prey, telling is they prey on such birds as this? Is this their blue bird of happiness?

I have a lot of questions, but since this bird isn't an osprey I'm going to suggest it has something rather to do with the falcon. It's signaling the falcon-eye god Horus! The arc of a wing forms a swirl that points to the dot of the "i" - Horus Eye. The bird can be seen as an obfuscated letter H (Horus), and X (chromosome - portal) and even M, the 13th letter calling-card of the rebel lord Beast. With one bird above and one watermarked below the heavy line, I'd say we've definitely got Hermes in view, guiding souls in the underworld. John Dee would certainly have given a nod of approval on this one! I have to think Soros is the usual enlightened Hermeticist, initiated into the rites of Monas Hieroglyphica.

The trucking industry has a lot to say about sex magick. Every time I travel I'm just appalled at what I see on the road. North American's blue guy with white phallic arrow has the red partner fully engaged. The gender of the red Adam / daughters of men is ambiguous. The red is round, female, but so is the blue. Apollo-Style, it appears. Reproductive and sodomite. The presence of the registered trademark symbol tells us in Harmerty language that the one with the arrowhead is the phallic Horus Eye. That's the one that is also the illuminated capstone positioned over the truncated pyramid of the A in American.

The union of red and blue, if you're mixing colors, is purple. The hybrid union of the blue sons of god with red daughters of men suggests purple offspring, so beyond making reference to homosexuality this color signals the hybrid nature of beasts, Nephilim, the Beast and those who receive his mark.

These financial folks behind ally Bank get the “purple” thing, and the “a” thing. The “a” in “ally” is for “Apollo”, its stylized form recognizable as the familiar phallic dot-in-circle Horus Eye sun. This is validated by the designer's formation of a right triangle, of Pythagoras, as popularly leveraged by the Freemasons. The hypotenuse is the union of the male and female, and with the union of the blue vertical sons of god with red horizontal daughters of men the emphasis here is on the blend, purple. A meaning of “ally” is, “To unite or connect in a personal relationship, as in friendship or marriage.” What they signal is a purple alliance, literally the marriage of angel and human natures. (The political organization called the purple alliance appears to be a collection of cheerleaders for it. )

Underscoring this is what should be recognized as the ally Bank logo's heritage sodomy signaling. Purple does flag homosexuality. You might associate ally with alley, which is typically a back alley, right? The “a” is also for donkey, eh, anus. This is more readily exhibited in the branding of this ad I found on their corporate home page.

Notice in this enlarged version of their stylized letter “a” how the inside is a circle with a square corner. Remember the mCommerce system Square logo? The standard dot-in-circle symbol is male inside female. This is that but with a twist. In case there's any question about which role you or I might play in this activity it's answered in their ad. Find the word “You” in “You're in the right place”? That's you, in you're right place. Find the word “No.” That's not you inside. That's Apollo's place. Offended yet? I am.

The good news is that the Lord has set a limit to this activity, appointing a day of accounting. The Beast is coming with all of his wicked schemes, but it is my righteous sovereign Lord's agenda that will be fully accomplished.

Next post in series, Lord willing, will feature imagery you probably see every day.


  1. Why do I get the feeling,,, every "Logo" piece of "marketing" (Sigil magic inclined or Not) &/or Symbol- that's more than jus A "This Way" Arrow YOU THINK IS SODOMY RELAYED ???

    ** Great Superman Finds ** , WoW! That #ActionComics cover IS BEYOND SCARY! Who drew it? It wasn't Neal Adams was it? Cause I think he's A Good guy, for what he did for Supes creators & all. He got them there owed $$$$...
    I would really like to know HOW DID YOU STUMBLE UPON THAT COVER ??? GOD?
    Because as of now you would have to go through 1000 Action Comics' covers alone! And sort through 900+ standard flagship Superman cvrs..
    Not to mention like 200 "Adventures of Superman" cvrs., plus All the other One-shots, Annuals & Special series'.. IF THAT IS WHAT YOU DID AT ALL.
    I'd wager alittle 'Cosmic symetry' came into play..

    Thanks for all your hard work,

    1. As usual, I "stumbled upon it" - as the Lord's fit and timely provision for those of us who want to know what's really going on.

  2. The northAmerican trucking company has other symbolical meanings as well, like North American Boy Love and the blue guy is an adult Male sodomizing a younger boy because of the size of the arrow penetrating and overpowering the red and the trucking company is also used for child trafficking by means of trucking and moving families. Red circle also means blood.

  3. Yep- all successful multimillion multibillion dollar businesses are all owned by Sellouts to Satan! God will have the last laugh with these deplorable, wicked, evil, child eating, murdering, raping, and sacrificing SICKOS! No word in our satanic language they created properly describes these nasty devils! You’re right about everything! Can’t get away from all their signs, spells, and symbols because they’ve touched everything we are forced to rely on- everything to Milk(Moleck) to G-Ass stations!