Monday, December 12, 2016

Decoding: The "Shut Eye" on Hulu Promo

There's a new series on Hulu called, Shut Eye. Can you decode some of the Occult symbolism in this promotional graphic? This decoding is NSFW and intended for a mature audience because we're going to expose what it really is - a foul magickal ritual image.

What is Shut Eye? Anagram: TUSH EYE. That's where the demonic psychic powers are installed that open the shut third eye.

The TUSH EYE is the Eye of Horus, which is made completely obvious by the eye inside the mouth. This Horus Eye is anatomical and is found at the opposite end of the GI tract from the mouth that's pictured. It's the Lips and Teeth of the iconic Midnight Movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (See our videos decoding the, "Let's do the Time Warp" routine.) This mouth you see is like the mouth of a river, which is a misnomer because that's not the inlet but where the water is discharged. Shut Eye is the Tush Eye, you see. ShutEye ~ Shute eye ~ Crap shoot or poop chute Eye.

One might take this also as the mouth of Isis, which Aleister Crowley contrasted with the Eye of Horus in expressing his preference of that orifice for sexual intercourse.

About the eye seen in this mouth, think, "one-eyed snake" or phallus - which reveals this as a picture of sodomy. Another slang term for the phallus is gun, and there's a pair of those in the sign. Like the eye in the mouth, these phallic objects are also in red neon. Red blood, in light. Bloody violent ritual sodomy, the kind that opens the third eye in illuminati initiation ritual.

Yes. Illuminati. See the blue neon triangle as a pyramid. The all-seeing Eye of Horus is detached, as hovering over it - just like on the most widely recognized Illuminati symbol that appears on the Great Seal of the USA.

As we have learned from one signal instance after another, the Great Giza Pyramid in the desert is often presented in a way like it is here, with the obfuscation of the pyramid seen in connection with weapons (her neon (ray) guns). In The Lake House we hear an obfuscated: “Butt Eye can Dance” at a signal moment in the film! Dancing is fighting. The Butt Eye is the pyramid, a weapon of incredible power, resonant with space and time. ShutEye ~ Shute ye ~ shoot you - bang bang.

And speaking of Isis, here's the woman, dressed up like a common picture of the Virgin Mary. AKA Isis, The Queen of Heaven. Usually there's some XO imagery to support the goddess, because the union of the X and O is claimed to establish the celestial throne of the goddess, who is pictured here with a celestial crown on her head, and who may be seated, for all we can tell. Where is it, this X union O? See the round open mouth as the O. Centered right above it is the T in shuT, which is the kind of cross called the Tau Cross, which is equivalent to the X.

Behind her and the sign are the shadows of palm trees. The palm tree imagery supports the goddess imagery as Leto, wife of Zeus, gave birth to Apollo while clinging to the trunk of a palm tree on the magical isle of Delos. (Yes, like the WestWorld corporation!) Apollo aka Horus. These are Phoenix palms, which signify, victory over death. This is the goal of the illumined, to gain eternal life outside the parameters set by the Sovereign God, which they plan to attain through the agency of another incarnation of Apollo/Horus, the antichrist beast. This is about Isis raising Osiris into Horus.

The psychic goddess appears to be labeled, PSY CHIC, with CHIC like CHICK, reference to a female. PSY CHICK, a female psychic, and as a programmed Illuminati slave she would have the Theta programming that exploits her psychic gifts, tapping into the demonic with remote viewing/astral projection abilities. Such slaves frequently have Beta sex kitten and Delta assassin alters. Thus, she's like Venus/Aphrodite - with red hot pistols in hand.

The sidewalk billboard reads, “Fortune comes at a cost.” The T in, Fortune, is right under another circle for another XO symbol. It's a starburst, star of Inanna, celestial goddess Venus symbol.

The letters on the front read down: FCC. In the US, the FCC is the agency known as the Federal Communications Commission, which operates as the official regulatory agency for interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. It doesn't explicitly state that Psychic Communications are included, but, hey - what might be going on behind closed doors is not mine to say.

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