Sunday, May 08, 2016

Slack and Squatty Potty Do the Sodomite Gateway Rosetta Stone

If we were still adding posts to the sodomite gateway series, this would fit right in. It's more of what's trending in imagery, time and dimensional transiting tied to sodomite mind control - and this is what's really influencing the world as Mystery Babylon's pharmakeia.

As a necessary caveat, if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on.

Extremely Bubbly Ad Campaign OOH work is full of rainbows, kittens and ice cream

Slack is illustrating how it feels to sit in fewer meetings. In trauma-based mind control programming, going over the rainbow is typically induced by trauma and ritual sodomy, where the victim is made to mentally dissociate and enter the trance state for programming.

The rainbow arch is the sodomite gateway, the nether region access to the netherworld. Stars are angels, a metaphor used in the Bible. Using another biblical metaphor, the clouds are dimensional vehicles used for transiting.

Riding (my little) pony? The Pony Eye is the Horus Eye anus. A pony is a little horse. Near homonym for, horse, is, Horus. Search the blog for other examples of this pony symbol being leveraged in popular media.

Here's a film quote that connects the pony to sodomy and bestiality. Colleen Sutton (Priscilla Presley) and Ford Fairlane (Andrew Dice Clay) in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1991):
- Colleen: ''Nothing offends me. When I was eleven I walked in on my father with the Shetland pony he gave me for my tenth birthday . Does that excite you?''
- Fairlane: ''I don't know . I never met your father.''

Riding the pony means, sodomy. High heels raise the butt - for sodomy.

And, in the "just when you thought it couldn't get any worse" department, here's an official commercial for an actual product, the Squatty Potty. This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty

How do we know this is not just innocent humor to make the item being sold more easily received? The esoteric symbolism gives it away. Coprophagia. The sodomite's obsession with feces and defecation.

The salesman winks. This is an Occult signal, the closing of one eye to signal the hidden eye that is the anus, the Eye of Horus. It also indicates having a secret, sharing a secret. He's sharing the secret, if you look past the silliness to see what truly is so incredibly offensive.

Adult dispensing poop for the children to eat. This is a foundation of the traumatizing handlers of SRA.

Salesman stands in an archway, a royal arch that is a squared circle, the royal arse, the sodomite gateway.

The vertical striping on his costume is stargate imagery, a kind often signaled with awnings and draperies. The red and white banding signals the Adamic daughters of men made divine. That comes through forms of union with the fallen angelic sons of god. Proxy sodomy is one means.

The objects on his costume that are connected by chains and the chains themselves are Occult symbols. Those decorative objects model the anus. The chains connecting them together represent the binding function of ritual sodomy, how the victim is supernaturally bound to the handler as by an unbreakable oath. The chains match to the unicorn and the rainbow as symbols of dimensional transit because they signal the celestial Silver Gate. That's the ancient stargate located between the constellations Gemini and Taurus. The silver colored chain has identical links, a twinned torus construction. Gemini - The Twins. Taurus ~ torus. The chain is another important symbol, the Seirai of Theurgy. These commercials are the products of theurgists practicing their religion.

Lots of attention is given to the mouth. Flip it. It represents the orifice at the other end, like how we describe where a river empties out as the mouth of the river. When you see the toilet paper wiping the children's messy poopy mouths with toilet paper it should become very, very plain. The funky brown hat is the poopy butt - hat as butt metaphor. The twisted brown headband is the sphincter that they've been demonstrating and telling us about.

He says, “Now your colon's open and ready for battle.” Battle? Yes, by ritually abusing the anus and with the forced consumption of excrement and other bodily fluids, if young enough, and most are, they are brought to the place where they acquire the supernatural abilities they use as weapons against you and I.

He says, “like a virgin swan.” Swan, is occult code for the anus. Anagram. swan ~ anws. The key here is in recognizing that the letter W is double u. a n u (u) s. A virgin swan = a virgin anus.

The banner for is orange, a sodomy signaling color like purple.

Here's another commercial for the Squatty Potty. The Best Poop of Your Life, Best Poop of Your Life ? - #SquattyPotty

The multiple panels of the pooping unicorn and salesman are signaling multiple identities, dissociated alter identities, illustrating the mind of a trauma-based mind control victim.

“Ice Cream You Scream.” Traumatizing with forced consumption of feces.

The kaleidoscope scene is illustrating the surreal and insane dissociated state, the victim's trance state during programming where mirrored alters are spun off.

Why is there a colon after squatty potty. This makes the eyes of the text smiley, sure. Yet, the colon, in the context, is what he's been talking and singing about. Smile, the jokes on us. The text smiley colon eyes symbolize the all seeing eye of Horus, the Horus Eye butt. As the crude expression goes, "bend over and crack a smile."

These Squatty Potty commercials have some slick XO MOB signaling. The graphic with the angle over the pooping unicorn is clever. The V is the crossing of 2 lines where they intersect. The arc suggests the circle. By extending the lines past the intersection, we see the X formed near the edge of the round bowl of the toilet. Redundancy.

The text smiley is the bright seeing eye that matches to the registered trademark symbol for an instance of Harmerty.

The double letters t in both words are touching, forming a pair of letters H and calling them out for special attention. HH is neo-Nazi code for, Heil Hitler. Double H is also 88 because H is the 8th letter. The salesman emphasizes that Howard Stern poops out of his butt. Howard Stern, with the H.S. logo. When Z is the 1st, S is the 8th letter. H and S is 8 and 8, Code 88. Among other things, this is a nod to the god, Mercury. The planet nearest the Sun has a period of 88 earth days. Mercury, the wing-footed psychopomp, aka Hermes and Anubis. He facilitates transits in and out of the underworld.

If you take the final letter y as a bent or broken Tau, which it is, each word ends in a triple Tau. There's a 666 transformation in all that, but perhaps more powerfully here, it's connecting with other triple tau images that all about poop and pooping butts. Freemasonry's Royal Arch degree's anal triangle Horus Eye magickal sigil - seen here next to the G-EYE tract terminus and dimensional portal.

The guy using the potty has the compass and the toilet hides the square in the 90 angle of the seat and raised lid, the signature tools of Freemasonry. In the context, that's definitely a compASS!

Here's the other Triple Tau next to it, the Jesuit/Romish stinky IHS-SHI"cross" golden Sun that they are always Mooning us with.


  1. Far Beyond Coincidence - In fact I am considering belief in coincidence on the stargate to be the actual mark of real insanity

    From East to West Coast - From 33 to 666
    California Minimum Wage meme "(F)ight (f)or (F)ifteen
    This one started in California and was passed by the Governor Jerry BROWN
    and now is moving nationwide.

    South Beach, Miami, Florida - a hotbed of embracing LGBT(ip) - $13.31


  3. Mercury passes between Earth and the sun only about 13 times a century, its last trek taking place in 2006.